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Nemitrix Alien Dragcoon by TheWalrusclown Nemitrix Alien Dragcoon by TheWalrusclown
Ben 10 fan-reboot team
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Name: Dragcoon

Species: Plotorsune

Home World: Unknown

Prey: Unknown (Kickin Hawk's species)

Powers/abilities: Dragcoon posses a layer of durable, bone-like armor plating directly beneath its skin that protects its muscles and internal organs from the devastating blows of Kickin Hawk, acting as its main defense. These plates are subject to the laws of reflection and can easily send a target flying back from the force exerted upon them, much like a rubber ball bouncing off a wall.

Plotorsune use their twin tails to cover their weak spots, using them to deflect kicks and blows with surprisingly dexterity. These tails can also be used to trip up an enemy and are semi-prehensile enough to pick them up and throw them a fair distance.

Like most predators, Plotorsune have powerful jaws lined with sharp fangs and wicked, retractable claws to tear apart their prey. They also have an acute sense of smell and hearing, capable of picking out a target from a variety of noises.

Dragcoon possesses a surprising intelligence and is quite cunning, able to elude enemies and sow discord and fear wherever it may lurk. It has been said to hunt efficiently and stealthily, never exerting any more energy than it needs or any less; this makes it one of the most frightening creatures in the known universe.

Weaknesses: Despite being considerably protective, Dragcoon has a spot that is not covered in its renown bone armor: directly beneath its chin. A well placed kick there is more than enough to snap its neck.. A less lethal method has been discovered, as it has been found that Plotorsune can be momentarily tamed if scratched beneath the chin. This requires an immense amount of bravery, skill, and downright luck to achieve, however.

Incredibly foul odors - such as Stinkfly's goo - are enough to render Dragcoon incapacitated.

Etymology: Dragcoon is a portmanteau of the words "raccoon" and "dragoon", which means "to bully or dominate".

Trivia: Dragcoon is based on a mixture of animals that are infamous for raiding chicken coops and hunting birds, such as raccoons (its namesake), red foxes, lynxes, caracals, stoats, and weasels. Other inspirations include Megatherium.

Dragcoon bears a striking resemblance to Tails from the Sonic franchise.

Plotorsune are renown throughout the galaxy for being some of the most ruthless and crafty of predators in existence. Their reputation was so infamous, they were nearly hunted to extinction by hunters in exchange for obscene bounties and rewards at one point. Due to the efforts of intergalactic conservationists however, the Plotorsune were preserved in numerous game reserves and their numbers have since increased.
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poptropica123123 Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Love it +fav 
iamre Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
good, very creative on the amalgamating things that raid chicken coops.
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