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Reprise (Epilogue) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

Elsa's return to Arendelle met with great celebration. Kristoff, Anna, and Olaf had organized it. They knew something good had happened when the clouds folded and crinkled from the sun's gentle burn.
Elsa met them at the dock, where the Barefoot Maiden lay in repose. Anna couldn't stop hugging her sister.
The royal guards cleared a path for the carriage to take them to the castle. Without it, the citizens would have mobbed their queen in celebration. Instead, they traveled behind the cart, singing songs of victory.
Elsa looked out the window at Arendelle. The sky was still a bleak and dismal slate, though that was typical for the time of year. The grass remained woody and the misty air smelled stagnant. There should have been crocuses and tulips blooming by now. Anyone visiting Arendelle would find a depressing place to be sure.
The podium Ansel had once used to address the citizens remained in front of the castle doors. Elsa took
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Reprise (Chapter 40) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 40: For the Last Time in Forever
From the thick gray fog, it looked like a volcano at first. But the temperature drop didn't agree with that. The floor no longer felt like the soft wood of the boat.
"Rapunzel?" she called out. She waved her hand through the fog.
"You're only here because of your power. You're not my equals. I could have killed you eons ago," Arcius's bodiless voice said. "You're no better than the power you hold. The power you don't deserve to hold. It brought about your weakest moments, when you were your worst person."
The fog in front of Elsa cleared. She was standing on a frozen plain. Another Elsa sat on her knees, weeping, while Prince Hans approached her from the back. He held up his sword, ready to strike.
From nowhere, Anna stepped in between them, arms raised against the incoming blow.
"No!" she shouted.
Anna froze solid into unblemished polar blue ice. The sword struck her ice-solid hand and shattered.
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Reprise (Chapter 39) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 39: Paying Off Debts
Boats stretched across the mighty fjord, facing outward. Each flew the dual flags of the Southern Isles and Weselton. Hans's flagship held behind the blockade, barely visible.
"Do you think this is going to work?" Ariel asked Rapunzel who steered.
"If Elsa believes it will work, I think so. She's confident enough of our powers."
At the bow, Elsa held a telescope to her eye. She stood like the maidenhead of the ship they were on.
"I just hope she's confident about hers."
Above the bowsprit was a gigantic copper cone, manned by an ensign. The wide end pointed at them, making them think it was some kind of cannon. But it was a megaphone, as they discovered when the captain spoke into it.
"Approaching vessel, lower your emblem and raise the white flag to signal your intent to surrender." The voice warbled across the water, echoing and distorting the words.
Ariel stepped up beside Elsa. "Isn't that cute? They think I'm goin
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Reprise (Chapter 38) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 38: What You Did in the Dark
The restoration of Arendelle's proper regime would take days. But the first priority was dismantling the resistance, which offered resources they could use. Plus all the men and women involved were eager to get the kingdom back on its feet. It was what they had worked for, after all.
That meant many trips back and forth between the ice palace and the castle. Thankfully, they didn't have to use the secret tunnels anymore. Thanks to Sven, the ice harvesters, and many other volunteers, plenty of vehicles were available to take them up and down the mountain.
The first room they cleared out was the command center. And this was purely Elsa's request. The maps, books, and weapons were no use to citizens who needed food, clothing, and reassurance that Arendelle was no longer under martial law. But Elsa insisted and Elsa was queen. Once the room cleared, Elsa sat upon her throne. And had been there ever since.
But the d
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Reprise (Chapter 37) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 37: Shatter Me
A trail of white crystals followed Elsa. Opal icicles rose out of her footsteps like stalagmites. She had lost sight of Ansel, but she knew this castle intimately. There was not an alcove he could hide in, that she wouldn't find.
The path took her to the throne room doors. She could have taken the side entrance at the back wall. It existed so nobility didn't have to tread the same carpet as commoners. But she was no longer nobility. She was more.
She kicked in the door. Ansel was standing in front of the throne, adjusting his leather jerkin.
"This is not your throne," Elsa said. She stamped her foot.
Her power spread across the floor, covering the walls with rough serrated ice. It formed too fast to freeze smoothly.
Everything turned white. Red carpet turned to blue. The vases and waving tapestries solidified. Stone walls became purple with dazzling fractal patterns. The ice spread under Ansel's feet and congregated at the t
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Reprise (Chapter 36) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 36: Castle Panic
"Is my outrage apparent? Is it getting through to you?" Ansel yelled. He paced back and forth in front of the crackling fireplace. His five top lieutenants sat on the couch, a comfortable place for getting chewed out.
"Sir, they knew the castle better than us. They've lived here all their lives," said Erlend, the eldest. He had handlebar mustache and bushy white eyebrows.
"That's no excuse, Erlend," Ansel snapped. "Two girls snuck in and took our most valuable prisoner. If not for one slip-up they would have escaped without difficulty."
"We've had to staff the jail with our own men, who are spread thin as it is. We can't trust anyone from Arendelle. They won't help imprison their neighbors."
"The prison is the most important room in the castle," Ansel said. "Think of the information we've lost. And what they've gained."
"They were right in front of you too, sir," said Officer Ingrid. "They were in the same ro
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Reprise (Chapter 35) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 35: Winter Is Coming
All eyes lay on the ice queen, but for different reasons. The eight spearmen held out their weapons, defending the commander behind them. Rapunzel and Ariel lay on the ground, uncertain if this was their friend or not. And what transformation had she undergone.
Ansel was the only one with presence of mind to speak. "Four to me! The rest, seize her," he yelled.
Four men formed a vanguard around Commander Ansel. The others stalked forward, one cautious step at a time.
Elsa swept her hand to the sky, sparkles of frost trailing. As if pounding a hammer, she struck down.
A tall pillar of ice grew out of the ground. It split four ways, like a dividing plant. Each stem curled down and grew long spikes. The pikemen backed away, but not fast enough. On impact, the stems embedded in the floor, pinning each man to the ground.
"Lay down your scepter, you-who-would-be-emperor," Elsa said. Her voiced sounded deep, as if coming from
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Reprise (Chapter 34) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 34: The Will to Thrive
Under the shroud of night, a black shape floated across the fjord. One figure rowed with a single pole. The other sat cross-legged.
"Ariel, I love you. But this seems like a stupid plan," Rapunzel whispered.
"I know. But it's the best I came up with. But I think it'll work," she said.
Ariel oared toward the embankment of sharp rocks. They could have moved faster with the trident, but she didn't want to risk losing it in capture. The last thing Ansel needed was more power on his side.
So far it looked like the resistance's reconnaissance had been correct. Guards were looking for fleets, not small rafts. As a result, no one sounded the alarm.
The flat wood bumped against the shore, right in front of Elsa's cell. New rocks and mortar lay in the point of ingress.
They stepped gingerly onto the shoals. "Still got the stuff?" Ariel asked.
Rapunzel pulled two vials out of her pocket. One was purple, the other a dark butterm
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Reprise (Chapter 33) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 33: The Resistance
"Watch out for the fire. Don't touch," Olaf said as he picked up a torch.
The tunnel's upward incline told them they were heading north into Arendelle's mountain range. Thanks to the reflective ice on the walls, the single torch kept the tunnel well lit.
As they walked, Olaf explained how he came to be guarding the door. "So then they told me to go stand guard at the door. I guess they've got it all cleaned up now. But the noodles might be stuck there."
No one could get a word in edgewise as Olaf rattled through whatever came to mind.
"I still think we need a catchy name. I even thought of a few, like the 'ice guys'. Or the 'cold warriors'. How do you like that one?"
"But who, Olaf? Who is leading the resistance?" Rapunzel asked.
"We're here."
The endless tunnel tapered into a small alcove. Only Olaf could fit without ducking. "Can you push this up? My arms have trouble."
The three of them pushed on a sheet of wood in th
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Reprise (Chapter 32) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 32: Follow the Flakes
The dockworker stood where they would have lowered the gangplank, blocking their path.
"Welcome to Arendelle. May I see your permit please?"
"Permit?" Flynn asked.
The dockworker tapped his foot. He wore a domed helmet with a nose guard. As far as Rapunzel could see, all the dockworkers had been replaced by royal sentries. They paced up and down the shoreline with sharp spears.
"All ships need to have writ of consent from one of the allied kingdoms before being granted dock."
Rapunzel whispered to Ariel. "That's new."
"We can't allow in a potential risk, if your kingdom is not part of Arendelle's axis of compatriots. These are tumultuous times. What flag do you sail under?"
"Look, it's just me, my wife, and..." Flynn pondered Ariel's role, "my sister. We're a trade ship."
"Trade ship?" The guard looked behind him. "What are all those guns and cannons for?"
"That's... that's what we're trading. Do you need any? Can nev
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Reprise (Chapter 31) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 31: The Right Friends
There was no noise. The bangs and booms had ceased. The ground no longer vibrated.
"Unh, come on," Ariel said. She jabbed her trident at a point near the dome's ceiling, chipping at the ice. A blast of lightning in these tight quarters could be disastrous.
Rapunzel sat against the wall. The passing time, the muffled silence, didn't bother her. The image of Elsa did. She hugged her knees as ice chips spattered her cheeks.
Ariel felt all three tines embed, instead just of the center point. "I think we're almost there."
Three more digs and a beam of light appeared. Ariel scraped against the aperture. Rapunzel pulled away the loose rocks.
It was daylight all right. They could see trees and hear birds.
"How did we get outside?" Ariel asked. "Did we teleport?"
Rapunzel knew the answer, but said nothing while Ariel hacked into the loose hole. One final blow excavated enough space to push out their thin frames.
Ariel gripped
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Reprise (Chapter 30) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 30: What Girls Are Afraid Of
The girls marched him back to the boat. His hands were roped in Rapunzel's hair and tied in one of Elsa's sailor knots. Ariel pointed her trident at his back, the center point never more than an inch away from his flesh. She told him if she even felt a hint of magic, she'd blast him back to reality. Even if he could teleport or fly away, Rapunzel would snap him right back.
Once on the boat, Ariel stuck the trident in the water and propelled them back to the castle. Elsa and Rapunzel stood on opposite sides, monitoring their captive.
"Can't you untie me now? I'm not going to attack you," Lowther said. "You've got me captured. And my hands are starting to hurt."
"Tough," Elsa said.
"What if I lose circulation? My hands might get gangrene and need to be amputated. My blood circulation's not good-"
"You know what? All I need to do is think about any part of your 'castle' and that washes away any sympathy," Elsa sai
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Reprise (Chapter 29) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 29: A Nice Place to Visit
"It says he died about two hundred years ago," Rapunzel whispered.
"The one guy. The ONE guy who could have helped us." Elsa began pacing. "We've been searching all over for him and he's been dead for two centuries already. He was our last chance and we finally found where he is."
With a grunt, she kicked the gravestone. "I am tired of this stupid goose chase. I'm so far away from my family, my home." She kicked again and again. "My country's at war. And I can't do anything about it!"
The last kick cracked the stone. It toppled like a playing card. Elsa shirked back. "Oops."
"What's this?" Rapunzel asked. "This writing down below."
The bottom of the stone contained faded glyphs, obscured by the thick wildgrass until now. "These... these look like the same glyphs on Arcius's island. Remember? At the altar-thing?" She rubbed sand away from the letters. "Maybe it's a clue. If I-"
Something hummed, like insect's wings
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Reprise (Chapter 28) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 28: Getaway
Ariel sat alone in the covered carriage, scrutinizing every inch of the thick, grimy canvas map through scrunched brows. The legend, the author's marks, the scale--there was no reason that the forest area would hide from everyone. The coachman, the guards, the peasantry passing by--no one she talked to could point out the forest.
It didn't even matter how she asked--"Can you point out the forest?", "What's the fastest way to get to the East plains?", "Point out all the paths you see."they always left out that splotch.
She had asked a well-traveled caravan "Okay, you've gone down this road before, right? You've passed this section of road, right? So what is here? What do you see?" The tinkers looked to each other, scratched their heads, and said they didn't remember. Then they showed her their most recent map. The path was not there. As if the forest had swallowed it.
What was with this map that she could see something that no o
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Reprise (Chapter 27) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 27: Fly on the Wall
Eric held out his torch, guiding them through the lightless tunnels. Ariel had never been in this part of the castle. Not because it was forbidden, but because it led to the dungeons. Or so she thought. But Eric assured her those were in the other wing. The cobwebs and roots seeping through the brick and mud walls did little to convince her. Not even Sir Grimsby was accompanying. Eric said he needed "plausible deniability" if anyone was captured.
They reached a heavy wooden door with a double lock. Two guards stood on either side, holding partisans. A key dangled from each of their belts. "Halt!" one said.
Eric reached into his shirt and pulled out a small medallion tied around his neck. One of the guards pressed a gem scope into his eye. He examined the medallion while the other held his partisan ready to spear Eric at moment's notice.
"Clean," the examining guard said. The other relaxed his spear. Together they insert
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Reprise (Chapter 26) [Frozen/Tangled/TLM]

CHAPTER 26: Return from the Sea
A deep whistle. Then, behind Elsa and Rapunzel, an explosion of water. They shrieked and paddled closer to Ariel. Huge waves buffeted them about.
"How could this have happened?" Rapunzel shouted over the cannon fire. "How long have we been gone?"
"Who knows-" Elsa had another coughing fit. She waved away the embers that floated like fireflies.  
"We've got to get aboard one of these ships," Rapunzel said.
"No!" Elsa shouted. "We can't. It's too dangerous."
"It's too dangerous down here," Rapunzel said.
"As soon as one ship sees their kingdom's ruler, they'll fire everything they've got. We'll become a target."
"I can go. There's no Corona ships," Rapunzel said.
"You're my cousin," Elsa responded. "You're just as good."
"Let's change back," Ariel said. "We'll swim under and get-"
"Look out!" Elsa pointed behind Ariel.
A streaking black billet spun across the battlefield, knocking into a splintered mast. W
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