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Diamondheads predator: Sonic Doom by TheWalrusclown Diamondheads predator: Sonic Doom by TheWalrusclown
Name: Sonic Doom

Species: Sonudilus

Homeworld: Petropia

Prey: Petrosapien (Diamondhead's species)

Powers/abilities: The primary and most note worthy ability of the Sonudilus is the fact that is has an enormous mouth and an enormous set of lungs to go with it; as the name implies, Sonic Doom is fully capable of releasing a deafening blast of ultrasonic screeches and roars that are set at just the right frequency to shatter Petrosapien crystals and their bodies. Their claws and teeth are remarkably durable and strong as well, allowing them to scrape away at the tough rock of Petropia's crust to launch surprise attacks upon their prey.

Sonudilus normally hunt in packs considering their somewhat small size compared to other predators of the Nemetrix, about the size of a Great Dane, but larger Sonudilus attacks happen just as often. The animals first locate their prey through low frequency growls and rumbles that allow them to echolocate their way through the winding, twisting, spacious caverns of Petropia in search of food; when they stumble upon a lone Petrosapien or a small enough group to attack, they begin their plan. A usual attack will normally start with low, echoing screams and howls to confuse and disorient prey before they burst up out from the ground or ceiling and ruthlessly attack their prey, biting and scratching viciously before surrounding the unfortunate Petrosapiens on all sides and blasting them with the final blow of ultrasonic death.

Weaknesses: Sonic Doom doesn't have any eyes, though this problem is usually solved with low frequency echolocation and gives them a view of the world similar to that of Wildmutt.

Like Vulpimancers they share a weakness for loud noises as their ears are sensitive to other sounds that are higher or louder than the frequency they use to hunt; the lack of a sense of strong sense of smell eliminates the use of pungent odors.

Glues and sticky substances (this also includes Grandpa Max's cooking to an extent) can be to use to keep the jaws of Sonic Doom shut and prevent her from howling. The claws are another matter however.

Trivia: The species name Sonudilus derives from the Latin words for 'sound' (sonus) and 'crocodile' (crocodilus).

Unlike their prey, Sonudilus are not native to Petropia. Due to the careless and highly illegal actions of a rogue scientist, several packs of wild Buglizards randomly selected from various points around their home world of Lepidopterra were captured and subjected to genetic experimentation; it's unknown what the exact purpose was, though it was thought that the scientist had been hired to engineer a perfect killing machine designed for war by combining the DNA signatures of various predators throughout the galaxy and experimenting on them. He got as far as collecting the Buglizards before his ship crash-landed on Petropia and set the mutant Buglizards free upon an unsuspecting world, but not before they attacked and devoured their tormentor.

Years of evolution and genetic manipulation led to the stranded population of Buglizards loosing their need for their highly sensitive eyes and their special gas bladders were re-purposed into extra lungs that allowed it to ruthless hunt and kill the only prey available on the planet: Petrosapiens. Strong stomach acids and highly durable teeth and claws were evolved to grind up and extract the highly nutritious minerals and nutrients from the Petrosapien crystals and odd, fan-like appendages allowed the normally cold-blooded animals to capture heat refracted and redirected and intensified from Petropia's crystalline caverns and surface.
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shadowboom124 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Zigwolf Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool predator. I wonder one thing though, is just his teeth and claws that are durable or is all of him impervious to diamondhead's shards ?
TheWalrusclown Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016
Sonic doom's skin is not impervious, but is very thick to the point where it's like living armor like the skin of Fourarms or a Rhino and much harder to pierce to the point where a pertrosapian isn't at a 100% disadvantage in a fight, but at the same time Sonic Doom doesn't have two easy of a time.
Zigwolf Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, ok.
derp99999 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016
this was a pretty great idea, dude. :D
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