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Albedo Recolor Heatblast by TheWalrusclown Albedo Recolor Heatblast by TheWalrusclown
For thouse who don't know, I think that Albedos version of the omnitrixes aliens should be a deferent color to reflect his "darker nature" and so the audiance can tell the two of them apart easier. now for everybodys fav fireball, Heatblast!!!!

Heatblast is messed up. It isn't the fact that he has fire powers, as someone who's resurced the subject I'm suprised that God/ evolution/whatever hasn't created a being that can make fire like a dragon yet, and it isn't the fact that he's made of fire, thats covered by suspension of disbelief. No, it's his planetary origion of his planet being a sun thats the problem. The fact that he evolved on a Sun means that he should have strength equal to if not greater that that of Superman, yet we don't see that!!!! The other problem is that sun's are not made of fire, but are gigantic balls of Thermonuclear fusion, and as a result any being that evolved the power to "feed" on it as the crators have made clear that Pyronites do, would have ALL the same powers and problems as NRG, thus making NRG compleatly redundant, but we don't SEE that. having Heatblast be from a world that is partialy lava that has a Gravitational pull the same as earth's would have been a better, more scintificly accurate origian
Shadow-DJ Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer's the terrain of Pyros, the planet where Heatblast is from:…

This is official artwork, before yo ask. This planet is more like a planet than a full-on star, it's sort of like Venus or Mercury in terms of very hot, hostile planets. I believe this species are actually evolved, rock-like creatures who were created from the magma on the planet and started to grow sentience. That or humanoid aliens that gained power to survive via fire abilities, since one of hte powers a Pyronite outside of Bne has is that they can become more human-like in appearance, as proven with Allen. (That's how he is able to switch between Pyronite and Human form, it's an natrual abilty of their's. Ben doesn't do it since,'s likely he'd just become himself with the Omnitrix stuck to his chest)
Iron117Prime Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Love this one. Heatblast is my favorite alien, and this Albedo Heatbast looks like something dark and vile, it is awesome
BatboyEXE Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013

I read that it's a planet size sun, hence his average strength.


plus if he was that strong, there would be no reason to use four arms.

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