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The Mist poem Competition



Contest Piece for #OccultArtists
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The Mist is the covert name for an occult faith from Northern England and certain parts of Scotland.

It is a dark and creepy faith (from what I know ((which is little)) and believe strongly in walking into rivers and streams, or big bodies of water when a mist is on the moors.

Explaining the poem

In times of old it was a farmer/heathen faith of choice. They believed strongly in NOT defending yourself from disease and this often means not washing, not cleaning or tidying up excessively.

They also were very paranoid hence why they talk about modern culture trying to get deep into our minds.

They were keen on sacrificing/harming themselves in order to show their faith to nature who provided them their livestock and their wealth.

The next parts of He and She are mainly my interpretation as I have little idea of whether they followed God's or Goddesses. I do know they believed the moon to be a male thief, nature to be a woman and the sun to be a strong male (farmer) and that both the males loved nature and she would marry herself to the sun but have affairs with the moon.

Because their affair took place at night (because they are nature and moon) this is why flowers close at night and that their actions are seen by whores and vice (which are common at night).

The Givings are sacrifices and offerings.

The "nature gives us Her innocence so that we may return it, Wailing like the babe of anew" means that a new born baby (from cattle) is slaughtered to return the innocents of nature back to her in an attempt to keep her fertile. It is rumoured, however, that human babies were sacrificed also by going to a river at night when a mist is in the moors to allow the baby to float away.

"As it were and how it shall be" means that history will repeat itself so to save us trouble we must not forget the practices of our past.


The Mist was the first occult faith I got into but it's lack of information caused me to turn to Wicca, however, it's influences lived on in me despite the mist being a dark opposer to the Wiccan faith.

The Mist is NOT an evil faith, no matter what people say, it is just different and does hold beauty within it's framework.

theme and information by =fukuplz, written by =dangel88 (me)
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Oh wow! Hi, Emrose from #TheWritersMeow I must admit, when I first read this I thought it should go in the horror section 'cause of the dark tone but this fits perfectly in the spiritual folder. You put a lot of detail into this and it turned out beautifully! Well done, I love the image you associated with the poem as well. Good luck on the contest (if it's not already over yet.) The only crit I have is that you have one 'can not' separated when it's supposed to be 'cannot'... I don't know how easy that would be to fix in a visual image though. I did love the imagery and the learning a little bit about the Gods and Goddesses in the comments. It adds to the poem to have that sort of knowledge so thanks for explaining.