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The Mirror of Twilight

Because I didn't want to use anyone else's, I made my own. You can use it as long as you leave a comment and credit me.

It is as close to the real deal as possible, with one exception:

The real Mirror is mirrored (lawlz) across two axes, meaning the text and wavy arches went in two different directions and didn't have real continuity. I "fixed" that in mine, just because of personal preference. The mirrored effect seemed to simply make repeating the texture easier. If the Mirror of Twilight were real, it probably wouldn't be done that way.

Other than that, it's nearly exact.
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Is there any chance you could upload a higher resolution or vector version? I was hoping to use this for a personal project but it is not high-enough resolution.

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Thanks so much! I used this here:
Midna by DiamondHour
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This is awesome! ^^ Thanks for making it!
I used it on this-
Patreon Poll Winner - Midna by RakkuGuy
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Thank you so much for making this!! I'll be sure to leave a mention of you via the mentions system anytime that I use this :D 
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Emerald Twilight800x600 by annalunelea  
Thank you for this mirror.    
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Awesome work! I'll be sure to give you credit when my piece is finished. 
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hey ty for this cool design.. i hope u dont mind but i used it in my art here !
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Omg thank you so much for making this!!! I really should've asked for permission first, and I don't know why I didn't, although I did credit you. I've been working on a mirror of twilight prop for my Midna cosplay (here it is if you'd like to see… ) and if you hadn't have made this beautiful reference I don't know what I would've done! Thanks so much <3
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Thanks for making this. I used it in a Minecraft resource pack based on The Wind Waker. I fashioned the End dimension after the Twilight Realm, and used this to make the texture for the portal to get there. Here's a link to the resource pack:…
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Can I use this in a fanart I'm doing?
I will credit you when I post it on devianart and tumblr ^__^
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Yeah! Just make sure to credit me in your post and then post a link here so I can enjoy your artwork as well!
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Hello! I finally posted the art where I used your circle ^__^
I tried to tag you but it wasn't working.... I dont know what I was doing wrong.
So I'm sending the link here : )
thanks again for letting me use your art. It helped me a lot…
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Hi, I used this in a recent Picture! I credited you, but here's the finished image.…
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I'm going to use this, okay?
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Sure! Post a link to the finished work so I can admire it too!
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Hi, I used this for this piece! It's beautiful, thank you for making it!
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Wow, nice! The clothing used for the figures is so interesting. I especially like the headpiece on the right. Thanks for crediting me!
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i'm using this, ill be sure to credit you!
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Thank you! Post a link to the finished work here so we can all see it!
WrathOfWinds's avatar… Doesn't look like it'll ever be finished
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Brilliant work, I used it in my latest fan painting.…

Thank you!
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I can't help, but this is so well done that it looks like it's moving! :wow:
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