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Rolling Girl
No one ever set me up for failure, I didn’t even know how to cope with what just happened. “Anastasiya Nikiforov finishing off the Grand Prix Finals with a score of two hundred point six zero.” I had my face in my hands, I was trembling, I didn’t even break the top three with a score that low.
“You’re okay Ana, you’ll just work extra hard for next year. We all have bad days.” Viktor said gently. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, I couldn’t do this, I stood up and immediately fell to my knees. “Nastiya, please stop you need to go to the hospital you fell really hard.” Otabek and Yuri ran to me and helped me stand.
They didn’t say anything to me and just helped me outside their medals hidden beneath their jackets. “Ana, everything will be fine,” Otabek said. “Think about the medals you won last night with Yura, it was gold right?” He asked.
I knew he was right, but I didn’t want
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Interactions Pt Two: Yuri Plisetsky
Anastasiya was only six years old when she met the angst filled blond, with eyes of emerald green. Their relationship was competitive, constantly fighting and bickering over who was better. Anastasiya who came from an exceptionally long line of skaters of course felt as though she were better at the sport than the boy who only got into it because it made his mother happy. Anastasiya was a skater because she enjoyed it, she loved how easily she could breathe when she was on the ice, gliding, her moves were almost supernatural.
“Everyone, this is Yuri Plisetsky, he will be joining us now,” Yakov announced as a young skater moved to his side. Anastasiya had been skating with all of Yakov’s students since she could skate and yet he still refused to take her seriously, despite being Viktor’s niece.
“Hello Yuri, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Viktor said as he approached Yuri.
“Yeah whatever. I’m here to skate, not to make friends.”
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Interactions .:Yuri!!! On Ice:.
Viktor was sixteen when his older brother had his first and only child, a little girl, Anastasiya Dimitrievna Nikiforov. She had the signature Nikiforov look: bright blue-green eyes and beautiful platinum silver locks. She was born with a smile on her face as she reached for her parents. She was small, especially for a newborn. Viktoriya and Dimitri knew virtually nothing about how to take care of a child, and were absent parents once they were both able to return to work. Because of this the young Russian girl was left with Viktor, to travel around the world, admiring the way he skated.
When she could stand on her own Viktor taught her to skate and bought Anastasiya her first pair of skates. From the time she was three she was on skates, by the time she was four she could skate backwards. Her mother put her in ballet, and her father wanted her to learn the violin. And so she balanced all three. Before she knew it, she was incorporating all three into everyday life. By the time she sta
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Anastasiya Nikiforov by TheWayLifeShouldBe Anastasiya Nikiforov :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 3 0 Animaritime 2017 Lineup by TheWayLifeShouldBe Animaritime 2017 Lineup :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 3 4 Lazy Days by TheWayLifeShouldBe Lazy Days :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 1 2 Miraculous by TheWayLifeShouldBe Miraculous :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 25 0
The Tale of Ganondorf Hero of time
We all know the story of Link, The Hero of Time, and how he defeats the evil Ganondorf, however, this is not that story. This is the story about a young man who is the only male, the king of the Gerudo Thieves. In every story there is a hero and a villain, and this story, is not any different. This is the story of Ganondorf, and his not so evil uprising.
It was a night, unlike any other, our hero lay in bed, tossing and turning, restless. He dreamed of the young princess and the Sheikah woman, the one who always protected her. They were on horseback, escaping from the castle walls. He was chasing them, on his own horse. They looked so scared. Ganondorf shot forward, holding his chest, panting in fear. This wasn’t him, that was not who he was. He leveled his breathing, and managed to calm himself. He knew that if he succumbed to the fear, it would weaken his will, he would become the villain he feared he one day may become.
He lay back down against his bed and closed his eyes, he
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A Tale Of Two Stans by TheWayLifeShouldBe A Tale Of Two Stans :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 17 3 .:Pen and Ink:. Panda by TheWayLifeShouldBe .:Pen and Ink:. Panda :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 4 3 .:Homework 2:. Animal Object by TheWayLifeShouldBe .:Homework 2:. Animal Object :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 7 3 .:Pen and Ink:. Wavy Lines Hair Curl by TheWayLifeShouldBe .:Pen and Ink:. Wavy Lines Hair Curl :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 3 0 .:Pen and ink:. Parallel Lines Lily by TheWayLifeShouldBe .:Pen and ink:. Parallel Lines Lily :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 2 0 .:Homework 1:. The Last Mabelcorn by TheWayLifeShouldBe .:Homework 1:. The Last Mabelcorn :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 7 3 .:Pen and ink:. Stippling Rose by TheWayLifeShouldBe .:Pen and ink:. Stippling Rose :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 4 5 .:Pen and Ink:. Mushrooms by TheWayLifeShouldBe .:Pen and Ink:. Mushrooms :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 2 0
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Kate [CONCEPT SKETCH] by DoodleDonutt Kate [CONCEPT SKETCH] :icondoodledonutt:DoodleDonutt 4 0 Kate [CONCEPT DRAWING] by DoodleDonutt Kate [CONCEPT DRAWING] :icondoodledonutt:DoodleDonutt 4 1 Sailor Moon by DoodleDonutt Sailor Moon :icondoodledonutt:DoodleDonutt 8 0 (COMMISSION) Trieste Pagedoll by SmartasticalArt (COMMISSION) Trieste Pagedoll :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 29 2 (COMMISSION) Pagedoll by SmartasticalArt (COMMISSION) Pagedoll :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 25 3 (COMMISSION) for Ibedazzledthecat by SmartasticalArt (COMMISSION) for Ibedazzledthecat :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 14 2 (SU) Mommy Has a Secret by SmartasticalArt (SU) Mommy Has a Secret :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 105 3 (COMMISSION)- Little bunny by SmartasticalArt (COMMISSION)- Little bunny :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 30 3 APH- Liech by SmartasticalArt APH- Liech :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 86 10 (COMMISSION) Katashi and Eto by SmartasticalArt (COMMISSION) Katashi and Eto :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 11 3 [GIF] Hot Cocoa~ by SmartasticalArt [GIF] Hot Cocoa~ :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 30 3 Night out in Paris by ZakuraRain Night out in Paris :iconzakurarain:ZakuraRain 660 31 Nick n Judy by sakimichan Nick n Judy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 29,613 924 by your side by MegS-ILS by your side :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 496 63 Dani Phantom - Danny Phantom by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Dani Phantom - Danny Phantom :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 5,550 275 Jealous by Amethyst-Ocean Jealous :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 6,636 274
Just some random favourites from random people all over the dA community some people are soooo creative in life <3


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Well, here we are, I started drawing realism, and yes, these are difficult. I spent four hours on the knife, and 22.5 hours on Sam and Dean. So they take me a long time to do. So that's why they're so freaking expensive. No I will not do a request unless you're my best friend on here so don't ask, if you like my art you're payin'
Song Fics
So, here we have it, My Song Fic Collection. As of right now, they're free! so request Request Request!!
Photo/Video/media Inspired
This is what i like to Call my photo or video inspired Fanfictions. stop running is soon going to be fanfiction and is in the writing process. if you send me a commission and have no idea for a plot but find a picture or video I'll get inspired almost instantly that's a fact. all you have to do is send me the video link, or send me the picture link. Anything! The base Price is thirty :points: and with it you get A prologue three chapters and an epilogue!



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Alex Phillips
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18+ Fanfiction account: Avvio-In-Cima-18
I'm probably going to keep this short I guess, any way; my name is Alex,I'm Gender-Fluid/Non Binary and I'm originally from a small town called Woodstock, in New Brunswick, Canada. Born and raised for my whole life. I currently have a few deviantART accounts; this one, as well as RomanTomatoesCosplay One is my cosplay profile, and then this one is my random, okay whatever thing XD Anyway, I come from a rather small family of four children, including myself. Like any other Eighteen-year-old Otaku I love reading, writing, drawing and watching anime obviously.I like makeup, but only for cosplay things. I play video games and am a single pringle
You can call me Lex, Al, or Chickadee and I do a lot of writing for the cosplay group VandettACosplay I write a lot of hetalia fanfictions, but I can write anything from Black Butler, Ouran Highschool, as well as Puella madoka magica! I cosplay as Fem!Ciel, Wendy Corduroy, and maybe Kim Possible.
Wanna bitch me out for something I did? or want to hate on me for being a 'depressive, rebellious teenager'. Want to judge me for the content in which I write about. Just remember there has been so much bullshit that's gone on in my life. Want my story? After you read it, if you think you can judge me still. Fine. don't do it to my face. I have a brigade who would back me up. They have people who would back them up. So just stop.
Want my story: thewaylifeshouldbe.deviantart.… just remember this isn't all of it.

AmeBel is my Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku Pinecest Stamp Rant by LightLavendarCrystal
Yeah, you read that right, on the eighteenth of August I tried to kill myself after going through a really really bad breakup. Matt and I had been together since the 25th of March, that was when he and I first started having sex, didn't make anything official until the 27th. So yeah, I was head over heels for this guy. I loved, and still do love him more than I ever thought possible. Though the feelings aren't returned at this time I don't believe they will ever be returned. Nor am I sure that they ever were. So yeah, he and I broke up and he immediately started dating my best friend since grade fucking four. So yeah I was not fuckin okay. So I tried to kill myself. so yeah, that's an update for you. 
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So The one I'm writing with my friend (Katsudon)… Is called Love!!! on ice its super cute, How Viktor and Yuuri start a family.

And my Second fanfic… Skating and Ballroom Dancing (Might change idk) Its an Anastasiya and Yuri fanfic, super cute, Ana gets bronze at the GPF the year before and gets invited to dance on ABC's DWTS So yeah. :3
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