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Ripjaws Predator: leviathan by TheWalrusclown Ripjaws Predator: leviathan by TheWalrusclown
hear is Ripjaws predator for the Ben 10 fan reboot project Fanficwriter1,  Zigwolf and myself are working on 

Now I know what you're thinking: "Fanficwriter1, Ripjaws already has a predator!"

And my response to that is that Captain Kork, while interesting as a character, sucks as a predator for the most lethal, sentient, aquatic predator the galaxy has ever seen. So in order to rectify that, I came up with this bad boys(or girl, considering Zed is a female)!

Name: leviathan

Species: Pisccis Carcharodon 

Body: Finned pliosaur

Homeworld: Piscciss and unknown planet

Prey: Piscciss Volann

Powers/abilities: Leviathan is gigantic, easily the size of a whale and has thick skin that makes it highly resistant to most attacks; Pisccis Volann have been known to be able to scrape chucks of flesh and meat off of Magnodons and hardly be noticed by the beast (that is, until they either take too much or get too close to the mouth). To make matters worse, the skin is packed with bio-luminescent lights and chromatophores that they use to communicate with other members of their species and remain hidden. The skin is so sensitive that they can mimic shoals of shimmering fish and the dazzling rays of the sun through the water with ease, remaining all but invisible to prey until they come too close. In that instance, they suddenly flash bright colors to startle and disorient prey longer to attack or simply sneak behind them and swallow them whole before they realize what is happening.

Leviathan is armed with sharp teeth and claws that are made of an organic substance that has a strength and durability higher than that of steel making them perfect for dealing with Ripjaws' own teeth.

Like its prey, it is a very fast swimmer and surprisingly agile as well. A more frightening feature about this beast is that it is as semi-aquatic as its prey, dragging itself up onto land like a seal and giving surprisingly good chase after Pisccis Volann that decide getting to land is a safe idea.

It is able to breath both comfortably in and out of water, using either the blowholes on its head for land or he gills on its neck for water; in this instance they can relentlessly wait out or chase down prey until they collapse from dehydration or exhaustion.

Weaknesses: Despite having tough skin, Leviathan is still reliant on the water to stay hydrated although it is noted it can stay out of the water for longer periods of time than Ripjaws.

Magnodons are highly sensitive to sound, as they use a form of echolocation to find their way through the dark depths of their ocean home. A good blast of sound of high-pitched noises can render them disoriented, dazed, and sometimes even kill them if the sound if high enough in pitch and loud enough in volume.

Certain types of gel and chemicals are also very bad tasting to Leviathan, especially where Grandpa Max's cooking is concerned.

Trivia: The species name 'Magnodon' is a combination of the Latin word, 'big', and the Ancient Greek word, 'tooth'.

Piscciss Volann are unable to see the bio-luminescence of Magnodons, similar to how most deep sea creatures are unable to see the red light given off by a surprising amount of abyssal predators. In this case, Leviathan glows a deep purple light that doesn't register on Pisciss Volann eyes.

Magnodons are highly valued as offworld marine park attractions, performing tricks and leaps like killer whales and dolphins (Pisciss Volann are not exactly fond of these shows for obvious reasons).

It is unknown how Magnodons managed to get to Piscciss from the Piscciss Volann's original homeworld, considering it is artificial in nature. It is highly suspected that Magnodon fry (which miraculously are about a million times smaller than the adult) managed to stow away in water tanks on Piscciss ships and were consequently dumped into the planet-wide sea of their new homeworld where they grew and fed on the supply of wildlife brought with them until they resumed their original place at the top of the food chain. The Pisciss Volann have tried exterminating them from their new home, but attempts so far have proven unsuccessful, possibly because these Magnodons are significantly more intelligent than their original homeworld ancestors. In other words, Pisciss Volann have yet to find a way around the problem and the massive teeth that come with it.
Pizzaronny Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018  Student Artist
Swim for your life Ripjaws!
NeoChandler Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
His fangs reminds me of that shark from the cancelled Crash Landed game.
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