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Ben 10/toon girls equivalency: Squidstrictor by TheWalrusclown Ben 10/toon girls equivalency: Squidstrictor by TheWalrusclown
In an alternative Universe to the main earth in the Ben 10 multiverse a Female shadow of Ben named Jen found the Toonitrix a device that turns her into a cartoon Woman that has powers that are rough equivalence to Ben's aliens, hear we have her EQ of, Squidstrictor, Diana from little witch academia because magic, trying to explain magic by saying there isn't any it's just mana manipulation was BS and you know it, she still fits!!!!!

(If you haven't at least seen the crowd funded pilot movie for  little witch academia, SHAME ON YOU!!!!, the series for TV has made it past 12 episodes go watch them ) 

Yes, you can take this to mean that ALL the aliens that are stated to be cannon but naver made it to series like Squidstrictor, Ben-Octogan, and Ventrilosquid will be represented

hears a link to the folder with the rest of them:…
Tell me what you think of this series, any suggestions for girls would be most appreciative, ever scene I clearly didn't clarify this last time, any suggestions must 

A) Specify the alien that said cartoon girl is the EQ of

B) she must be a 2D cartoon girl from an anime/cartoon, no video game girls 

C) ('m giving myself a cheat and allowing characters from the same franchise just so long as there from different cartoons EXAMPLE: both Sloth and Winry form the FMA franchise can be hear because the female sloth is from FMA and the interpretation of Winry is from FMAB)  

link to series…

Link to review show:…</span>
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May 7, 2017
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