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Primal Instinct Characters



Sneak peek at some of the characters in my upcoming fanfic “Primal Instinct”?
Sneak peek at some of the characters in my upcoming fanfic “Primal Instinct”.

I really like how these turned out. I may make some tweaks and adjustments later.

ANYWAY - I’m playing around with the idea of writing / drawing the story about the alliance. When predators and prey came to a truce. Meaning, while it takes place in the Zootopia fandom, it has nothing to do with Zootopia at all lol. More a story on the history of it perhaps. Way back when mammals switched between talking on all fours and two legs. When preds hunted and ate prey and prey hunted preds (for several reasons I can think of but won’t reveal at this point in time).  Given the history, there’s a good chance this will be kinda dark but still a fun project for myself between commissions. (I'm lowkey really excited for this. It will take me forever. RIP me.)

On the left: Female Caracal.
On the right: Male Deer / Buck

Anyway, hope y’all enjoy! 

Characters & Art © me

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