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Nemetrix Alien Screecherpent by TheWalrusclown Nemetrix Alien Screecherpent by TheWalrusclown

Ben 10 fan-reboot team
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Name: Screecherpent

Species: Vulpamanic Elapidae

Home World: Vulpin

Prey: Vulpimancer (Wildmutt's species)

Powers/abilities: Screecherpent is capable of rearing itself up on the anterior portion of its body and spreading its elongated, thoracic ribs to produce a hood and make itself appear much bigger. The hood acts as an amplification device for the high-pitched sound that it uses to stun and immobilize its prey. This sonic boom is powerful enough to kill smaller organisms on impact and leave larger life forms incapable of defending themselves, as well as shatter glass.

Possessing a long and elastic tongue with fangs at the tips, Vulpamanic Elapidae then repeatedly bite their prey and inject a fast acting neurotoxin that causes their victims severe pain, loss of senses, drowsiness, and eventual paralysis. Cardiovascular collapse soon follows before death due to respiratory failure.

Due to special muscles in its jaws that allow it to disconnect and reconnect the bones at will, a Vulpamanic Elapidae is able to swallow a full-grown Vulpimancer with ease. It then will likely not have to eat for several months.

Like its prey, Screecherpent has incredible senses of smell and hearing and is able to pick up vibrations through the growths upon its head.

Due to Vulpin being an incredibly radiated and poisoned planet beyond repair, Vulpamanic Elapidae are immune to the effects of radiation.

Weaknesses: Despite having eyes, these are more vestigial structures than anything else and are in fact more of a weakness. Due to Vulpin having a very dense atmosphere full of noxious chemicals that blocks out most sunlight, Screecherpent is vulnerable to bright lights and is only really effective in places with minimal or no lighting.

Etymology: Screecherpent is a portmanteau of the words "screech" and "serpent".

Trivia: The species name derives from the family of venomous snakes that cobras, adders, and mambas belong to.

Screecherpent's appearance resembles that of the king cobra and the Pokemon, Arbok.

Unlike most snakes, Vulpamanic Elapidae are surprisingly social and gather together in community burrows to conserve body heat during the freezing Vulpin nights. Despite this, they are solitary hunters and never share food with one another, often defending their kills fiercely should they be interrupted.

Vulpimancers have been observed outright hunting, killing, and eating Vulpamanic Elapidae, suggesting a more complex predator-prey relationship than more Nemetrix predators.

Jamie260397 Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Kinda reminds me of Arbok.
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December 13, 2013
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