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Acrocanthosaurus Hunt

And here's Acrocanthosaurus.

Can't get any more anatomically accurate this time, I drew right on top of a model skeleton. I'm siding with the tall spine being anchoring for muscles here, I feel like it would've needed that more than a pure display structure, though it still could have displayed its fitness by the size of it facing sideways.

The base skin is from a Rhinoceros Iguana but it kinda gets covered by all the patterns I added. And the prey animal is Tenontosaurus which I lost interest in halfway so yeah there's less detail on em.

More reliable accuracy basis aside this does feel quite a lot stiffer and expressionless compared to me drawing from scratch. Even the outline work feels off.
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Honestly, I love Acrocanthosaurus. He's basically a local where I'm from.

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They're like a bulkier allosaurus, not just big slashing toothed theropod like Giga it has more personality XD