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nemitrix predator: slimetrap by TheWalrusclown nemitrix predator: slimetrap by TheWalrusclown
This is the final drawing of a predator for Fly Guy, created Zigwolf and drawl by Fanficwriter1., and colored by yours truly four our Ben 10 reboot.

Name: Slimetrap

Species: Plagiophibian

Body: Amphibious quadruped

Home Planet: Saniton Knujdray

Prey: Muscadipterran (Fly Guy's species)

Powers/Abilities: In addition to have acid-resistant skin that blends in naturally with the garbage covered surface of its home world, the Plagiophibian is quite quick and agile, despite its enormous size and lightning reflexes; due to the Muscadipterran's 360 vision however, it has had to develop and employ one of two hunting tactics over the course of its evolution. The first is to flex muscles in the fleshy protrusions on either side of its head and secrete a sticky, disgusting ooze that smells absolutely horrible to any other species than a Muscadipterran. With its prey entranced by the horrendous, yet alluring odor it snaps out with a long, sticky tongue and crushes its exoskeleton with little more than a flex of the jaws. The  second hunting technique Slimetrap uses brings in use of the massive frill that lies just behind its head; after creeping up on a gathering of Musadipterrans, it will charge forward on all four of its legs with its frill wide open and trap any fleeing Muscadipterrans with a sticky substance it oozes across the surface of the frill. It then devours its helpless prey at its leisure.

Weaknesses: A good electrical shock with deter all but the most savage or hungry or stupid of Plagiophibian's. In addition, there is a special sweet spot under the tongue that, if hit directly, will cause Slimetrap to release its hold on its prey.

Trivia: Slimetrap's second hunting tactic is based off of the Cryptiles from The Future is Wild.

It's design is based off of a frilled lizard and a Gerrothorax.

Slimetrap's specie's name comes from the family Plagiosauridae, an extinct family of amphibians from the Triassic period that included Gerrothorax.

During the mating season, the males will pump as much blood as available into their frills to try and impress the females; the brighter the frill, the more impressive the male is. If two males can't come to an agreement over who is brighter, they stand on their hind legs and have a shove match, much like that of a Komodo Dragon; the looser walks off in defeat and the winner gets to mate with any females in the area. In addition, the frill works as a surprise tactic against any would be predators, making the Plagiophibian seem bigger than it really is.
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November 29, 2015
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