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Attack, My Pretty Eeveelutions

By TheWereCat
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Well, urm, yeah... Inspired by :iconarven92:'s MOAR amazing eeveelution drawings... DERP.

And my scanner has been snacking on mah colours. D:<

(Is hoping no-one notices the 25/2/11 in the corner)

Eevee and stuff C) Ninty
Picture C) Moi
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Omg this is sooo cool :P. So cute <3 I lovvvve how you drew Eevee. :P
Flareon is the best Eeveelution ever though... <3
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Haha, thanks! X3
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N-DraytonHobbyist Writer
Ahh! So awesome! I just love the shading, and the little element bursts you have going on in the background :heart:
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Thanks! X3
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ARVEN92Professional Digital Artist
Every single Eeveelution looks just perfcet! x3333 And your style is gorgeous! 8DDDD Vaporeon and Leafeon are by far the coolest ones! 8D But Umbreon remains my favourite! 8DDD
OMGGG Also thanks a ton for getting inspiration from my pic! 8D It makes me feel truly honoured!! <333333
TheWereCat's avatar
LIES!...But thanks so much! X333 Umbreon and Vaporeon will always be my favourites <3
And no need to say thanks for that! Your picture was AMAZING- if anything, I'm honoured that you like it! 8DDD
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ARVEN92Professional Digital Artist
NONONONO I DON'T LIE, you did an amazing job on this! <3
B'awwww, mine too! 8D I love Umbreon and Jolteon! <333333
Awwww, omg thank yous, truly! :D Being an inspiration always makes me extremely glad! <33333
And I truly love this! 8D YOU DID A GREAT JOB, YES YOU DID! <3
TheWereCat's avatar
Umbreon is the love! Mine owns on Pearl :P And, haha, no need to say thanks- if anything, I thank you for inspiring me with all your amazing art! And, nu, lies! Mine doesn't hold a candle to yours! D:<
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ARVEN92Professional Digital Artist
It is! <33333 My fav Eeveelution ALL THE WAY <333
B'awwww, really no probs! 8D I'm always so glad about this! :DDDDDDD
Blarf noooooooooooes, your art is absolutely gorgeous! I love it, and your style is the WIN! <3
TheWereCat's avatar
Haha, thanks! :3
Hellsingswinged's avatar
The glaceon and Flareon are two of the awsomest there <3
TheWereCat's avatar
Haha, thanks! :) My favourites are Vaporeon and Umbreon XD
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SolarByteHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm actually jealous. You've improved so much ;w;
This is just amazing and ohgod your traditional skills OHMAN CAN I HAVE THEM!?
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Pssh, you shouldn't be- your art is OVER 9000 times better then this!
And, swap my traditional for your digital? :D
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