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Light Passenger Program
When the RIA civilian board received the specifications for a new light passenger craft, the first round of suggestions from senior engineers was to develop another Biting Midge variant to fill the role. The idea gained enough traction that, despite the contract asking for a fixed-wing design, Kerburg's favorite rotary winged design would nonetheless make an appearance among the finished designs. The Biting Midge mk.1(p) would ultimately have a surprisingly involved development cycle, as it necessitated a whole new center section to accommodate both a pressurized interior for passenger comfort as well as a single side-mounted loading door.  The current production model comes in at a comparatively costly 16,000 Kerburg Bells, but does boast the agility, low-speed handling, and VTOL capability inherent to the Biting Midge platform.

The next design developed as part of the Light Passenger Program was the Ladybug, named after the craft's squat, wide shape. One of the most important design considerations was to minimize the vibrations and noise present in the crew cabin.  To this end, the craft's engines were mounted far out from the central fuselage.  Serious concerns about the craft's powerplant arose when the first few trial runs failed to get the craft airborne.  It was not until some time later that the design team realized that this glacial top speed was because the mechanics had neglected to set the aft motors to the "reverse thrust" setting, meaning that the two sets of engines had essentially been cancelling each other out.  When the problem had been resolved, the craft was shown to possess a startling thrust to weight ratio, as well as excellent agility.  The fact that the design was intended to ferry passengers around in comfort, however, prevents these strengths from being enjoyed by their pilots to the fullest.  On that note, there is a common fantasy among the Ladybug test pilots of VIP's passengers being attacked by airborne assailants only to be saved by the deft evasive maneuvers of their dashing pilots.

The 22,000 Bell price tag may be significant, but the Ladybug's robust design and improved passenger comfort make RIA's bid worth considering. TinCanSailor261 lockheed5b 

p.s.:  "Also, come on it's a Biting Midge!  Why would you fly on some silly plane when you can use a Biting Midge?  You can spin around and everything!"
- Biting Midge design team
Life (retroactively) Imitates Art
(Skip to 5:40)

So apparently the Bombardier Beetle has two long-lost Great-Grandfathers, one being a tank and the other an aircraft system.
HG-1 Prototype
A sneak peak at RIA's latest initiative to develop a larger helicopter gunship.  These heavier craft are intended to work together with the lighter Biting Midge gunships, lending the rotary-wing fleet much needed firepower.  Few details are cleared for release to the public, both for security purposes and because relatively little has been "nailed down", so to speak. about the gunships final intended design.
LCX-1 Dragonfly
The LCX-1 Dragonfly is a light, short-takeoff, vertical-landing, water-landing capable cargo plane undergoing trials as a joint venture between the RIA civilian design board and the Kerburg Coast Guard.

The most obvious feature that sets the Dragonfly apart from other designs in its class is its single tilt-rotor powerplant.  While unable to generate enough thrust on its own to allow for purely vertical takeoffs, a clever maneuver has been devised in order to minimize takeoff distance.  After building up some speed while horizontally oriented, the engine is temporarily rotated to "hop" the craft airborne before reverting to flight position.  The vertical "pseudo-helicopter" arrangement can also be used to lower the craft's stall speed, and subsequently rate of descent, to such a degree that the craft can safely and reliably land in the water without risking hull damage.

The Dragonfly's forward-swept gull wings are designed to prevent the craft from pitching down uncontrollably while at cruising speed due to a high center of thrust.  This arrangement was first used on the Sandfly(a), the Sandfly's failed predecessor, with little success.  As design teams gained more and more experience with esoteric aircraft designs, the concept was finally made viable.

To the RIA's own admission, this craft is far from perfect.  The craft is somewhat underpowered, which is a very undesirable trait in a cargo craft.  In addition, weight must be carefully balanced between the craft's fore and aft cargo compartments for fear of altering the craft's center of mass.  Finally, and most frustrating of all, the craft pulls to the right almost constantly, and the high-mounted yaw control surface means that compensating with on-board flight computers are of limited usefulness (planned improvements to address this issue include tweaking engine position as well as adding a trim tab to the lower tail surfaces).

Despite what this flight instability suggests, the craft is actually very stable while engaged in vertical landings, and the craft shows much promise.  With any luck, continued improvements to the design could very well turn this limited-production craft into the next major addition to the Kerburg inventory.

(The RIA marketing team would like to add that all production families are open to the export market.  Contact your local Kerburg embassy and arrange for your very own purchase today!)

Here's my submission for the TinCanSailor261 cargo challenge. (edit: I forgot to tag the other participants so I can be an attention hog.  To amend this, lockheed5b and TheTitanFan12 )
Condor mk.2 (aka project 'Largeboi')
When tasked with developing a series of new general-purpose cargo aircraft, the regional manager was forced out of the conference room under a hail of jeers and half-eaten muffins.  How dare anyone, several engineers demanded, suggest that the Biting Midge was inadequate in its light-payload utility role?  What could ever replace the nauseating majesty of the Deer Tick?  Once the manager was able to use the intercom to explain that the contract was, in fact, looking for three separate weight classes of craft, the meeting took on a much more agreeable atmosphere.

But how should a dedicated cargo vehicle be designed?  One suggestion was to convert the failed Hawk-Wasp project into an ultra-fast cargo craft, but in all honestly nobody even wanted to think about that disaster anymore, much less work on the airframe, so that was out of the picture.  Then, one of the oldest employees began a timely reminiscence of one of RIA's oldest technical initiatives; large construct stiffening.

Now a largely lost art, l.c.s. used to be a vital skill when constructing multi-staged rockets and planes of significant wingspan, and was one of the first technologies RIA ever pioneered.  Older materials, you see, used to bend at the joints between parts much more than they do now.* But by using a "spine" of the longest parts available, combined with a strut cross-stitching, oscillation could be greatly mitigated.  This was combined with other techniques developed by other companies, including the strange practice of "wing stitching" and "offset shifting", and the new experimental construction practice was to be debuted as part of the Condor development program.

The Condor is, at its core, a massive flying wing, with the cockpit jutting out from just behind the craft's leading edge.  The payload is carried in a large cargo pod on the craft's ventral surface which, despite appearances, is not actually the craft's fuselage but rather a gargantuan payload canister open at both ends.

Flight testing has yielded very interesting results. Even with a loaded bay, the new combination of technologies has created a wing of such strength that even aggressive rolling and pitching are possible without significant flexing along the craft's lifting surfaces. By adding airbrakes to the wing's underside as opposed to the dorsal surface, the opened brakes can keep the center of drag more or less in line with the center of thrust, allowing for quick deceleration without forcing the vehicle to pitch dramatically (such was the fate of one of the Flatbird mk.2 prototypes).  However, in a classic RIA oversight, the cargo bay ended up being narrower than initially intended, so the pre-emptively dubbed "Largeboi" was ultimately categorized as a medium transport.  A medium transport with an uncharacteristically large wingspan, mind you, but a medium transport nonetheless.

*This was actually a big issue in earlier versions of KSP, and was a leading cause of Kraken attacks on poor craft.

Here is my first bid for the TinCanSailor261 cargo challenge.  TheTitanFan12 and lockheed5b I present the Condor!

[This is a rough draft, and grammatical and composition issues are expected.  I'll review the entry tomorrow when I have more time] 


Docent at the Cradle of Aviation Museum
discord #9469
My MC in Splatoon 1 is Splyatgani Squidlichev of the Splat Sea Marines.  Pretty much a Slavic stereotype with tentacles, and a source of a lot of giggles.  He picked up a love of Ska music from his cousin, and responded to Octavio's insults with "That's Ska-Squid to you!"  When recruited his strong sense of duty and esprit de corps compelled him to accept.  He has a particular respect for octostrikers after a harrowing, protracted encounter with one.  When he learned the identity of agents 1 and 2 he did his best not to see them as celebrities, treating them as his superior officers and, later, good friends.

He only participates in casual turf-war matches and approaches these scrimmages with a jovial, even slightly silly attitude.  Since multiplayer matches are games and not combat, he insists on holding fun and sportsmanship above all else; when a match is particularly lopsided in his favor, for example, he has been known to back off so as not to ruin the other team's fun.

He prefers squelchers and prioritizes inking support over splats; when he is forced into a fight, however, he prefers keeping targets at midrange where he relies on "marksquidship fundamentals" to put ink on target quickly.  His favorite play is to slip past the fighting to spread ink through the other team's side. He wears the horizontal blue striped shirt, goggles, and boots, and prizes speed and efficiency upgrades in his gear.


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