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El Origen del Mal ESP - Capitulo 1/4
La vida de Pandora.
Se encontraban 2 siluetas en una sala oscura. Una de ellas se reconocía perfectamente: máscara de mitad izquierda blanca y mitad derecha negra; de los orificios de los ojos salía una luz rojiza muy siniestra; pelo blanco; sombrero de copa negro con una cinta roja recorriendo la base del sombrero, guantes blancos y llevaba un traje negro, con sus zapatos negros, su bastón elegante y su capa (negra también, cómo no), sin duda, se trataba del personaje que se hacía autodenominar “El Barón". La otra figura estaba sentada ante él, pero no se le reconocía debido a la tenue luz de la sala.
“¿Así que… quieres conocer el origen del mal?”, Dijo el Barón. “Esa obra es una función que acabó hace mucho tiempo. No hay motivo para abrir el baúl de los recuerdos para despertar una historia maldita, contando sólo las desgracias de una familia y de los propios dio
:iconthewarriorofforest:thewarriorofforest 0 0
Siempre estare contigo (Capitulo unico)
Me encontraba en el tanatorio. No me podía creer que esta iba a ser la última vez que la iba a ver. Su frágil cuerpo se encontraba ya dentro del ataúd. No me atrevía a verla directamente. Cada vez que la veía dentro de esa horrible caja de madera tallada con tanta delicadeza como lo era ella en vida. El corazón se me rompía en miles de pedazos. Trataba de contener las lágrimas como podía, tal vez por orgullo, no lo sé, pero al final no pude aguantarlo. Estaba derramaba una lágrima tras otra, como enormes perlas que salían de mis enrojecidos ojos y bañando por completo mis mejillas. Ya no podía aguantar estar ahí, así que me fui corriendo de ese lugar.
Ya han pasado 2 días desde aquello. No me atreví a ir al funeral. Ya fue bastante doloroso el tanatorio para mí. Pensaba que ir al funeral era como aceptar que se había ido ya para siempre.
:iconthewarriorofforest:thewarriorofforest 2 0
I'll be always with you (one-shot)
I was in the morgue. I couldn't believe that it would be the last time who I see her. Her delicate body was into the coffin in this moments. I didn't dare to see her directly. Every time who I see her inside that horrible wooden box delicately carved as she was in life. My heart was broken into pieces. I try to control my tears how I could, maybe for pride, I don't know, but I couldn't take it anymore finally.
I was spelling one tear after another, as big pearls coming out of my red eyes, bathing completely my cheeks. I couldn't stay longer, so I ran away out of this place.
It's been 2 days since that. I don't dare going to the funeral. It has already been too painful the morgue for me. I thought that if I went to the funeral It would be like admit that I never see her again. I don't want to accept who I never see her again!, My dear Stella...
It's been a week since the funeral. I was still affected about all that, b
:iconthewarriorofforest:thewarriorofforest 4 0
The Origin of Evil - Chapter 1/4
- Pandora's life -
They were two silhouettes in a dark room. One of them was recognized perfectly: the left half mask was white and the right half was black; the eyeholes of the mask came a very sinister red light; white hair; black hat with a red ribbon crossing the hat base; white gloves and he wore a black suit, whith his black shoes, an elegant staff and a black coat. undoubtedly, it was the character who was self called "The Baron of Darkness". The other figure was sitting before him, but was not recognized due to the dim light of the room that was centered almost entirely in the Baron.
"So... do you want to know the origin of evil?" Said the Baron. "This project is a theatrical performance that ended a long time ago. There is no reason to open the chest of memories to awaken a cursed story, only counting the misfortunes of a family and the gods themselves... You still want to know this story? Very well, then get ready to know the reason for all the evil in the Krosmoz":
:iconthewarriorofforest:thewarriorofforest 4 0
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I was just thinking about what to do and watching what is a friend doing, I decided to open a request too, for practice a little bit haha.

  • What will I work?
I just begun to draw, but I'm not ready for be opened to public on that way, so this request will be for fics.

  • What will I write?
I'll write by now:
  1. Adventure
  2. Drama
  3. Comedy   
  4. nsfw (hentai, yaoi, yuri specially)
  5. Mistery
  6. Romance (without nsfw, and can be straight, gay, lesbian, etc.)
  7. Crossovers.
  8. Only English and Spanish, I don't work with any other languages.

  • What won't write about?
  1. Gore
  2. Hard sex
  3. Some fetishes (depends of my interests)
  4. Poetry (sorry, I'm terrible with this)

  • Can you write about an OC or must be about characters from specific series, videogame, cartoon, etc?.
Yes both of them: you can ask me for write a story about your own character, from a media which you couldn't creater, like movies, series, etc. no limits about this point. :)

  • How to order?

First to all, you must sent me a private with next information:

- all characters with a little description of how they're (phisically and behavior)
- Description of world or place where, story will happen.
- Topic (only from list before mentioned)
- Brief resume of what do you want in your story.
- (Optional) You can send me a picture for present your work.
- Say yes/no for allow update the story on my DA page or not.

  • Slots
  1. :icondreamandstutter:
  2. :icongrowlie26:
  3.  (empty)
  4.  (empty)

And that's all by now: Thanks to everyone for help me to improve my art and for give me your support requesting me! (*)

  • Listening to: GUMI MEGPOID, Hyrule Warriors OST
  • Watching: The computer screen
  • Playing: Wakfu, Kingdom Hearts,Pokemon and Sengoku BASARA
  • Eating: I would like some chocolate!! :D
  • Drinking: 7up and juice :D


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Favourite genre of music: Jpop and Vocaloid
Favourite art style: Manga-anime, Butch Hartman, Xavier Houssin (:iconxa-xa-xa:) and Thomas Romain style
Operating System: windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Motonari-sama, Pandawas, kasuga, Molly-Eva Wei, Tabaluga, Beast Boy, Gumi Megpoid, Maskemane, Leo (from TMNT) and the list continues xD



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