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A Wish To Far: a Fairly odd-swap for Kay by TheWalrusclown A Wish To Far: a Fairly odd-swap for Kay by TheWalrusclown
    For the original concept creator for the swap  KayTheYatagarasu, I don't know whats wrong that caused you to go silent for such an extended period of time,  but I hope this might help Cheer you up a bit.      

        one day Timmy wished to see how Trixie was going to be like as a adult and Cosmo granted the wish but not the way Timmy expected, 
Now he has become Trixie as a adult who is now a model., when Cosmo granted the wish Timmy's four friends coming through the door at the same time that the wish was granted, they got caught in the magic and where swapped into models that where near Adult Trixie at the time now everyone is feeling there new parts, with the exception of A.J., who, being balder than Matt Santoro, is to thrilled at the sensation of hair to realised that he's now in the body of an adult Veronica
GoForAPerfect2010 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017   Artist
Thank you for throwing Poof in this.
misteroverlord Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
Elmer:' No boil. Finally I'm free from that monster!'

A.J: 'Hair! I don't care how many laws of physics and biology this breaks. HAIR!'

Chester: 'Man this butt feels comfy. Also no hives that I can feel. Also awesome.'

Sanjay:' That's right people in the audience. Look upon my beauty and fill with envy. Your envy feeds me.'

Timmy: 'Mmmm on one hand I'm closer to Trixie than I wanted....and a lot older.....on the other hand I'm super hot, super rich, super famous. And these feel nice.' Yep I think I can hold off unwishing the wish for a while.'
Widowmaker-Evan Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015
Love it haha! Also love the description of AJ loving hair.
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