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I say, the future is ours... if you.. can count!

Now, look what we have here before us. We got justinsdrawings sitting next to smifink. We've got Adjetheninja right by Animefan-279. Nobody is wasting nobody. That... is a miracle. And miracles is the way things ought to be.

You're standing right now with twelve delegates from our new born gang. And there'll be over a thousand more. That's twelve hardcore members. Fourteen, counting the Founder and the Co-Founder, and twenty-thousand more, not organized, but ready to fight: we'll be a lot of soldiers! Now, there are thousands of Deviants in the whole deviantART. Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Caaan youuu dig iiiiit?!!

Now, here's the sum total: One gang could run deviantART! One gang. Nothing would move without us allowing it to happen. We could tax the Deviation Posts, the Moderators, because WE got dA, suckers! Caaaan youuuu dig iiiiit??

The problem in the past has been the man turning us against one another. We have been unable to see the truth, because we have been fighting for ten stupid pageviews... our dA... our little piece of dA. That's crap, brothers! DeviantART is ours by right, because it's our turn.

All we have to do is keep up on spreading the word. We take over one Deviant at a time. Secure our pageviews... secure our deviantART... because it's aaaall ouuur deviantART!!

Caaann youuuu dig iiit?!


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Swan Sketch Card by Ethrendil
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Fan Art
The Warriors For Life by SnowWarrior101
Baseball Furies Mini-figure. by APlaceForStuff
The Warriors: Come Out To Play-ayyyyy-set. by APlaceForStuff
Our turf... by DrFaustusAU
Gang Logos from the Movie and Videogame
Turnbull ACS by ohsono
Turnbull Ac's Classic by Peyote65
Turnbull Ac's Red by Peyote65
Electric Eliminators - dA Var. by The-Real-NComics
Custom Gang Logos
Moonrunners cosplay by NINTH-DELEGATE
Rogues vest by NINTH-DELEGATE
Warriors vest by NINTH-DELEGATE
rogues vest 2 by NINTH-DELEGATE
Old Contest Art
Nowhere to Run by Kirwin85
Fan Fiction
AVGN-The Warriors Street Brawl by KamiyaBloodVegeance


First off. I say that we owe you guys an apology, don't ya think? The-Real-NComics and I have been so busy, he takes on the world and I'm a lazy bum, but.. we are back! I'm going to start posting more and scout dA for new fresh material and stuff.. maybe pop on The Warriors on... host some fun things.. etc. So if you have any idea on what to do, like what you wanna see out of this group, comment!

The whole point of this journal was to wish Luther, better known as David Patrick Kelly, a happy belated. WHEREVER HE IS. ( He was born on the 23 of January 1951, so do your math on how old he is) but he will be forever Luther to us!

This AWESOME girlie, Hopping-Rox, did some birthday fanart for him.


Have a wonderful day, WARRIORS. Or night. Depending what timezone you're in. I was never was good at timezones. It's gotta be 16:30 somewhere. Teehee.

~ galoorawr
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Group Info

This Group is intended to be the referring point for all the fans of the Paramount Pictures' cult classic movie of the 1979 called The Warriors.

Directed by Walter Hill and starring Micheal Beck, James Remar, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, David Patrick Kelly and many others.

They was 60,000 strong. How many ARE WE?! CAAAN YOUUUU DIG IIIIIIIIIT?!!
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Apr 26, 2010


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ThatSilkyBoy Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016   General Artist
It was when I saw James Remar in this that I realized...

He's in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and I didn't know he was a big-name.

(*He's also in many better movies and shows.)
justcallmesly Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012
He shot cyrus...
GaryMcLoughlin Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
Possible contribution [link] ??
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look what I made.
The-Real-NComics Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011  Professional General Artist
Really GOOD work, man! Nice idea, they rock! :)
All the boppers in the streets are proud of you! ;D
TheJek12Moroh Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011   Digital Artist
Thanks man, I appreciate it. =D
DSkehan2004 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you think someone will remake this?
The-Real-NComics Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011  Professional General Artist
A remake is on the works since a lot of time now, directed by Tony Scott. The movie will be located in a modern day Los Angleles. Still there are no sure things about the releasing date/cast/etc. I think it's not even sure they will actually make it. But... maybe if they won't make it, I think we won't lose that much... Nobody could ever do better than the original 1979 'The Warriors'.
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