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Trimarrowbones Predator: Rammerhead by TheWalrusclown Trimarrowbones Predator: Rammerhead by TheWalrusclown
hear is the latest piece of the Ben 10 fan reboot, the fan-aliensTrimarrowbones new predator,ramhead 
Team leader/ main colorist/ Idea guy: Me
Character designs/ other idea guy: Zigwolf
More Character designs/ furthur Ideas: Fanficwriter1
new Gwen mythos specialist: Kinecelefan now known as twinfryes
Link to Ben 10 fan-Reboot folder:…


Species: Kranosavran

Home World: Mezizorica

Prey: Tricerian (Tricerabone's species)

Powers/abilities: Rammerhead's primary method of attacking prey is by relentlessly headbutting it into submission. With its nearly two foot thick skull - which is filled with shock absorbing fluid and a protective casing of solid bone in order to prevent serious brain damage - she is more than capable of shattering boulders. Combined with her considerable speed, Rammerhead can easily crack Tricerian bone armor like an egg.

Kranosavrans have the ability to change the color of their skin, though this is notably only between two shades of varying colors. Because Tricerian's can't see the color purple, Rammerhead will usually remain this color in order to stay invisible, allowing her to stalk her prey unhindered.

Rammerhead has enhanced durability and the large hump on her back protects her delicate spine from damage.

Rammerhead possesses a club-like tail that she can use to trip up prey and shatter bones, both internal and external.

Because Kranosavrans feed primarily on the bone marrow of Tricerians, they have incredible jaw strength and sharp teeth, which enable them to effortlessly bite through objects as tough as a lead pipe.

Rammerhead has sharp claws.

Weaknesses: Just like Tricerabone, Rammerhead is very temperamental and is quick to anger. This works against her because her skin will flare up from its 'default' purple to a bright orange - as seen above - in order to appear bigger and more intimidating, allowing Tricerabone to see her.

While Kranosavrans are very durable, they possess a weak spot along their spinal column, specifically where their neck connects to their armored hump. If this spot is struck, it can render immobile of all but the most basic of functions - such as breathing, blinking, swallowing - and leave them highly vulnerable.

Rammerhead has a blind spot directly behind her head, as her horns prevent block her vision. This can allow opponents - provided they are small enough and strong to stay on once she notices - to strike at her weak spot relatively unharmed.

Etymology: Rammerhead's name comes from the words "ram", which means "to strike an object with great force" and "hammerhead", which is the part of a hammer used for hitting.

Trivia: The species name derives from the Greek words "kranos" and "savran", which roughly translates to "helmeted lizard".

Rammerhead's design is closely based upon that of a Pachycephalosaurus, a dinosaur whose thick skull - the only part of the animal that has been discovered and described by science - has led many scientists to believe that they were used in courtship battles, which primarily consisted of the males butting heads like bighorn sheep until a victor was determined; this has yet to be officially proven however. Other influences include the Pokemon, Rampardos - whose design is also based on a Pachycephalosaurus - and various other dinosaurs, such as StygimolochTyrannosaurus Rex, and Ankylosaurus.

Like Pachycephalosaurs are theorized to do, Kranosavrans headbutt to fight for mates and settle disputes.

Tricerians find it to be a great insult to be compared to a Kranosavran, due to the two species - despite conflict - sharing a legendary temper that is on par with Appoplexians.

Tricerians that manage to defeat a Kranosavran in honorable combat quickly notoriety and power. It is almost unheard of for a single Tricerian to defeat multiple Kranosavran in combat, although there are legends . . .

Kranosavrans  are sexually dimorphic, I.E. there are clear differences bestrewn males and females aside from size, the males have a much darker lower jaw and snout horn used in mating displays and to fend off other male sin breeding deputes 

Fanficwriter1 Featured By Owner May 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Three things:

1. Nice job, good line work and coloring

2. Why are there two copies of Rammerhead's versions?

3. There must be a mistake in the description. I could have sworn that it said that this was Stinkfly's natural predator.
TheWalrusclown Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
1) thank-you

2) there are 4 of them because A) I wanted to show both the invisible indigo and aggression orange and B) to show the sexual dimorphisum between males and females (the males have a darker Jaw and a nose horn that i added)

3) I copied and pasted the credits for spitworm so everyone in the team got credit, it's fixed now, thanks for pointing it out
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