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We Could Go Home

Still in a Hunger Games mood, and wasn't quite satisfied with my first attempt at Katniss [link] , so here's our beloved duo from District 12!

Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) and Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen)

Charcoal Pencils 2B, 6B
Kneaded Eraser

10 x 8"

Drawing time: About 5 hours

I was originally aiming for "minimalist" style, but once I started on Jennifer's gorgeous locks I couldn't help myself and ended up with a sort of hybrid between minimal and regular. This may very well end up being my "thing" because I LOVE details but I HATE shading skin, so it really works out perfectly for me ;)

I've been debating the title because I want it to be THG associated, but at the same time the portrait is of the actors as themselves and not in character so I don't know if "District 12 Tributes" or "Star-Crossed Lovers of District 12" or anything along those lines is really appropriate. In the meantime I figure a quote fit nicely (suggestions are welcome!)

More Hunger Games Fanart:

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So talent!❤️
adamaris67's avatar
SamTheInvader's avatar
FreakingPsycho's avatar
<3 LOVE IT. How long did it take you to make this?!
GloriaMarie74's avatar
So far my fave pic of them! I love this drawing so much. Amazing! <3 I'm a huge hg fan.
KAOOE's avatar
Woow .. beautiful! Great Actors, great drawing *.*
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very nice work =)
katuhreenuh's avatar
This is THE most amazing group of drawings I have ever seen! Holy crackerz!
megs101's avatar
This is awesome! Have you done one of clove?
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Thanks! I wanted to, but I never found a picture of her I like that was high definition enough for me to work from :\
TENNISgal0000's avatar
i would've cut out josh
(soz, i'm kinda a hate fan)
TENNISgal0000's avatar
soz, my friend was on my profile and wrote that :P
Friederike99's avatar
You've done a good job on ...
madre-superiora's avatar
interesting and good technique
Talmenar's avatar
this is really great!! maybe if Katniss' hair was slightly straighter, or in a braid or something, it might look more like her. way better than anything I can draw!! great job!!
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this is amazing. Defo does their beauty justice!
ArrowLass's avatar
Thats really good!
scoobylady's avatar
Doing details in any piece of work can be tedious at times, I know, I had years of practice. I love shading skin, though my favorite pencils to use are graphite instead of charcoal, but your work is amazing anyhow :D
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