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Rue (Amandla Stenberg) from The Hunger Games film. And technically Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) behind her haha.

I've definitely had my eye on this screencap ever since I did my first Katniss picture, and apparently I waited for good reason because this was a LOT of work and very tedius. Speaking of tedius, Dear costume designers for this film: WHY SO MANY ZIPPERS!!!!???? haha. I definitely had to take a lot of breaks but after more hours than I could keep track of, I finally got through it :D

8.5 x 5.5 "

Charcoal Pencils HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B
Charcoal Sticks
White Gel Pen
Kneaded Eraser

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The most sadness part of the movie! RIP Rue :'(
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This is straight fire. I did an Amandla Stenberg piece too if you want to check it out.
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This is so beautiful. I haven't cried at art for a while. Very excellent job.
srinath-ste-v's avatar
Omg i have tears in my eyes..
Gifted4Art's avatar
Clap  Beautiful.Very beautiful.
IceBack14's avatar
Aw. . .I'm crying. . . Waaaah!  This is beautiful!
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That is awesome you have talent!!!
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Amazing job by the way. This is really a beautiful piece of artwork.
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Beautiful... way too beautiful... I can't believe how much emotion is in this. The pain on her face is so clear... I may start crying myself.
SceneOfTheCrime's avatar
Oh many feelings...
garouve's avatar
oh my god... You came to keep the emotion intact! And beautiful work, shad is amazing :D
Fan of Hunger Games from France ;)
Aislinntheanimelover's avatar
My mom ot me this for xmas. I loved it so much!=D
smilesmilesmile14's avatar
Wow! This is absolutely fantastic!
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this was the saddest part. ;(
Katydid42's avatar
Makes me want to cry! Ugh, i feel like rue would have lived longer or even wonif she had just stayed away from Katniss... oh rue!
frostypalladium's avatar
Beautiful, the tear is so perfect and :(
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don't do this to me. Don't post such sad scenes here and make me wanna cry again!! :tears:
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omg u are an amazing artist!
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