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Nightmare (Chanyeol x Reader)
You smile softly as you carefully swipe away the few strands of hair from Chaerin’s face. You then turned to walk out of the room, checking that her music note nightlight was on (a special gift from her father) along with the baby monitor situated on the side table. You closed the door behind you, making sure no noise came from it before walking down the stairs to go to the living room where a movie was playing on quiet whilst your side of the baby monitor was on.
Your name is Park (Y/n), married to Park Chanyeol who was able to charm his way into your heart and eventually got you to say the two words which most people would love to hear in their lifetime: I do. However, it was all very secret in the beginning due to his job as a rapper for the famous kpop group called EXO. After a couple years of dating, you were watching one of EXO’s concert from backstage when he suddenly called you up on stage and introduced you to the EXO-Ls as his girlfriend. It was difficult at first
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Rival (Young! Sirius x Reader)
Your relationship between yourself and Sirius was simple, not hard to understand. You did not like him and he did not like you. However, in this certain predicament, you found this statement to be false.
It all started in Year 4 when you joined into Hogwarts late -due to personal reasons at home- and along with the new wizards you found yourself sorted into Gryffindor with a welcoming applause. It was a little awkward at first as it would with any new school, but with the help of your newfound friend, Lily Evans, she was able to help you with the ins and outs of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, what was a peaceful first day turned not so peaceful when you were introduced to the Marauders, aka the pranksters and trouble makers of Hogwarts.
Out of the four boys, you found Remus to be your favourite with a shared love for books and something about his silent and tranquil nature seemed to relax you. Peter was ok on his own, but something about him chilled you to the bone. Maybe it was the fact tha
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Falling for You (Sehun x Reader)
“Are you nearly done yet?” You yell into the changing room after sitting outside for 15 more minutes with no word from your friend currently residing in the changing room. She groaned in response making you chuckle. You get out of the seat, stretching your arms over your head before heading back into the main store after the boredom started to get too much for you. After all, your phone could only entertain you for so long. You looked through the different clothes on the rack, wondering which would potentially look good on you, however after taking one look at the price tag, you couldn’t help but remember that you were broke.
However, as you were looking at these clothes, there was a consistent giggling coming from a certain area in the store, which erupted you from your thoughts. You turned your head in order to find the source of the noise, to which you weren’t surprised by what you found. There, a bunch of girls were huddled together with small blushes on eac
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Fred, The Couple Counsellor (George x Reader)
It has been 2 weeks. 2 weeks since you last saw either of your best friends who were in the year above you. This then made it a lot easier to avoid them in this time of awkwardness, due to the fact that whenever you had a free period in the Great Hall, they would normally have a lesson. It just made the times however during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner that much more awkward, especially since you resided in the same house as them.
It all started from the beginning. You had just entered the school of Magic and unfortunately the friend making process was not as easy as for you as it might have been for other people. You were lounging around the common room, reading your favourite muggle book when 2 ginger headed twin boys sat in front of you with huge grins. It was then that you learned their names: Fred and George Weasley.
From there you learned the ins and outs of the school. For example, what teacher’s to be aware off, how to sneak into the village and generally how to prank peop
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Red Riding Hood (Kris x Reader x Sehun) Pt.2
“Guess you didn’t need help at all then,” You state, putting all the tissues in a plastic bag, reminding yourself to throw it away once you had the time to. You felt as if you should leave now before things got worse, however something made you stay. You tentatively put a hand on the wolf’s coat, slowly stroking it as a test. However, the wolf suddenly got up making you flinch slightly, still wary of the wolf, however you did not move away. The wolf stared at you, those same eyes piercing into your soul, but nothing happened. The wolf stalked away, no limp in it’s step, heading back towards the end of the field, shielded by some trees huddled together.
You got up from the ground and the realisation struck you. You had just helped a wolf, even though it could have potentially kill you. However, things just got really weird since there aren’t supposed to be wolves out in this area, especially ones who heals themselves. Additionally, there were other an
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Red Riding Hood (Kris x Reader x Sehun) Pt.1
You ran as fast as you, making sure not to trip over any of the twigs or roots which might lay in your path. The hood of your red hoodie flying right off of your head. The howling and growling were starting to get closer and you knew that they would catch up to you soon, despite this fact you still ran harder than you ever have in your life. Your lungs were on fire and your legs were starting to tire but you couldn't give up.
You knew of the legends and myths which surrounded around the full moon and the dangers you may face if you were stupid enough to go out during this time period. But curiosity got the better of you, and like the saying goes “curiosity killed the cat”
A few hours earlier
“What am I doing with my life?!” You exclaim in frustration as you slump your head on to the table in front of you. The librarian shushes you with a menacing scowl on her face. You gave her an apologetic expression whilst lifting your head off of the table and looking
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Regretful Words (Kai x Reader)
A/N: Depression and suicide are mentioned in this one shot.
It hurt. It hurt to know that one of your old friends did not look as if he missed the friendship he once had. It also hurt to know that now he constantly talks about you behind your back, bringing up your deepest and darkest secrets and insecurities. Why oh why did you have to like this hurtful bastard?
Kim Jongin is his name however after recently joking group of bad boys who call themselves EXO, he was now known by Kai by teachers and students alike.
When Kai first joined EXO, his attitude had started to change. He was no longer the nice, caring and funny guy you once knew; he became Kai, the sexy cool bad boy which had all the girls begging at their knees to go on a date with them whilst the boys started to copy him, dress and attitude wise. You were not affected by this however, having hope that one day Kai might rethink his actions and change back. Unfortunately, this hope was lost when the teasing started.
At first it w
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Dream Come True (Baekhyun x Reader)
“I feel like I’m asking too much of you,” You explain to Baekhyun, who chuckled in response after the numerous amount of worries and excuses you expressed to him.
“(Y/n), listen to me just this one last time so that I won’t have to explain this again. It is absolutely fine! I was the one who suggested the idea anyway, so there is nothing to worry about. Besides none of us were going to do something today-”
“But now I’m just interrupting your day off which is just as bad!” Cutting Baekhyun off as you start to nervously bite your lip. Groaning at your response, he gave you a side hug as well as an additional reassuring smile, which made the butterflies in your stomach flutter even more. He then left your side and opened the door to his practice room and walking in, leaving it open so that you could go in whenever you were ready.
You and Byun Baekhyun have been friends ever since you played the role of the Knight in shining armour by s
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The Bet (H20 Delirious x Reader)
“Nogla, you know that you are my friend but this is one of the worst plans I have ever witnessed,” You say making the others in the call (which include: Vanoss, Basically, MiniLadd and Delirious) laugh at your statement, whilst Nogla on the other hand scoffed in annoyance.
“What are you talking about (y/n)? This is a great fucking plan!” He exclaimed with great confidence.
At the moment, you and your friends (including your boyfriend, Delirious of course!) were playing a casual game of Garry’s Mod: Prop Hunt and in this specific map there was an underwater room. Nogla being the genius that he is had decided that the both of you should be fish so that you could blend in with all the other fishes. However, in order to be with the fishes, you have to keep bobbing so that you don’t go to the ground. MiniLadd became a chair on top of the underwater room. Unfortunately, he must have been obvious or something since it has only been a minute since the hunter
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The First Meeting (Owen x Reader)
Stepping off of the boat and onto the island of Isla Nublar, you look over at the dock, expecting to see a red head of a best friend however a grim expression took over your face once you found her assistant Zara instead. Zara had her typical shades on in order to keep her eyes shaded away from the Costa Rican sun and additionally was looking down at her phone. You rolled your eyes and slowly walked over with your suitcase rolling behind you.
It was no real surprise that Claire didn’t come to pick you up - despite the fact she promised she would.  Every single time you had come to visit her at the Park (whether it was during opening or closing times) you were always met with Zara first with an excuse saying that Claire was ‘busy’ and would meet you on later on in the day. Now you didn’t doubt the fact that she was busy since she was one of the main managers of the Park.  However, this statement of her coming to visit you has not yet proven to be true b
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Servant (Hak x Reader)
You watched from a far as Princess Yona continued to chase Hak around (probably for something he said about her) whilst Lord Soo-won watched them laughing. You smiled and giggled behind your hand, however the smile was quickly wiped off your face when you heard fast approaching footsteps coming towards you.
"What are you doing (y/n)?!" The master servant yelled as your eyes automatically found the floor, as she glared at you. (I'm not sure if there is such thing as a master servant, but more like a person who makes sure that the servants are doing their job)
"I-I'm sorry Miss. I was just taking a break -" However you were interrupted when you felt an immense pain hit your right cheek. You held on to your cheek, tears now gathering in your eyes as you continued looking down at the floor. You knew that if you looked up, you would see the red face of the master servant.
"Enough of your excuses!" She yelled. You took a quick glance at the Trio to see them all looking at you, which was no s
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Out of the Friendzone (Lay x Reader)
You looked through the numerous choices of food but decided to pick (your favourite meal). You peek just above the menu to see the person in front of you still deciding on what he wants. Originally there was supposed to be seven of you to come to this restaurant in order to celebrate the ending of exams, however five of the six boys there were supposed to be coming, all said that they caught a cold. In the end there was only just yourself and Lay.
You and Lay have known each other for a long time now, since childhood practically so eating together was quite a regular thing. But something he usually did when it would be just the two of you, did tend to upset you.
"So what can I get for this cute couple?" The waitress asked with her notebook in hand whilst looking towards the pair of you. Lay, now looking kind of flustered from the accusation.  
"We are just friends," He replied back, making the waitress blush from embarrassment.
"Ah, I'm sorry ... I just thought -"
"It's fine," you
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Two Faced (Chen x Reader)
Why oh why do I have to be so mean when I am nervous?  You thought as you looked from the grass you were sitting on to your long time crush: Kim Jongdae (Chen for short). He was the nicest person you have ever met, so why do you continue to treat him as if he were a nuisance to the world? You sigh as you continue to watch him longingly from afar.
“You know, what you are doing at the moment is really creepy,” someone states. Not expecting to find someone next to you, you jump and lightly scream however that disappears and is replaced with a glare once seeing your long time childhood friend Tao standing above you.
“First off, don’t ever do that again because I will get my revenge and it will be so much worse because you get scared way too easy. Secondly, keep your voice down. It may seem creepy but this is the only way I can communicate with him -somewhat-  without seeming like a major jerk,” You explain as you stand up next to him, brushing off th
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The Big Bad Panda (Tao x Reader)
“So until the storm decides to ease off, all students will remain in the school facilities. That it all,” and with the announcements finished, a wave of chatter began amongst the students of your school. You sighed and crossed your arms in annoyance. Today was supposed to be the day where I could do anything I want after school and now this has to happen, aigoo.
Suddenly, a paper ball was thrown at your head bringing you out of your thoughts. You held the paper ball in your hand to see if there was any indication of who would throw it at you. You theories were answered when a voice called behind you.
“Oi Ugly, you should stop daydreaming and come back to reality once in a while,” he yelled causing a few of the students to laugh silently. You only rolled your eyes and looked forward to the class.
Ever since High School started, Huang Zitao (mostly known as Tao for short) has been tormenting, teasing and relentlessly bullying you. You don’t remember doing an
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Lead me into the Light -1 Keket
Brian whimpered slightly as he heard something move in the bushes nearby. 'Why oh why did I have to accept that stupid dare!'  He thought as his flashlight started flickering on and off. His eyes widened as he started to frantically hit the flashlight to make sure it still worked. Luckily, with a few hits the flashlight started going back to its normal state, making Brian sigh in relief.
It all started out as a simple party, however things started turning out for the worst for Brian when the party started turning boring and someone had suggested a game of Truth or Dare. Normally, he was one of those people to go through the whole game whilst only doing Truths and when people started to notice this, he was forced to pick a Dare.  If that wasn’t bad enough his dare was decided to be him going to the local park at night and to stay there until morning. It wouldn’t seem too bad … if it weren’t for the fact that this said park was haunted by a ghost, which
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You found it (Russia x Reader)
You smiled at the familiar scene of your library… well sort of. You didn’t technically own the library but you treasured and cared for it like you did. You were the top librarian in your community, so it would be obvious for your actions. You watched the scene as little children’s eyes widened with amazement as their mothers, fathers and guardians continued to tell the story from the book. It always seemed to fill your heart with joy when you saw anyone enjoy a book they were reading, especially if they decided to tell you of that excitement. However, as time slowly passed, you started to notice the amount of people coming to the library were decreasing. Despite that you still carried on, in order to entertain those other book worms.
Through the crowd of people who came to the library, there has always been one person to catch you eye whilst cleaning up. From the very start of your working career, a man who wears a trench coat and mauve scarf has appeared in the libra
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Connected Worlds [Levi x Blind!Reader]
Levi groaned as the thin strands of light pierced the nerves of his eyes like needles. It seemed that only a minute ago he was fighting with his restless mind for sleep. He took a moment, gazing at the cracks in the ceiling, waiting for the morning’s arrival.You stirred a little beside home almost as if you sensed his awakening. A tiny moan escaped your clamped lips as you further tangled yourself in the sheets. Your furrowed brows and frown indicated your inner distress. With a sorrowful sigh, he rolled over and placed his hand on your cheek, the touch urging back into the land of the living.
Hesitantly, you opened your eyes to greet another day in darkness.
It was all you saw now, every day, every second. You drowned in this darkness; you breathed it.  You felt its black waters surrounding you, threatening to snuff out what little sanity you possessed. Its constant burden hung over you, crushing you the longer you lived. Despite the still working senses, you no longer felt
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 185 40
One Kiss [Patient!Levi x Patient!Reader] [AU]
( Please listen as you read.)
Your eyes trailed over Levi’s pale, sickly limbs. Needles pierced his exhausted veins, the wires dripping fluid into his body. Tears already soaked the pillow cradling his head. In a few, precious moments, the white room would become emptier, a little colder, a little lonelier. You sighed deeply, gazing back at his pleading, blue-grey eyes, unusual for the normally stoic man. In the short time you spent together in the hospital, you grew a rather unhealthy attachment to each other. You knew your times were short. You both knew of your crippling conditions. But, the heart has always been fickle, longing for things it could never have. You fulfilled each other’s last small wishes.
But, you had yet to grant one more.
The light of the morning illuminated bits of your hair. The springs of the bed creaked as you sank next to him. The pain in his eyes faded away and was replaced with a warm affection. The lov
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 225 157
Fallen [Alien!Levi x Reader] [AU]
( Please listen as you read this!)
He knew this was wrong...
Your home was a colony, floating into the far regions of space, a lonely satellite lost in an ocean of stars. A wayfarer were you, a creature of Earth, separated from those you loved, forced to survive on your own in this vast infinity known as space. But, you managed, blissful in your solitude. He too was a wanderer of the heavens, a being of another world. Unlike you, he chose to escape his home planet. He was deemed a criminal, always hunted by the authorities he so disrespected. No matter how diligently they attempted to keep him contained, he always managed to escape; a delinquent, a runner, a strangled soul longing for peace.
He knew this was wrong, sneaking into your room like this. But, tired he became of simply gazing at you through your little window. Your sleeping figure under the soft glow of the surrounding nebulae was too much for him to resist. He stumbled across your
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Helter Skelter [Singer!LevixBlind!Manager!Reader]
Madness, an enjoyable maelstrom of insanity. That was how you described the phenomena known as a concert.
And what better example to use than the performances of “No Name,” whom you directed with the greatest of pride. Pioneers these lads were, determined to make a difference in a competitive industry. Despite your optic ailment, despite being stuck in a world of darkness, you took control of business with an iron fist. Even with your blindness, no one dared to mess with you, because you would take whatever measures needed for the sake of the band.
The high pitched shrieks of adoring girls and bellows of idolizing guys melded together in a strange tapestry of sound. The shredding of the guitar, the rhythmic flow of the bass and the pounding of the drums filled your sensitive canals with the river of music you loved so well. Best of all, his voice, Levi Ackerman’s, still managed to soar high and above over everything, over all the cheers, the static ridden speakers, ev
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Water Therapy [Levi x Anxious!Reader] [AU]
( Please listen while you read!)
“Levi, I don’t think I can do this.”
Your raven haired fiance settled himself at the center of the pool, finger tracing crystal ripples in the water. Sharp, grey eyes flared in your direction.
“Come on,” he said, holding out his hand. “This is what your therapist recommended, and I’m not gonna pay $150 dollars and NOT try what she recommends.”
You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “You have a point. It’s just,” you sucked in your lip, tugging at  your locks. “What if it doesn’t work?”
Expression softening, he waded through the water and reached out a hand to you. Though you expected an answer, he gave none other than gingerly taking your fingertips and leading you to the water, the warm fluid encircling you. You clutched your churning stomach, and your breaths came out shallow and forced. Eyes widened ever so slightly, you gazed
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 284 74
Still Beautiful [Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader]
The time had come, the day Levi had been dreading since the day you first announced your pregnancy with your first son. Every fiber of his being hoped and prayed that the war against the giants would finally conclude, but that was far too high a wish to be granted.
His oldest son, Leon, inheriting his father’s promise and skill, first signed up for training at age twelve. Now, he was on his way to high ranks and joining the Scouts. Not Levi’s first choice, but he felt pride in the hard work of his son all the same.
Now, his only daughter Faith decided to join the ranks with her brother, mother and father. She applied herself to her training, and holding true to the Ackerman title, she excelled her classmates in her skill and diligence. Levi watched on the sidelines, attempting to swallow his fear. The war you and he fought for all these year was slowly but surely becoming your children’s. Just the thought of his babies, the little bundles of joy he cared, held, fed al
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 306 82
A Boy's Hero [Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader]
Matthias twisted and turned in the confinement of his sheets. Sweat trickled down his delicate brow, and his eyes squeezed together as if in physical pain. His throat closed despite his attempt to scream, and only weak whimpers escaped his lips. The longer he slept, the more vivid, the more intense his dark visions became. Even in his state of unconsciousness, he prayed for some form of relief, hoped something could jolt his senses back into place. But, he only sank deeper into his dreams, those horrid memories that would forever be engraved into his mind, the plastered grins of the Titans, the blood of civilians and Scouts dripping down their chins and staining their hands, the smell of decay and fire.
He'd seen it. He'd seen it all.
He bit his lip harder, his groans turning into frantic cries for help. The weight of anxiety weighed down his chest, shortening his breaths. With every bit of strength he could possibly summon in this state, he shrieked, his little voice breaking and trem
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 344 58
Get Up [Levi x Anxious!Reader]
“Get up.”
You rubbed the sweat from your brow. Another embarrassing incident in training, and who stood before you? None other than that prodigy, Levi, with his two thug friends behind him. You just happened to be close by when the wires in your 3D Gear snapped and sent your body slamming into the nearest tree without warning. The collision felt almost bone crushing from the momentum, and your head certainly spun from every fluid in your skull jostling about, but it wasn’t enough to keep you down.
It was not that you doubted your own abilities. Considering you trained your ass off as long as Commander Smith would allow, your improvements were finally beginning to show. However, these street rats made the skills you took so long to salvage and refine crumble before you.
However, Levi, by chance, witnessed the entire failure first hand. He was grounded anyway, so he casually made his way over to you and held out a hand.
“Get up,” he said, bluntly. “Off
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amatores. | levi
no matter how much you do, the documents seem to continue piling on. it wasn’t until the commander caught you up in the late hours, a brow raised in question before he told you to go to bed. you didn’t want to-- the paperwork wouldn’t get done anytime soon, and it needed to be processed. besides, erwin could use the help, regardless of what he said.
however, protest wasn’t an option. before you could say anything, he shook his head, offering a small smile before dismissing you, leaving you alone in the office once more.
you really could have disobeyed, but it was too difficult to stay awake. promising yourself to finish the work tomorrow, you slip into your room, eyes widening slightly at the sight that greets you. levi is already in bed-- something that rarely happens. he’s usually working much later than you are. the creak from the door wakes him up, eyes squinting before he can identify that it’s you. a disgruntled expression on sharp features, a
:iconciiren:ciiren 945 80
Colds and Kisses [Levi x Reader]
You admired the Lance Corporal. But saying that, there weren't many people who didn't. The only problem with him, you found, was an ego that could only be matched by his skill, which was saying a lot.
Today was no exception to his big headedness. You see, poor Levi had somehow managed to pick up quite the cold.
You walked into the Lance Corporals room with a cup of hot coffee and a bag. Levi coughed into his had, before sniffling and shifting his gaze to you. His cold stare trying to halt you, but you only laughed at his futile attempt. The Corporal was less frightening in this weak state.
"Now, now, don't do that! I'm only try to help!" You placed the cup next to him, sitting at the edge of his bed.
To you, Levi, being wrapped up in the warmest blanket you could find, was just like a little child. However, his personality was far from innocent.
"I don't need your help." He hissed, blowing his nose into a tissue.
You scoffed, "I beg to differ."
You could tell that he was getting madder
:iconcapricorn659:Capricorn659 611 114
~Who to Betray~ Bertholdt x Titan-Shifter!Reader
No. Nononononono. This isn't real. "Shut up," you said, breaking out into a cold sweat. Standing mere meters away from Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt, you heard their entire conversation. They wanted Eren to run away with them. Not exactly uncommon, considering the state of the world at the moment. It was their reason for asking that chilled you to the bone. Reiner had just proclaimed himself to be the Armored Titan, and revealed Bertholdt, sweet, shy Bertholdt, to be the Colossal Titan.
Stepping towards them hesitantly on the top of wall rose, hands shaking and lips tight, you stared at Bertholdt with wide, (e/c) eyes. He was your friend, no matter how odd and quiet he was. But he was more than that to you. Unspoken words had lingered in the air about you two, as clear as day, yet never expressed. Was everything a lie? Did you fall in love with a master manipulator who only pretended to care? Looking away, feeling somewhat ashamed, you thought of your own
:icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 463 41
Goodbye [Bertholdt/You]
You rolled over in bed, stretching your arm to drape over your lover. You slowly opened your eyes. Not only was the space empty but the spot was cold, indicating he had been up for awhile now.
“Bertl…” You groaned, sitting up. You rubbed your eyes as you scanned the room. He was sitting in the windowsill watching the rain. He looked lost in his own world, he seemed so sad.
You frowned. Slipping on his button down shirt you padded over across the room to him. “Bertl…” You crawled into his lap, startling him in the process. He really wasn’t mentally here was he? You leaned back against him, “Why aren’t you in bed?”
He gave you a small smile, wrapping his arms around your waist. “The rain woke me up.” He rested his head on top of yours.
You closed your eyes, breathing in his scent. “You seemed like you were deep in thought.”
Your boyfriend took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. He pu
:iconyamisango:YamiSango 111 7
RQ: Bertholdt x Reader: Web of Lies (Spoilers!)
You knew.
You knew as soon as you saw the look in his eyes after the colossal titan appeared in Trost. You knew as his eyes connected with yours, and time seemed to to stop for the both of you. You knew as tears of hurt and betrayal filled your eyes. 
Then, his arms were there, wrapping around you protectively, comfortingly. You couldn't stop yourself from responding, clinging tightly onto your best friend and weeping openly. From that moment on, you knew there was no going back. You could't stop yourself from falling for him, despite his horrible misdoings.
Everyone else normally assumed that you two had a thing, that this was normal. They didn't know that you cried to yourself night after night for loving someone who could have done such a horrible thing. They didn't know the web of lies you two were now entangled in.
You wanted to cry out for help, but you couldn't do that if you didn't want to betray your friends. You had no choice but to let them keep controlling you. 
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 162 33
RQ: Bertholdt x Reader: Cuddly
The voice came as a small whisper from the doorway of the room as a small ray of light pierced the darkness and made itself home on the brunette's sleeping face. The tall lanky boy stirred but did not awake to your call. 
"Berty?" You tried again, opening the door a bit wider, allowing more light into the room, enough to disturb Bertholdt from his peaceful slumber. His eyes fluttered open, focusing and unfocusing for a moment before turning towards the source of the light, and your face. 
"(Name)?" he asked groggily,  a hand raising itself to cover his eyes. 
You nodded, hugging the blanket around your body closer to your form. "Yeah..." You muttered, opening the door a bit wider to reveal yourself. Bertholdt's hand covered his eyes against the light with a groan. 
"Uhn...what's wrong?" he asked uncertainly. You shuffled your feet and looked down shyly.
"I couldn't sleep." You muttered in reply, shuffling into the room and closing the door behind you.
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[a night in wall sina.] levi ackerman
 (AN: It’s Levi. There’s some cursing.)
 “Don’t put that on me, (f/n).” Levi shrugged away from you.
“Aww, come on, you’d be so cute!” You whined, struggling to put on the top hat.
“Don’t call me cute.”
“But you are!”
“Shut up.” He crossed his arms, turning to the mirror to fix his cravat.
You, along with the other squad leaders and the commander were invited to a party in Wall Sina, to discuss some important matters regarding Eren. You were currently getting ready, taking forever since just had to clean everything before you all left.
   Levi and you had been dating for quite some time now, after his confession to you in the forest. You would have never thought Humanities’ strongest soldier would take a fancy to you. It just, well happened, when you accidentally fell from a tree during training. It was a freak occurrence, as Squad Leaders are supposed to have some effici
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You smile softly as you carefully swipe away the few strands of hair from Chaerin’s face. You then turned to walk out of the room, checking that her music note nightlight was on (a special gift from her father) along with the baby monitor situated on the side table. You closed the door behind you, making sure no noise came from it before walking down the stairs to go to the living room where a movie was playing on quiet whilst your side of the baby monitor was on.

Your name is Park (Y/n), married to Park Chanyeol who was able to charm his way into your heart and eventually got you to say the two words which most people would love to hear in their lifetime: I do. However, it was all very secret in the beginning due to his job as a rapper for the famous kpop group called EXO. After a couple years of dating, you were watching one of EXO’s concert from backstage when he suddenly called you up on stage and introduced you to the EXO-Ls as his girlfriend. It was difficult at first, but the outcome was wonderful as you both now have a daughter to share your love for.

This was a normal routine for you if Chanyeol was working (which was close enough to everyday). You and Chaerin would have dinner, play for a little longer before she felt too tired to do anything else, and then you would put her to bed and wait for Chanyeol to come home.

Nevertheless, from the moment you woke up this morning, you had an unsettling feeling which did not set right with you. It was a feeling in your gut which was screaming at you that something bad was going to happen today but your brain was telling you otherwise. But you learnt that you should always trust your gut feeling.

You were sipping on some green tea in order to help you unwind from today by watching one of your favourite movies. However, alongside the noise coming from the TV, there was a buzzing noise but you couldn’t tell what it was or where it was coming from. You decided to ignore it for now since you rationalised it was background noise for this certain scene. But as the scene moved on, the noise continued. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusing before setting your tea down and muting the movie. The noise was much clearer now.

The noise was coming from the baby monitor.

Fear gripped your heart as you leaned closer towards the baby monitor to hear this noise. At first, you thought the noise was static but now with the volume low, the noise was more coherent and you could decipher it as … whispering. You reasoned that this was not possible as all the windows are locked and the only way for someone to enter that room would have needed to walk past the living room, which cannot be done subtly due to the creaky stairs.

Nevertheless, this did not settle your mind. You were growing more and more worried and scared when the whispering was getting louder. It was not the whispering however that was starting to scare you, but the realisation that whoever or whatever was making the whispering was in Chaerin’s room.
Motherly instinct kicked in and with no moment to spare, you were running up the stairs towards Chaerin’s room. There was a sound of a huge bang just as you reached the door, which triggered screaming and crying coming from your daughter. You slammed the door open but what you saw next could not be explained by any rational mind.

It was dark. The night light was now off but the light from the hallway helped you see into the room.

Looming over your daughter’s head, was a figure.

It was all black except for its head which had red spikes atop of it along with its blinding white open eyes. The figure had stayed with its head looking at Chaerin, but suddenly the head whipped to you hissing at your presence. The eyes glared into your soul and fangs protruding from its mouth.
You reached for the lights, turning them on but when you looked back, it was gone.

The only thing left as proof that the figure was there before them was the bloody handprint imprinted and staining Chaerin’s once white sheets. You hid your fear and rushed over to your daughter’s bedside and gathered her in your arms. She was wailing her heart out which pricked at your own. You took the two of you into the living room (where the lights were still on, making the pair of you feel safe).

“M-Mummy, I’m scared,” Your daughter cried as she gripped at your t-shirt like her life depended on it. You shushed her, rocking her slowly till her eyes closed. You put her down on the sofa with a nearby blanket to tuck her in. You stroked her head, so that she would sleep peacefully.
You got your phone out, ready to hit the call button that was until your front door opened making you jump out of your seat ready to fight whoever was at the door.

“I’m sorry that I’m late Jagiya, but we were learning some new choreography and I just-“ Chanyeol stopped talking however as he noticed you stood in front of their daughter with a frightened look on your face. His face immediately changed into one of worry when tears started to fall from your eyes at the sight of him. He immediately dropped his bags by the door before taking your face in his hands to wipe the tears from your face.

From there you explained to him what the two of you saw which terrified you both to the bone. You then showed him the bloody handprint to which surprised him to no end. However, the mistake you made was leaving Chaerin on her own because as soon as you stepped out of her bedroom crying was heard. Chanyeol dashed into the living room with you following behind closely.

As you came into the living room you saw Chanyeol on the floor, knocked out unconscious whilst the red spiked demon had your daughter grabbed by the neck.


You jolted up right in your bed, tears in your eyes and a sheen of sweat covering your body. Chanyeol sat up tiredly, but worry was evident. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, it was just a nightmare,”
Nightmare (Chanyeol x Reader)
This was a request which inspired me for another story which you may see later on ;)
I hope you guys enjoy and I should mention that this was inspired from Insidious. If you have not seen it, I would for sure recommend it! 
Ok, so it's been a while since I last wrote a journal entry and I just wanted to say that I am alive! I've been on holiday to the Philippines which was amazing and now I'm just struggling at school. I have written up some more oneshots (and I am sorry that it may seem I am only focusing on Kpop, but it's only because I'm trying to finish up the requests I have on Quotev and I thought why not post on here, but I will try to write more Youtuber/Anime/Video Game/Movie oneshots when I can) but it's just the process of putting them on the computer which I am slowly getting through. 

As I am writing the latest oneshot, I have only just realised how bad my grammar actually is! It's not the big of deal but I've been trying to get out of the habit but I guess it's just stuck with me. Turns out I always start my oneshots in the present tense, but then I start writing in the past. I'm sorry if that ticks you off (because if I had noticed it sooner, I would've fixed it) but if you don't care then I'm glad that you enjoy my writing!

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I hope you guys do well with whatever you are doing! Markiplier Jumping Quickly  (I need to start writing Markiplier again T~T)


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