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wildvine's NEW predator : Slivebomb by TheWalrusclown wildvine's NEW predator : Slivebomb by TheWalrusclown
Based on  a good idea by  Fanficwriter1, but I felt that something was missing, so I asked my good friend and right hand man on this project, Zigwolf, to see if he could take the name and design up a noch and he hit it out of the ball park like usual for the Ben 10 fan reboot.  

team leader/ main colorist/ Idea guy: Me
Character designs/ other idea guy: Zigwolf
More Character designs/ furthur Ideas: Fanficwriter1
new Gwen mythos specialist: Kinecelefan now known as twinfryes
Link to Ben 10 fan-Reboot folder:…

Name: Slivebomb

Species: Skull Crested Ayunghasphern

Body: Pterosaur

Homeworld: Flors Verdance

Prey: Florauna (Wildvine's species)

Powers/abilities: The Skull-Crested Ayunghasphern are surprisingly agile in the overgrown jungles of its homeworld, given its only a little bigger than the average harpy eagle. In an example of convergent evolution, both species possess short yet powerful wings that allow them to fly through the thick canopies of their individual rainforests with relative ease.

Slivebomb possesses razor-sharp talons that easily tear through most material, especially the squishy flesh of their prey, and will hunt in one of two ways. The first ones involves swooping down from the sky and attacking their prey, having been witnessed carrying off a fullgrown Florauna with ease. When the Skull-Crested Ayunghasphern land, they deliberately begin thrashing their helpless victims about to disorient them enough for them to deal the final blow; like an ax, they use their razor-edged beaks to decapitate their victims and then proceed to lap up the sticky sap that flows forth, draining the entire body.

Another hunting tactic that they utilize involves the usage of their serrated wing bones. When they've located prey they'll dive into a stoop and take the unfortunate Florauna by surprise, deliberately barreling into it top speed so that they're wings cut deep slashes into their prey. Eventually, they are decapitate their prey or let them slowly bleed to death, whichever amuses them the most.

Slivebomb is a fast flier and has eyesight much more powerful than that of humans or Floraunas, a little better than hawks and eagles.

Victims that are lucky enough to get away from a Skull-Crested Ayunghasphern will find that it secretes a narcotic from the bottoms of its feet to keep struggling and resistance during the get-away flight down to a minimum; when not hunting, parents will use this poison to keep parasites off of their young.

Weaknesses: The main weaknesses of Slivebomb is her wings and beak. Sticky substances or strong binding material are a definite hazard as they prevent movement, effective use of the talons and narcotic poison, and use of the fangs.

It's only been seen on a few cases, but Skull-Crested Ayunghasphern simply can't pass up maple syrup, finding the sugary, high-energy tree sap to be irresistible. At best, this can serve as a distraction though in rare cases this has sometimes escalated to the normally savage animals becoming tame enough to behave like pets.

Skull-Crested Ayunghasphern, while fast, are somewhat easy to track. They're messy eaters and will always eat their meals in the same place; all one has to do is follow the trail of Florauna heads and the steady stream of leaking sap and one will find the home perch and eventual nest.

Trivia: The specie's name derives from the Spanish word for 'fast' and the Maltese word for 'bird'.

The second hunting method used by Skull-Crested Ayunghasphern is based on the 'Metal Wing' attack from the anime, Dinosaur King. 

Skull-Crested Ayunghasphern have sexual dimorphism. Females like the one pictured here, have blue bellies and wings while the males have red bellies and wings; during the breeding season, the males will gain colorful eyespots on their wings to dazzle potential mates with due to a sudden influx of blood being pumped into the limbs.

The species are normally solitary with the exception of the breeding and brooding period of their lives. There are exceptions to this rule however, and they have been witnessed attacking entire villages of Florauna en mass, relentlessly hacking and slashing at one victim before moving onto the next. The gathering of a flock rarely lasts however, as Skull-Crested Ayunghasphern are greedy by nature and will carry off as much food to eat in peace as possible, often making dozens of trips until there's nothing left of their victims.
Pizzaronny Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Student Artist
Did you have any particular inspiration for this predator?

Why a bird?

He looks like a dinosaur!
TheWalrusclown Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018
the hole harpy eagle line was for size and behavior comparison, not any design inspiration, that comes from both the atypical late jurassic/early cretaceous Pterosaurs, witch where not dinosaurs (although they are in the archosaur crown group with dinosaurs and crocodilians) and the mythical creature, the wyvern  
Zigwolf Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty good. I like the coloring. But there doesn't seem to be anything in the description about how the bone blades, armor, and spikes on their bodies work.
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