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Current Residence: Castle Wulfenbach
Favourite genre of music: Ska
Favourite cartoon character: Usagi Yojimbo
Personal Quote: Everything, and I mean everything, is better with science

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MC Frontalot
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Neil Gaiman
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Science, literature, and Art
English 1. Be one of the 10 first people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Promotional List. 2. For each of the 10 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list. 3 If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing this way the list with 10 people The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! So, ya, I needed to put a new thing up here, so I thought Hey! Why not do that thing ~cupil ( Had up? Why not indeed? 1. :IconCupil: http://c
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Yeah... I got tired of that last journal being up there. SO! In order to fill up space, here's a new one. Behold the infinite majesty presented here, bound only by man's desire for knowledge. Or something to that effect. I would hope it would be as grand as a space filling journal could be. But then again, I am notoriously poor at that sort of thing. I was thinking though. I need idea's of what to do lately. Anyone have anything they'd like me to draw? Any ideas? Something? I crave stimulation. Not that stimulation guys. You know who you are.
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Bitch tagged me. I have no choice but to follow the arcane rules described here. RULES: 1. Post these rules. 2. Each tagged person should post 8 facts of themselves. 3. Tagged people should write a journalblog about these facts. 4. In the end tag and name 8 people. 5. Go to their DA pages and comment saying that they are tagged. Here then. 1. I am 6 feet tall 2. I have syndactily on my feet like some horrible fish boy. 3. I think Penny Arcade is the best thing since sliced bread 4. I know how to kill a man with my bare hands (And not just by throttling him either!) 5. I cannot dance, and have no rhythm 6. I love to watch animals,
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happy DA B-day :3Blower fella (Party) Birthday cake  icon Hide Birthday Emote Fella Heart Kiss (Love)  PARTY HARD 
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STALKER / MLP crossovers?

Yes please! instant watch.
I drew you a cake for your birthday. I know it is super realistic, so try not to lick your monitor. Also, you are 9 according to my candle count.
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
Jesus, Spiff. You should like...

Do more. Like art...and junk.

I mean like...really. You should.
:party: Happy Birthday!
Oh, uh, thanks!

To be honest, I nearly forgot I had a birthday.