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The Mirror of Twilight



Because I didn't want to use anyone else's, I made my own. You can use it as long as you leave a comment and credit me.

It is as close to the real deal as possible, with one exception:

The real Mirror is mirrored (lawlz) across two axes, meaning the text and wavy arches went in two different directions and didn't have real continuity. I "fixed" that in mine, just because of personal preference. The mirrored effect seemed to simply make repeating the texture easier. If the Mirror of Twilight were real, it probably wouldn't be done that way.

Other than that, it's nearly exact.
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Thank you so much for making this for the community!

I'd like to use it for branding for a non-profit Twilight Princess fanzine!

Not 100% sure I'll use it yet, but just in case, I wanted to thank you and I'll update this if it's used!