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Cat, Gorgon


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January: Comfy and Cozy

Calendar Girls

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Just lucky

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Just lucky

Pregnant People

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Winter Walk

Todd and Kelly

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Todd and Kelly Pregnant

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Where did my ring get to?  Where is it?!


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Like a Dark God Rising

Masters of the Universe

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Like a Dark God Rising


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OD fanfic: Saturday

SATURDAY An "Olympic Dames" fanfic by thew40 Note: This story is NOT CANON.  It is simply based of the webcomic, but has no official affiliation with it.  Just like any other fanfic. SATURDAY 1) Good Morning She woke feeling a flutter in her belly.  The baby was squirming inside Taryn's uterus and she had one of those crystallizing moments when she realized just what exactly her body was going through.  And just how scary it could be. Taryn put on a happy face.  She smiled and bought cute clothes.  But in the times when she was alone, when her phone was dead, and her compute

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The Obelisk, Act Three

THE OBELISK ACT THREE: A NEVER-ENDING BATTLE The first rays of the dawning sun were reaching the Light Hemisphere when Orko arrived at the Masters' encampment at the edge of the valley.  He had with him all the information and he and Teela had gathered through the night, though he promised not to reveal that Teela was there. "The best we can figure is that the Obelisk is a sort of power generator of magic here on Eternia.  But it's more than just that.  It's a place where time and space collide.  It binds destiny and brings it manifest.  It causes good and evil to come into conflict.  Within it, is rumored to be great power, but with cer

New Legacy

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Teela, Step 7

My Process

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Pong Aftermath

Five Free Story Prompts

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Crimson King concept 1

The Dark Tower

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There's a mouse in my belly

Biker Mice from Mars

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Comish for Vash


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