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Tears of Ink

By thewiseninja
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Tears of Ink dries...blows away in the wind....but the stains are left behind forever

My favorite digital work so far. It is beautiful to is its inspiration. This was featured in my exhibition at the Tweed Museum of Art in Duluth. It even garnered the praise of one of my former drawing/print professors who usually hates my digital work :D

A recycle use of some simlar elements from other pieces.( photos as well)

As with everything let me know what you think
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what a badass style!
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In some ways, I have a hard time believing this is digital. It's beautifully done. I love the thick brush strokes, the color palette works well, as does the composition. The UMD professors don't know what they're talking about. You should be proud of it, good work :)
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I just love it ! Sensitive and strong...
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Thank you! You really are too kind. :hug:
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great work ninja! glad to see your stuff back in DA
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im glad to be back, id forgettin how much fun it is to let people see my art. plus i have a lot of free time.:)
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hahaha yeah! and you forgot you still have fans here like myself!
i'm glad you have free time!
i dont...
i have to do university protects 36 hours a day!

talk to you soon, i need to finish some stuff..
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oh i did sell my first work ^.^
for 125 dolars xD
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niceeee you beat me when i sold my first work for 15 :D
Anubis1240's avatar
i was a prick i saw the guy all amused, and he sayd how much
i asked for 150 hahahaha (I WAS JUST KIDDING I PROMISE), i would of accepted 30
and he sayd... mmm 125... and i was like... OK DEAL!
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hey well thats the way you make money! Great job! Ha
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such a wonderful piece. it's both dark and poetic.

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Thank you, its really one of my pieces i really feel holds up conceptually and quality-wise. Every time i look at it(20x30 print :D) it evokes a different emotion and memory of life.
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:) 20*30 inch? that should be very cool.
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indeed :D I run out of wall space though >.<
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The thick brush strokes are awesome.

I think it would look better if you made the wallpaper-looking part at the top a bit darker, to make the light coloured area going across the middle of the picture stand out more, because I think that part is what makes it appeal to me.

As usual, great work.
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