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frankenstrike Predator: Psychobat by TheWalrusclown frankenstrike Predator: Psychobat by TheWalrusclown
hear is the latest piece of the Ben 10 fan reboot, Stinkflies new predator,Spitworm
Team leader/ main colorist/ Idea guy: Me
Character designs/ other idea guy: Zigwolf
More Character designs/ furthur Ideas: Fanficwriter1
new Gwen mythos specialist: Kinecelefan now known as twinfryes
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Name: Psychobat

Species: Feral Vladat (Desmodonti vladus)

Homeworld: Anur Transyl and Anur Vladias

Prey: Transylian (Frankenstrike's species)

Powers/abilities: Psychobat is immune to most forms of electricity and energy. Her skin is made of a non-conductive substance that allows her to redirect the attack from the points of her wings, similar to a lightning rod and leaving her completely unharmed.

Feral Vladat's can fire off an ultra-sonic screech that is capable of destroying boulders at close range. This is normally used to stun fleeing Transylians long enough for them to deal a fatal blow.

Psychobat has internal vision that allows her to see the circulatory system of her prey. She also has incredible night vision that allows her to see in the dark as if it were day.

Psychobat has sharp claws and fangs, the latter of which she uses to kill her prey and drain them of their energy.

Feral Vladat's are capable of flight.

Weaknesses: Loud noises such as the sound of a car horn are enough to disorient Psychobat.

Feral Vladats are highly vulnerable to sunlight, as their skin is incredibly sensitive and burns easily when exposed to light. This forces them to be nocturnal predators to avoid the searing rays of the sun; this will not kill them, but will render them absolutely helpless and incapable of movement as they do everything to try and cover themselves.

Feral Vladats seem to hate quite literally everything that isn't another Feral Vladat. They don't kindly to any kind of trespasser into their territory, whether it be another animal or something else entirely, and will immediately attach it regardless of whatever it might be. Should this be a more powerful foe, the life expectancy of a Feral Vladat is considerably lower than if they instead fled the area.

Any damage to Psychobat's wings will render her less mobile and more vulnerable.

Etymology: Psychobat's name is a portmanteau of the words "psychopath" and "bat", the latter of which references Psychobat's appearance. The name also comes from the word "sycophant", which is another word for parasite. 

Trivia: Feral Vladats are closely related to Vladats, similar to how chimpanzees and humans share many genetic traits with one another.

Feral Vladats are an extinct species whose only living member - Psychobat - was revived from preserved remains. The species were driven to extinction by the Transylians when a virus was created to keep their numbers under control, as they were seen as pests and a great nuisance by much of Anur Transyl. Unfortunately, the virus worked too well and not only eradicated the Feral Vladats into complete extinction but targeted the sentient Vladat species as well, critically reducing their numbers until they were nearly extinct as well; a vaccine and cure was developed by the Transylians in the nick of time however, and the Vladat species still exists albeit in small numbers.

Because of this incident, Vladats have harbored a deep hatred for the Transylian species.

Like the Facehuggers from the Alien franchise, Feral Vladats prefer to attack the face of their prey before any damage can be done to their wings.
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