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Eyeguy's Predator: Squibnotist by TheWalrusclown Eyeguy's Predator: Squibnotist by TheWalrusclown
This is the final drawing of a predator for Eye Guy, Co-created by Fanficwriter1 and myself, drawl by Fanficwriter1 and colored by yours truly four our Ben 10 reboot.

Name: Squibnotist

Species: Somnoculuus

Body: Cephalopod

Home Planet: Sightra

Prey: Opticoid (Eye Guy's species)

Powers/Abilities: Squibnotist's skin is packed with chromatophores that allow him to swiftly change color and pattern, blurring the two together into a dazzling and dizzying display that often leaves victims hypnotized and dazed at the spectacle; the Somnoculuus attack their prey, namely Opticoids, in groups, ambushing them from the trees and surrounding their victim on all sides to put it into an inmobile state of flashing patterns and colors in an intricate and highly coordinated pattern before leaping nto the unfortunate Opticoid all at once and quickly dismembering it.

To quickly take down any prey, the Somnoculuus has a highly venomous bite that it can utilize when agitated or hunting.

Like almost all other lifeforms on Sightra, they possess no skeleton, only a thin ridge of flexible cartilage along their spin that allows them to stretch their tentacled limbs as much as four times their body length and swing through the trees faster than a gibbon.

They are highly flexible and can squeeze through any opening their beak can.

Weaknesses: Despite being agile and flexible, Squibnotist is not very strong and can easily lose to species such as Tetramands and Appoplexians.

Their beaks are not particularly strong either and are easily breakable on anything tougher than the stiff cartilage Opticoids are made of.

Trivia: Their species' name derives from the Latin words 'somnum' (which means 'sleep') and 'oculus' (which means eye).

Somnoculuus are not very vocal creatures and mostly communicate by flashing colors along their skin; brighter colors often are a sign of a aggression and dull colors often mean that a Somnoculuus is ill. This makes the species highly social and somewhat intelligent as well, possessing an IQ a little less than that of a chimpanzee or three-year old child.

The species live in troops of about twenty individuals, most of which are females and their young; each troop is led by a much larger and heavier male that doesn't do much of the hunting considering his bulk and size, but watches the young while the females are out hunting and protects the territory they live in; as such, battles between rival males are often settled by who can flash the most colors in the least amount of time, with the loser retreating and the winner killing all of the young under a certain age, depending on the winner.

Squibnotist was heavily inspired by the Swampus and Squibbons from the The Future is Wild, with their behavior somewhat modeled after that of gorillas and lions.
shadowboom124 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Zigwolf Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty cool predator!
Fanficwriter1 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Impressive work on both parts, if I do say so myself! :)
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