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MHW - Sandra

Here's my character in Monster Hunter World.

I'm thinking of using her as inspiration in a proper character design for a story Im working on, cause they run the same genre and I feel the type of female character is underutilized.

Though cause its not a game I'll be focusing entirely on dragons with subspecies and things like that, designing them based around more speculative evolution like the old Mocumentary Dragons a Fantasy Made Real

But going into more detail, as this world is where the Dragons did not simply exist alongside us, this will be a world where they would have thrived and we would have had to live alongside them.

Cause imagine how dominant Dragons would be if they did exist?
You'd have them running all the niches like dinosaurs once did, flight wouldn't have even been too hard, we have dinos like Yi Qi and modern day birds who can grow to quite a large size.

Speculative evolution dragons is a goldmine.
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