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Albedo Recolor Atomix by TheWalrusclown Albedo Recolor Atomix by TheWalrusclown

Ok, so it's been a while sence I've done one of theses, and I was going to put an end to this after albedo re-appered in omniverce, but after some support from a couple of fans of the siries, and the fact still stands that almost all the aliens after the original are stupid and need to be tacken down a peg, I'm back and ready to kick some alien tail!!!!! that said, hear we go

For thouse who don't know, I think that Albedos version of the omnitrixes aliens should be a deferent color to reflect his "darker nature" and so the audiance can tell the two of them apart easier. today we go super saiyan on Atomix

1) the same Robots complaint as I have with Armadrillo, Echo-Echo, and clockwork

2) they OPENY ADMITE that this alien was meant to pay omage to Goku from Dragon Ball Z

3) If they wanted to pay omage to DBZ, they should have ripped-off the Fight seans from it instead of having Ben break-up with Julie and get 5-billion love intests in order to rip off the harem genre of anime, after all, Ben 10 is supposed to be an action cartoon is it not??? (I'm not kidding, the "Trying to make it like a harem anime" thing came from one of the person's working on the show according to the ben 10 planet wiki)

Gogogadgethat Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Atomix has a funny voice and cool powers but he's way too much of god-mod sue. I mean, back when Way Big was the strongest guy, no one had a problem with him winning fights because of how large he was (except Diagon). But this guy's practically an instant-win button whenever Ben gets him.
Iron117Prime Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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