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Viola and Vivillon of Santalune City

Meet Viola, the Gym Leader of Santalune City who never lets a single smile escape her focus!
If you manage to defeat this beauty and her Vivillon in a gym match you will get the Bug Badge as a reward.
Don't underestimate her! She knows how to handle her Bug-type Pokemon perfectly!

Okay, hello everyone:)
After seeing Viola in the anime, i took the pencil and drew her with her signature Pokemon.
Since i love the anime style i had to wait for that.
I will continue with these pictures as soon as Grant shows up in the anime:)
This is my first picture here and i hope you like it:)
See ya;)

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hermosa, gran trabajo!
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This is so cool, I love vivillon's pose
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Thanks, Viola is my favourite character from 6 gen:D
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Mine is Lasange or however you spell his name. but I always liked the first gym leader in all pokemon games~
TheWhiteScatterbug's avatar
LasangeXD I'm not sure, but do you mean Lysandre?
Draconicstorm's avatar
YES! thank you, I'm a bad speller.
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Pokemon XY! 
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Wow, thank you, i really appreciate it:D
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This is so well-drawn! Nice job! Look forward to seeing the rest! :D
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Thank you, i really appreciate it:)
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It's like Ash wasn't even fighting a bug gym leader he was fighting a super powered Ice/Psychic gym leader.
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Yeah, Olympia and Wulfric are waiting for him XD
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I saw that episode where ash had his gym battle against her. Ash thought it was gonna be an easy victory with pikachu and fletchling, but boy was we wrong when viola utilizled an out of this world strategy with surskit using ice beam on the battlefield to gain the upper hand in terms of speed and using sticky web to immoblize an flight based pokemon that might make contact with the areas with the sticky web. out of all the first leader ash battles in previous regions this one was nothing to poke fun at.
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That's exactly what i thought as i saw this episode.
People blame Ash, because he lost to the first gym leader.
But Viola is strong and without a strategy ash had of course no chance.
Thanks for stating this Sceptile;)
autisticsceptile1993's avatar
no problem once ash trains for his rematch in episode 6 that battle and the badge will be his without a doubt. and viola seems to be a tough rock to break even if her challengers use pokemon with a type advantage because of that ice beam on the field and sticky web combo.
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