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Jennifer Lawrence 2

I had to sell my soul to the devil to get this finished, thought I was never going to get there! I officially need to stop attempting straight-on perspective and stick with my comfort zone of around 3/4. But enough of my griping, here's my newest piece!

Jennifer Lawrence, most popular as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games film, soon to be filmS and I'm SOO excited to see the next one!

Bristol paper

Graphite Pencils 6B-3H
Charcoal Pencil 4B
Kneaded Eraser
Razor blade
White Gel Pen
White Charcoal pencil

Drawing time: Oh geez I don't even wanna know. But let's just say I got through a couple seasons of Grey's Anatomy in the background.

More Jennifer Lawrence and Hunger Games:

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Do you do comissions?
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Great work! Amazing Details! Love the Hair! :)
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Its amazing :) congrat. I wanna draw like this :) OMG :))))))))))))))))) Best JLaw drawing what i have ever seen
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Mine doesn't stand a chance to this XD…
What do you think? :) 
Great art btw!!!! I love your drawing!
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woooow amazing!
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Amazing! You've captured her facial expression quite well, and the shading is great!
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Absolutely Amazing <3
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This is Unbelievable... And how do you tale pictures of your drawings?

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Awesome work! Featured here: [link] :)
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Now am gonna ask you something... when the hair gets too complicated with too many curls and strands i often ruin the hair, any tips on getting the composition of the hair right and simple?
Btw excellent drawing!! :D I love it
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Beautiful piece!
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You're welcome.
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