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Coal The Sulcatan Dragon

I had fun making this, kept the cute rounded base shapes from the tutorial but added more lizard, dinosaurian and triassic reptile features.

Then topped it off with a tortoise butt.

My lore vision is that they are a large flightless dragon species from the Cretaceous Era, mainly herbivorous omnivores trying to eke out a living in the now volcanic world. 

Descended from the extinct fully herbivorous Forest Dragons, the Sulcatans have lost their ancestral vibrant green colors as time went on and the lush greenery around them disappeared.

Their hardened back plates that used to house collected plant matter in camouflaged symbiosis has also grown barren and mineral encrusted, matching their environment and providing extra protection.

She turned out cute I think I should call her.... Coal.

But that feels extremely basic for a dragon.... but then again smoke or volcanic gas as main powers sound awesome. Almost like a pokemon.
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sooooooooo in other words: To make a Dragon Cute, Give it a cat like head.

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Well yes that is the go-to technique for cute things

I wasn't really going with anything catlike but I guess that is where that led to.

Those things on her head are horns by the way, I based it off the shringasaurus.

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Interesting dragon. o: