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Nemitrix predator: Jellysting by TheWalrusclown Nemitrix predator: Jellysting by TheWalrusclown
Ben 10 fan-reboot team
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Species: Vasonophore

Home World: Flors Argon

Prey: Floraunic Argonite (Psychederm's species)

Powers/abilities: By using specialized bladders in its head, Jellysting can achieve levitation and flight through jet propulsion. Its light, near boneless body enables to fly through the air with remarkable agility and squeeze through tight places.

All Vasonophores possess a highly potent hemotoxin at the tips of their tentacles that they use in predation and defense. The venom can either be painfully slow-acting or brutally quick depending on how much venom is injected and how many times, but the effects are all the same. Victims can expect to suffer from internal bleeding and clogging of their circulatory system which, depending on how much venom is in their bodies, can cause their internal organs to literally explode, taking them out in a gruesome, gory mess. There is no known cure, though fresh Gracklflint venom has been known to slow the process long enough for final affairs to be put into order.

Vasonophores lack any conventional brain or nervous system, thus making them all but immune to a Floraunic Argonite's telekinetic abilities.

Possessing numerous tentacles and feelers, Vasonophores are able to detect the electrical charges created by their prey's highly evolved brain and are thus able to figure where they are hiding.

Jellysting possess considerable strength, as it was easily able to lift a car into the air and hurl it with considerable force.

Weaknesses: Even though they are reasonably elastic, Vasonophores are restricted by the brace of cartilage that supports their bodies. While this shell is malleable, there is a limit to how much stress and pressure it can take and thus a limit to the spaces Vasonophores can squeeze into.

Jellysting is rather fragile and enough pressure is exerted upon it, it will, in Ben's words, "explode like a balloon full of pudding".

If one were able to acquire fresh Gracklflint venom through a quick and reliable means, they could theoretically live out their entire lives without the Vasonophore venom killing them.

Vasonophores are nearly transparent, allowing for their organs to be easily targeted.

If captured or cornered, Vasonophores can willingly self-detonate themselves, dissolving into an indispensable pile of goo. This process renders their DNA unreadable and undetectable by an known means, thus making the process of dealing with them on their home world even more difficult.

Etymology: Jellysting's name is a portmanteau of 'jellyfish' and 'sting', referencing both it's appearance and abilities.

Trivia: The species name comes from the Spanish word 'vaso', which means glass, and 'siphonophore', which is a class of marine animals that are made up of colonial organisms, such as the Portuguese man o' war.

The species home world is named after the gas, Argon, which known for making neon lights green.

Vasonophores don't possess anything resembling a mouth and rely on a network of hypodermic harpoon-like needles to both inject their lethal venom and consume their prey, thus making them liquivores.

During the experimentation of teleportation, the Galvans accidentally caused an apocalyptic blast that wiped out virtually every living thing, save for a select few Floraunic Argonite that had developed a unique mutation in their DNA that granted them psychic abilities strong enough to shield them from the devastation. Desperate to make amends, the Galvans worked with the Floraunic Argonites to repair their planet's ecosystems through cloning and genetic splicing.

The Vasonophores rose as a means for the Floraunic Argnotes to be kept in check, in order to keep the balance of their planet in perfect harmony. It was reported that the scientists that created and released them into the wild committed honorable suicide, a sort of seppuku in order to prevent their species from finding a method of driving the Vasonophores to extinction.

There are myths about Vasonophores that claim they lure young children who are unaware of the danger they possess to their doom. This has yet to be disproven as they are nearly impossible to track and seem to quite literally disappear into thin air at will. even when under careful observation, large swarms of Vasonophores can disappear without a trace, leaving even the Galvan quite baffled.

Ben 10 fan-reboot team
Squeakycleanpikmin Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
A doomsday predator, perhaps.
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