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Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) from The Hunger Games

Charcoal Pencils 2B, 4B
Charcoal stick
White Gel Pen (highlights)
Kneaded Eraser

5.5 x 8x5"

Drawing Time: About 4 hours

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Beautiful work! I came across this one a few weeks ago and then I lost track of it. I've been working on my own version in graphite and I like to examine how other artists handle scenes that I'm doing to help me overcome tricky areas. I wasn't able to find it before I finished mine, but I'm glad I found it now. I also made one of Peeta from the same scene even though the lighting was tricky. Feel free to check them out here
TheConnect2Art's avatar
Hello this is beautiful! BTW this girl stole your art (and many others)
bunifu's avatar
Okay, you are my new role-model. Keep up the good work, and may the odds be ever in your favor
xRachiix's avatar
Whoaaaaaaaaaaa. :0 Absolutely fantastic! I love how you captured the emotions, especially in her eyes. It's so realistic!
KAOOE's avatar
Love it! Looks so realistic and emotional.Veery veery gooooood job :D
ChristianCowgirl116's avatar
This is really, really impressive. It looks so much like her and I like the depth and darkness in it.
fantafiction's avatar
This is really nice~!
TENNISgal0000's avatar
whoa, great job

question: how much charcoal do you think yo used...
Friederike99's avatar
You've done a good job on ... <3
AngelValiant's avatar
Everything you do is amazing! I'm so glad you use that talent to celebrate HG! We're all lucky for it!
Echo-Shock's avatar
OMG. This is amazing. FANTASTIC WORK! How long did this take you?
Dot-2-dot's avatar
Wow, I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games, and that looks AMAZING! Along with the drawing of Rue!! Love it
ruby290930's avatar
love it is this the part where her and peeta where on the windowsill after peeta said in the interview he like katniss love this drawing
RueTris's avatar
This is incredible! I really love this. I can't draw like this, let alone in 4 hours. How do you do it?
yvonnechalet1's avatar
Oh how I do love me some charcoal portraits! great work! I hope I can be able to draw this well some day!
OTheseHands's avatar
I love this. The level of detail is extraordinary. It almost looks like a screen cap that you photoshopped somehow into looking like a drawing, lol! I'm absolutely amazed. The lighting in that scene IS amazing.
thewholehorizon's avatar
hey stranger! thank you as always :) at first I thought the blurry lights were going to give me a hard time but they were actually a lot of fun! still contemplating doing the screenshot of Peeta from the same scene, the only thing that bothers me about it is that there's a shadow that goes across the lower part of his face the whole time, which looks awkward as a still out of context, so I may have to see if I can play around with curves in Ps to see if I can sort of take that out...
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Wow, that's awesome !
Tsukibana-Yamai's avatar
That Expression! its soo correct! good job!
FoxxandInk's avatar
Does this happen to be the scene where Peeta is sitting next to the window, telling Katniss that he doesn't want to be owned by the Capitol, that if he dies, he wants to be himself?
thewholehorizon's avatar
Indeed it is :D good eye! I loved the lighting in that scene, I'm tempted to draw a shot of Peeta from it as well
FoxxandInk's avatar
Thanks ^^

I just realized..

The way she was staring at the camera, and the bubble lights in the background looked an awful like...

But anyway :3

Love it ^^
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