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Ben 10 reboot alien: Psychederm by TheWalrusclown Ben 10 reboot alien: Psychederm by TheWalrusclown
Baku species backstory:
Ben's name: Pyschyderm 
Race Name: Floraunic Argonite
Planet: Flors Argon (named after the gas that makes neon lights green)
Powers: telekinesis, telepathy, limited psy-energy shield making

Ben 10 fan-reboot team

weaknesses: they are very slow moving, relatively weak, the mutation that caught on that made there race psychic only showed up about 200 years ago, so it's not fully developed to the point whee it could be and as a result they only tap out at being able to lift about 40 pounds or so with they're telekinesis, save for individuals like Ben, who can "green lantern" there way into lifting 60,

   a very weak race of aliens herbivores had no choice but to evolve to become intelligent and sapient or go extinct because they are relatively weak (think an out-of shape adult human male), they did and ended up advancing so far as to be to green tech and genetic engineering as the Galvan are to normal teck and the other sciences, there world is covered in homes and building plants that where literally grown from genetically engineered trees for that porpoise, electricity is generated by plants made for that porpoise, ECT.. and in fact two or three races within the watch where the result of them playing jigsaw with DNA of earth animals from various time periods,

EXAMPLE: XLR8's race are the result of them splicing velociraptor DNA with Gallimimus DNA + 1000 years in an attempt to "terraform" the planet and make it habitable, whenever they accidentally make sapient races like this, they just give the world to them par to the Kelly-casey accords .

Verigoat's, Fly guy's and Trimarrowtop's entire ecosystems got started this very way.
they are very "green". when they discovered space travel and met there next door neighbors, the Florauna from Flors Verdance, they got along swimmingly and work well together to the point where organisations like the plumbers who have multi-species inclusion will usually pair them as partners.

the mutation that made them telekinetic caught on like wildfire after the Galvan made an "Oops, our bad" and almost wiped the race out by axenically setting of a chain reaction while experimenting with teleportation tech, the ones with the psy-powers (they instinctively used them to shield themselves in psy-energy) where the only ones to not drop dead.

The Galvan,  horrified by the extinction-level event they caused, did everything in there power to make it right, including providing the resources to remake Flors Argon  by working together with the Floraunic Argonite's to clone/ genetically recombine to make genetic variety of all species of the world to the point where the Floraunic Argonite are not on the intergalactic endangered species list anymore, and, probably because they where good to there world and despite being justified if they felt that way, have no ill-will to the Galvan save for one, Dr. psychobos. Yup, ever scene Brainstorms race doesn't exist in the fan reboot, the creator of the Nemetrix is a Floraunic Argonite
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PureDarkDragon Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017
I Like It Dude!
twinfryes Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have some ideas regarding the creation of Kinecelerans, and previously existing life on Kinet.  I'll send you a note shortly.
TheWalrusclown Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017
sorry it took so long, but I read it and sent a reply to your note 
twinfryes Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aight, bene
Multiomniversal124 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017
Fanficwriter1 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pyschyderm sounds pretty promising. Maybe Telepephant (telepath/telepathy-elephant)?
Danny-Buckle Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017
Psychederm maybe?
PureDarkDragon Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017
How About Telekon?
shadowboom124 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Psycophant (combination of psychic and elephant)
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