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Cannonbolt's Predator: Gutcracker redo by TheWalrusclown Cannonbolt's Predator: Gutcracker redo by TheWalrusclown
 Fanficwriter1 felt that some of the Nemetrix predators for our Ben 10 Reboot project weren't as well constructed as some of the other predators in the collection and felt like they needed a do-over like with Gutrot hear, sonic doom soon to follow. LINK TO ORIGINAL:…

Name: Gutcracker

Species: Arburian Carciweyn

Home World: Arburia

Prey: Arburian Pelarota (Cannonbolt's species)

Powers/Abilities: Gutcracker has two asymmetrical claws that each serve a different purpose. The right claw is used for more delicate tasks, such as grasping, picking, and feeding while the left arm is used for more brutal methods, such as crushing and punching; both of them have enormous strength, with the left pincer being capable of crushing an Arburian Pelarota's durable armor plating.

Arburian Carciweyn have incredible reflexes.

Being hexapodal, Gutcracker is able to scale vertical surfaces and stick to walls despite it's enormous size.

Arburian Carciweyn can fire off jets of sticky goo in order to ensnare prey.

Gutcracker can breath underwater through a set of gills.

Weaknesses: Despite having six eyes, Gutcracker has a massive blind spot directly behind it.

Arburian Carciweyn's can be restrained if grabbed and held by the long tentacle on their head.

The nozzles on Gutcracker's head can be blocked and jammed.

Gutcracker can't get up if it's flipped on its back.

Etymology: Gutcracker is a play on words of "nutcracker", a device that are both known for cracking open tough objects (such as nuts) and for most famously resembling wooden soldiers.

Trivia: The species name derives from the carciology, the scientific study of crustaceans, and "weyn", the Somali word for "giant".

Arburian Carciweyn normally patrol the shores of Arburia, scavenging anything that the tide washes up. They have been known to find their way into the tunnels that Arburian Pelarota use to traverse the planet's surface and set up traps made of sticky slime to trap prey.

During the mating season, male Arburian Carciweyn become significantly more docile (in comparison to the more aggressive females) and construct rings of rocks and boulders decorated with flotsam and jetsam from the sea, as well as the remains of previous meals. Should a female choose to mate with them, she will lay her eggs in the ring and then return to the sea for eight months (on Earth), leaving the males to aggressively guard them. Upon hatching, the hyperactive hatchlings are contained in the nest until the female returns to feed them with regurgitated remains from her months at sea.

Arburian Carciweyn are cannibalistic in nature, even towards their own young.
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