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The love of my life - Laxus Fairy Tail 447 by genezizpa The love of my life - Laxus Fairy Tail 447 :icongenezizpa:genezizpa 20 2 Fairy Tail 453 by genezizpa Fairy Tail 453 :icongenezizpa:genezizpa 49 1 Laxus Dreyar Fairy Tail by genezizpa Laxus Dreyar Fairy Tail :icongenezizpa:genezizpa 28 1 BTS Jungkook b-w by dlazaru BTS Jungkook b-w :icondlazaru:dlazaru 619 11
Mature content
Lucci X Reader Final Round :iconwolfiemoonsong:wolfiemoonsong 53 4
Massage (Roronoa Zoro X Reader)
You knew it was going to be a bad day the moment you woke up in the most uncomfortable position ever - the back of your neck resting on the bed’s wood plank, with all of your pillows tossed on the floor, your knee brushing against the wall, giving you an awful, sharp pain that unfortunately woke you up. Your entire body was sore, and every muscle you moved made you scream in pain as you sat up and rubbed the back of your head, instantly feeling your tangled ball of hair and getting frustrated.
“This is definitely not my day.” You groaned and decided to take your anger out on someone from the crew - probably Usopp or Brook. Of course after you made yourself look human again.
       You brushed your hair and let it down for the first time in forever. You brushed your teeth, slipped your favorite bikini on, shorts and flip flops and left your room behind as you walked to the deck of the Thousand Sunny only to find everyone being their usual selves; un
:iconmauari96:MauAri96 775 156
Shirt [Reader x Zoro]
"Roronoa Zoro! What in the name of Punk Hazard did you do to my shirt?" you yelled, holding up your favorite shirt.
"Well, uh, Luffy wa--"
"Ugh, forget it! This is my favorite shirt!" you huffed, holding up your once perfect shirt, but now with a huge rip in it.
"I said I was sorry," Zoro muttered.
"Is sorry going to magically stitch up my shirt? I think not," you glared.
"But it wasn't my fault!" he retorted.
"Yeah, because I didn't see you using your superhuman strength and rip my shirt," you responded.
You dropped your shirt into his lap and stomped your foot.
"Nami bought me that for my birthday! Do you know how rare it is for her to buy something for someone else?" you scolded. "Don't even get me started on how expensive it was. She charged me!"
Zoro looked towards the ground in defeat. Not even the Pirate Hunter was a match for you when you were angry.
"You better get me something equal or better than that shirt, or I swear I'll smack you a new scar!" you threatened, turni
:iconcandyderp:candyderp 628 54
Drunk [Reader x Ace]
"YOSH! PARTY!" yelled Thatch.
"We just parti--," started Marco, but got interrupted by a flying chair.
"There's no such thing as too much partying, Marco-kun!" you laughed.
"Don't call me Marco-kun!" he growled.
"Marco-chan~," teased Ace.
Marco and Ace growled at each other. You laughed at them and downed your drink.
Half the crew was on the floor, passed out and drunk as ever. The other half was struggling to stay awake. You were pretty sure you were the only sober one on the ship. You cringed as Thatch rolled over in his sleep, knocking over a bottle of sake causing it to spill on the table.
You stood up to go to bed and you heard stumbling footsteps behind you. You turned around and a body fell on you in a drunken mess. You yelped a little as you fell onto the floor. You groaned in pain as your back hit the ground and the heavy body kept you anchored.
"Oi, dipshit, get off," you snarled.
The body shifted and slowly lifted itself off of you. You saw that it was Ace,
:iconcandyderp:candyderp 719 67
Ace X Reader: Bipolar Desert
“Auuuugh! So hoooot!” You groaned loudly as you trudged through the hot sand.
Yes, the sand. It was just you and Luffy’s brother Ace trudging through the scorching desert.
“Why are we here Aaaace!” You whined.
“Because Luffy dragged us here to meet Vivi again! She did invite us back for a party.” Ace responded. “Y’know, friendly reunions and stuff.”
“No. Why are we HERE!”  You emphasised. “In the middle of NOWHERE!”
“Exactly! You stop for two seconds and I can’t even find you! We were supposed to stick together so I turned around for you. And when I found you, the sand had already covered the tracks and I lost sight of the others!” You lectured, landing your fist on top of his head.
“OW! That frickin’ hurt!” Ace complained, rubbing his head.
“You deserve it! Why’d you stop? See a butterfly or something?” You said sarc
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 500 66
Doflamingo X Reader: The Piano
         The night was dark, and the silence hung still, encasing the palace of Dressrosa in a peaceful shroud of a seeming nothingness. Each star in the sky above twinkled at intervals, dotting the blackness with their pure white sparkle alongside the silver gleam of the full moon, shining down upon the palace like a godly spotlight from the world above. It was the only thing piercing the silence at this time.
    Deep in the palace, through the halls carpeted red, every door was closed, and every light unturned. Not a sound could be heard, and not a soul was awake. Well, not a soul but one or two. Traveling through the second floor, one would see a dim yellow glow from a room, seeping out of the crack at the bottom. Inside, was you, sitting at the desk in the corner of your given room, staring down at a blank page of your log book, feather quill in hand, and ink jar uncapped under the dim light of a single candle.
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 270 51
Partner pt7~ Crocodile x Reader

       Fingertips brush over your skin gently, making you stir. You open your eyes, gazing up at Crocodile sleepily. "Good morning Crocodile." You smile softly. He offers a smile in return. 
       "There's something I must ask you when you wake more, Daz has already started on breakfast." He informs you. 
        "Okay but I guarantee you the answer will be yes." You muse stretching. He chuckles at your response. 
        "See you soon." He breathes before heading out. With a smile you get up and dressed before heading out after him to the dining room. Crocodile already sat at the table. You smile going over and snaking an arm around his neck, touching your cheek to his jawline.
        "You smell good by the way, new cologne?" You hum pulling away and taking a seat near him. He blinks a few times before seeming to relax, giving you an
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 92 26
Partner pt6~ Crocodile x Reader

      "Alright then we just wait." Crocodile decides, sipping his wine. Daz nods quietly, Crocodile glances around. "Is she still out there?" His question compels Daz to go to the window and pause.
      "She's made a miniature snow village sir..." He sweatdrops. Crocodile pauses before joining him at the window. Sure enough you had made a rather impressive village out of snow, now you were finishing constructing a person. With a smile of approval straighten and get a stick from a nearby tree. A smirk of mischievous intent comes to your lips and you begin to destroy the evidence while giggling and snickering madly. "She can be such a bad kid." Daz comments while Crocodile's shoulders shake from refrained laughter. 
      "I'll get her." He coughs heading out. Daz watches him go and shakes his head with a chuckle before closing the curtains. 
      "Of course sir." 
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 79 10
Partner pt5 ~ Crocodile x Reader

       You giggle lightly, watching him awkwardly dice the vegetables. He shoots you a slight glare at the sound. You go over, moving your hand over his, adjusting his grip on the vegetable. Crocodile pauses watching you carefully as you grip the gold on his forearm, easily proceeding to dice rapidly. You smile feeling him tense when the blade got near his fingers. 
     "Relax," You breathe as you finish, releasing his hand and slipping off the cutting knife and replacing it with his hook, touching your lips to the curve of hook. "Thanks for the help." You add. He watches you for a moment before turning to head out. 
     "It was... Interesting..." He says going out. You smile after him before proceeding with dinner. You had been surprised he stuck by you those two days while you were sick. You smile to yourself feeling happier than you have in a long. He was to thank for that, Crocodile wa
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 74 8
Partner pt4~ Crocodile x Reader

           "Sorry sir we only have one room available." The woman informs you both. You rub your neck while Crocodile frowns. 
      "Eh, I'll just head back to the ship..." You sigh turning to go out. 
      "We can share the room," Crocodile says simply, "It'll take you an hour to walk back to the ship anyway." He adds when you look at him. 
      "Alright then," You hum as he pays. He receives the key and you follow him upstairs to a room. He opens the door and you both peer into the luxurious room. "Nice, your dry clothes, Sir Crocodile." You tease lightly, handing him the bag. 
      "Thank you," He rumbles with a smirk before going into the bathroom to change. After closing the door you swiftly change out of your wet clothes since you and Crocodile have been walking in the rain since the Capricorn incident. You were surprised he actuall
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 71 7
Partner pt3 ~ Crocodile x Reader

     "Ah! It's so pretty today!" You chime marching ahead. Crocodile furrows an eyebrow, peeking up at the overcast sky that hung over the dreary island correctly named Overcast island. He had to admit, he found your sudden change in demeanor interesting, like the atmosphere here energized you and made you giddy. 
      The streets felt as if they were abandoned, one or two people scurried past opening their umbrellas just as it starts to rain. Crocodile grimaces, finding shelter under an overhang. "___..." He frowns watching as you become even more upbeat, spinning about in the rain. He pauses catching the small childish smile on your lips. 
      You stop and look around for him before disappearing. He shifts wondering how long the rain would last. He looks at the sky before blinking as you reappear in front of him. You give him the same childish smile as you open an umbrella and put the handle
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 86 6
Partner pt2~ Crocodile x Reader

     "Lovely ship Crocodile, if I had seen this before we crossed paths I would've stole it." You comment, walking across the pier with him. 
     "It's fortunate we met before that then, would've been a shame to kill you." He rumbles.
     "Right back at you." You smile. He glances at you at that. With a slight giggle you hop on board and pause, blinking at the man on board. "Ah, Daz right?" You go over offering your hand to him. He nods and shakes hands with you. 
       "You know his face..." Crocodile scoffs making you look back. 
       "Sorry. I was interested in his fruit a long time ago, he's the only one I can recognize other than Haweyes and Luffys crew." You turn to him with a shrug before looking around. "Just the three of us?" You hum curiously. 
      "At the moment, I'll show you the room you'll be using," Crocodile g
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 84 14


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