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First Villains of the Doctor Guide

My guide for the first villain encountered by each incumbent Doctor. It covers the first villains to have appeared on-screen with each incarnation of the Doctor, as we do not know who some of them chronologically met first.

Fugitive - Judoon
Story - Fugitive of the Judoon
Appearing in Gloucester in the year 2020 to hunt down a fugitive who they had been hired to capture, the Judoon came across both the Thirteenth Doctor and an incarnation pre-dating the incarnation she believed to be her first. The two Doctors were taken to the Judoon spaceship where they confronted the Judoon face to face and also met Gat, an operative representing the Judoon's Gallifreyan employers. It was revealed that the Fugitive Doctor had been working alongside Gat for the Division and had tried to run away from her job, hence why the Judoon were now here to retrieve her and take her back. Things went wrong however when Gat tried to shoot the Doctors, using a gun that the Fugitive Doctor had sabotaged to kill its user. As it was technically an accident, the Judoon were unable to arrest the Doctors and so the two of them left freely, but not before the Fugitive Doctor threatened them and told them to leave her alone.

1st - Kal
Story - An Unearthly Child
The very first villain ever encountered by the Doctor on-screen, Kal was a caveman who sought to become leader of his tribe. Competing against Za, who had learnt to make fire, Kal had won over some of the members of the tribe by his skills in hunting animals and providing food for the tribe to eat. When the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara arrived in the past, Kal witnessed the Doctor smoking from his pipe and captured him in an attempt to force him to tell him the secret to making fire. Kal's rivalry with Za eventually resolved itself in a fight to the death, with Za coming out as the victor.

2nd - Daleks
Story - The Power of the Daleks
The Second Doctor encountered the Daleks at a human colony on the planet Vulcan when three of them were discovered in an abandoned capsule. Not understanding their true nature or purpose, the scientist Lesterton worked on reviving the Daleks, taking their name from the Doctor who had identified them for him, and employing them as servants for the benefit of the colony. The Daleks agreed to this and had their guns removed, secretly plotting to build up more power and destroy the colony from the inside. Rebuilding their numbers inside of their capsule, which turned out to be bigger on the inside, the Daleks soon built up an army and began to kill everybody in the colony. The Doctor was able to defeat them when reversing their power, causing the Daleks to explode. Unknown to him, however, one survived.

3rd - Nestenes and Autons
Story - Spearhead from Space
The Nestenes came to Earth in the 20th century in a shower of meteors, crashing down in multiple locations. Taking over a plastics factory, they began to create sentient shop window dummies called Autons. Planning to replace key government figures with plastic replicas of them, the Nestenes sought to invade the Earth and colonise it for themselves. The recently regenerated Third Doctor, Liz Shaw and UNIT were able to defeat the Nestenes just as they put their plan into action, sending out Autons onto the streets to kill the general public. The Doctor and Liz infiltrated their factory and confronted the Nestene itself, which had manifested into the form of a giant green and orange octopus. It was killed and their invasion was put to an end.

4th - K1 Robot and Hilda Winters
Story - Robot
Created by Professor Kettlewell, the K1 Robot was designed as a tool to carry out tasks that would be considered too dangerous and risky for normal humans to try and do, being immune to radioactivity and being much more durable than any person. Hilda Winters, working with the Scientific Reform Society, used the robot for her own means and had it steal the missile codes for numerous countries, as well as various pieces of a disintegrator gun. Being forced to act against its prime directive, the robot became immensely confused and soon began to act out of control, believing that it had to destroy the humans. It had developed an affection for Sarah Jane, however, and after growing in size took her with it and placed her safely on top of a building. Using a virus that destroyed metal, the Fourth Doctor defeated the K1 Robot after coating it in the virus.

5th - The Master
Story - Castrovalva
Kidnapping Adric, the Master used his advanced knowledge of block transfer computation to create a society known as Castrovalva. Disguising himself there as a figure of power called the Portreeve, the Master met the Fifth Doctor and ensured that he was caught up in the trap of Castrovalva, which had been organised in such a way that all possible exits led back in on themselves into the city. The Master intended to kill the Doctor once and for all, but was defeated when the Doctor made the people of Castrovalva realise their true nature as creations of the Master, causing them to destroy the web holding Adric and bringing Castrovalva's existence to an end. The Master was trapped inside of Castrovalva as it faded out of existence, not being allowed to leave by the Castrovalvans as they held him back.

6th - Mestor
Story - The Twin Dilemma
Mestor was a giant slug on the planet Jaconda, who held great mental powers used with his mind. He forced a Time Lord, Azmael, into abducting two child prodigies, Remus and Romulus, so that he could use their advanced knowledge to destroy Jaconda's sun, tricking Azmael into thinking that he required their knowledge to help Jaconda. In reality, Mestor wanted to destroy Jaconda's sun so that his dormant eggs would be spread throughout the universe, allowing his species to invade numerous regions of the universe and become its dominant ruler. His plan was put to an end by the Doctor and was killed after mind linking with Azmael, leaving his own body vulnerable. The Doctor destroyed Mestor's body by throwing acid at it, leaving nothing for his mind to return to after Azmael died, being on his final life.

7th - The Rani
Story - Time and the Rani
Forcing the Doctor to regenerate upon shooting down the TARDIS over the skies of the planet Lakertya, the Rani kidnapped the newly regenerated Seventh Doctor and held him prisoner in his laboratory. Suffering from regeneration sickness, the Doctor was prone to suggestion and so the Rani gained his trust by dressing up at his companion, Mel, and mimicking her voice. Convincing the Doctor to repair some machinery in her lab, the Rani secretly plotted to destroy an asteroid made of strange matter, using knowledge she had gathered from scientists throughout history into a sentient brain to determine a way to destroy it. Though his own intellect into the brain, the Doctor stopped the Rani's plans after the Lakertyan leader sacrificed himself to delay the launch of the Rani's rocket, allowing the asteroid to pass by safely without being destroyed. The Rani fled to her TARDIS and was captured by the Tetraps, who took her back to their planet.

8th - The Master
Story - Doctor Who
After being executed by the Daleks, the Master's remains were to be taken back to Gallifrey by the Doctor so that he could be put to rest. However, a timing malfunction with the TARDIS caused it to be dragged to San Francisco in 1999 just before the term of the Millennium. The Master's remains turned out to be sentient, taking the form of a snake, and escaped the TARDIS, soon finding a human host and taking over his body. It wasn't enough, however, and so he sought to steal the Doctor's regenerations by opening the Eye of Harmony kept inside of the TARDIS. He very nearly succeeded, actually opening it, but a physical fight with the Doctor led to the Master being absorbed into the Eye of Harmony itself, presumably trapped inside after it was sealed shut again. This story marked the first time that the villain of a previous Doctor's debut story had returned as the villain for another debut story.

War - Daleks
Story - The Day of the Doctor
The Daleks were the enemy most commonly fought by this incarnation of the Doctor, as he fought against them on a daily basis throughout the Time War. On the last day of the Time War, he destroyed a squad of Daleks by flying his TARDIS directly into them, and left behind the words "NO MORE" on a wall, intended as a message to both the Daleks and the Time Lords. He took a deadly planet destroying weapon, the Moment, to a secluded barn and planned to use it to wipe out the two opposing forces so that the war could finally end. However, the Moment's sentient interface decided to show the Doctor two of his future selves, and together with them they saved Gallifrey by hiding it away in a pocket universe, causing all of the Daleks to destroy each other in their own crossfire and making it look as if the two forces had completely annihilated the other.

9th - Nestenes and Autons
Story - Rose
The Nestenes attempted to invade Earth another time, this time in the 21st century where they were encountered by the Ninth Doctor, who had caught wind of what they were planning and was tracking them down to stop them. Through using his new companion Rose, the Nestenes attempted to find the Doctor and eliminated him so that they could carry out their plans, using the London Eye as a transmitter to awaken dormant Autons and have them destroy the human race. This time around, the Nestene took physical form as an orange liquid in a giant vat, reacting violently when the Doctor attempted to reason with it. It was defeated after Rose freed the Doctor from the Autons restraining him, allowing him to throw his anti plastic formula into the Nestene's vat, killing it and severing the link between it and its Autons it was controlling.

10th - Robot Santas
Story - The Christmas Invasion
Described metaphorically as 'pilot fish' by the Doctor, the Robot Santas had been following the Sycorax like a smaller predator following a larger one for the scraps left behind. They came to Earth via their own motives, attracted specifically to the Doctor who had only just recently regenerated. The Doctor tried offering Rose, Jackie and Mickey an explanation for why they wanted him, saying that "they could run their batteries on me for a couple of-" but was unable to finish it due to the pain he was suffering from being woken up too early. He went back into a self-induced sleep afterwards, leaving Rose and Mickey to plan for the impending arrival of the Sycorax. In this story, the Robot Santas acted of their own free will, but were later under the control of the Racnoss when the Doctor encountered them a second time.

11th - Prisoner Zero
Story - The Eleventh Hour
Hiding out in Amy Pond's house throughout her entire life, Prisoner Zero was an escaped convict who had fled from an Atraxi prison through a crack in time to her house. With the ability to shapeshift, something that required time, it stole the appearances of several comatose patients so that it could pose as a human and avoid detection from the Atraxi. The Eleventh Doctor managed to alert them to Prisoner Zero's presence, however, and sent them details of the forms he had stolen. He had one last trick, however, taking the form of the Doctor himself, but he was forced out of this form and into his natural form, allowing the Atraxi to finally find him and return him to his cell he had escaped from.

12th - Clockwork Droids
Story - Deep Breath
Finding themselves stranded in Victorian London, damaged Clockwork Droids from the 51st century began to rebuild themselves using parts extracted from living humans that they lured into a fake restaurant built above their ship. However, as they did this, they began to pick up human superstitions too and gained a belief of a place known as the Promised Land, which they believed they were destined to go to and were intent to go to. While they couldn't successfully get their spaceship back into space, they built a hot air balloon made of human flesh and attached it to the top of their fake restaurant, with their leader taking off in it and trying to escape after the Twelfth Doctor and the Paternoster Gang attempted to shut down their operation. Their leader was killed after falling out of the restaurant, which severed his link to his underlings, causing all of them to deactivate forever.

13th - Tim Shaw
Story - The Woman Who Fell to Earth
T'zim-Sha, referred to as "Tim Shaw" by the Thirteenth Doctor, was a Stenza warrior who was to become the new leader of their race. Before he could do this, however, he was tasked with going to Earth and hunting down a randomly chosen target with nothing but his skills and intellect alone. Despite this, he cheated and smuggled a gathering coil to Earth ahead of time, which he used to gather information on his target to help him find them in a much shorter amount of time. His gathering coil planted DNA bombs in the Doctor and her companions, though she extracted them and put them back into it, which Tim unknowingly transferred into himself after extracting the information that the coil had gathered. The Doctor used this to her advantage, detonating the bombs and telling him to return to his planet, not giving him the chance to kill his target and claim him as a trophy.
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