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Upchucks Predator: Porcupain by TheWalrusclown Upchucks Predator: Porcupain by TheWalrusclown
Hear is Upchucks predator for our Ben 10 fan-reboot project,teh Prickly pain in the Butt, Porcupain

Team leader/ main colorist/ Idea guy: Me

Character designs/ other idea guy: Zigwolf
More Character designs/ furthur Ideas: Fanficwriter1
new Gwen mythos specialist: Kinecelefan now known as twinfryes
Link to Ben 10 fan-Reboot folder:…

Name: Porcupain

Species: Durionoid

Homeworld: Peptos XI (destroyed)

Prey: Gourmand (Upchuck's species)

Powers/abilities: Porcupain's main ability is her speed. While not as fast as other extraterrestrial species, such as Kinecelerans or Citrakayah, she's certainly much faster than the pudgy, rolely-poley, overweight Gourmands that she so ruthlessly hunts. Durinoids will typically and almost blindly rush at a group of unaware (and sometimes fully aware) Gourmands, select an unlucky individual, and impale them on their wickedly sharp claws before making a retreat to finish off their prey.

Durionoids are heavily armored with quill-like plating that makes them all but impervious to the intestinal blasts of Upchuck.

Durionoids produce a sticky saliva from their mouths that they ritually and almost obsessively lick all over their bodies with, coating them in a layer of the dried stuff. The reason this is so important to them is because their saliva contains chemical structures similar to that found in pizza grease, thus preventing them from being eaten by the Gourmands in the first place as they can not be eaten or digested.

Porcupain has heightened senses of hearing and smell, though their eyesight is somewhat poor compared to other species.

Weaknesses: Porcupain can be easily outrun by aliens such as Kinecelerans and Citrakayah and is thus almost defenseless against them until she turns into another form to counteract them.

Durionoids are almost unnaturally stupid when compared to the other nearly brainless species found in the Nemetrix and will almost blindly rush into nearly any situation as long as they have a chance of getting away to eat another day, preferably with a fresh snack in their claws no matter the odds. Even if they are heavily outnumbered by their prey they will attack - alone, though groups have sometimes been witnessed - they will charge at them with an almost suicidal-like quality.

Eyesight isn't as good as other predators.

Trivia: Porcupain draws inspiration from Pangolins and porcupines (as evidenced by the name). Other inspirations include the Pokemon Sandslash and the Rattlebacks from The Future is Wild.

The species name derives from the durian fruit, an incredibly spiky and durable fruit that has been known to withstand the blows of hammers, knives, machetes, and various other instruments.

Durionoids are considered to be some of the stupidest animals in the galaxy. While almost all of the predators in the Nemetrix lack significant intelligence compared to the intellect of their prey, Durionoids are remarkably unintelligent; they are the equivalent of Appoplexians in this aspect, always blindly rushing into things no matter the odds or outcome, as long as they get what they want out of it - which in most cases is food. Even when a Durionoid has an excess amount of food available to them, they will refuse to share it with any member of their species that they aren't related to - even their own mates - and will stash the carcasses for later consumption.

Young Durionoids can't produce the pizza grease-like saliva that their parents can and must be routinely licked by them to prevent them from being eaten by hungry Gourmands. The young are helpless for roughly three months while their quills harden and seem to be even more dimwitted than their parents during this time, requiring at least one of them to keep an eye at them at all times. Even so, it isn't uncommon to find baby Durionoids in the most ridiculous or oddest of places that often make one wonder how they got their in the first place.
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shadowboom124 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Questions a) can/will you make Ultimate crimsphinx squibnotist porcupain and Sonic doom b) if not can I make them and c) if no to both then thank you for your time
TheWalrusclown Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017
feel free to do letter B
shadowboom124 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Done with Ultimate Porcupain 
shadowboom124 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
shadowboom124 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks and nice poetry Monami
cda95 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016
Cool picture of upchuck's predator
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