Jody and Max: Pong Gone WRONG

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Note: This story contains expansion and pregnancy elements.  Don't read if you don't like it.  But be sure to read it if you love Pong.

(sometime in the 70s)

Jody, dressed in bell bottoms and her softball jersey, couldn't believe she was about to spend Saturday night Maxwell Dorren.  It was only her struggling Physics grade that made her even step into his building and it was only the desire to pass this class that made her even consider spending her Saturday night with him.  But it turned out, this was his only night free.  Which shouldn't have shocked her at all – he was the biggest nerd she had ever met and there was no way he would have date on a Saturday night.

When he opened his door, she took another good look at him.  This was their second tutoring session.  The first had gone well, but she had to put up with the mess of his dorm.  It looked like he had tidied up at least a little bit.  Max himself looked like the biggest cliche of a nerd she had ever seen: weird fuzzy beard, thick glasses, shirt that's a size too small.  

"Well, hello Jody."

"Hi Max," she replied, side-stepping him and walking into his dorm.  The walls were adorned with Star Wars posters.  A stack of comics sat atop a D&D manual.  A warm 2-liter of Coke sat next to an open bag of chips.  But still . . . at least it was cleaner.

"So you want to get started?" she asked.

"Oh, well, I thought we might try something first . . ."

She looked at him curiously. He didn't seem cool enough for pot.

"Oh, I don't know, Max.  We have a lot of ground to cover."

"And no plans for tonight, right?" he asked.

Jody sighed.  She had cleared her usual 'going out' night for this.  And he wasn't charging her or anything for being a tutor.  Might as well indulge him . . .

"Well, okay, what do you got?"

He smiled excitedly.  Like a big kid.  Jody took a seat on his scuzzy and decidedly-college appropriate sofa.  She looked around as he rushed into his room, her red ponytail bobbing behind her head.  Max came back a moment or two later, with a box in his hands.

"This JUST arrived today!"

"What is it?"


Jody raised a copper-colored eyebrow, her green eyes squinting at the box. "Pong?"

"Yeah, haven't you heard of it?"

"No?  Should I have?"

"It's the biggest thing since Star Wars!  It's a game . . . for the TV!"

"Okay . . ."

"This will be awesome.  Trust me."

"I don't know, Max.  I really would like to just study."

Max sighed and set the box down. "Look . . . I don't know how to tell you this, but I've been wanting to play this with you for a while."

"What does that mean?"

"I mean . . ." He was blushing. "I mean I think we would have fun.  I don't have a whole lot of fun with girls and I thought . . .uh . . . after our last study session, you and I might become . . . you know, friends?"

Jody considered him for a moment.  He was a nerd, but under the glasses and the weird beard, he was kinda cute.  She had to concede that fact.

"Alright, we'll do it."

Max brightened. "Really?"

"Yeah, okay.  For a little while."  Might be fun, she thought to herself.

Jody watched as he set it up.  He then proceeded to hand her a control and gave her a quick instruction on how to work it.

"I have a deal," he said to her before they started.


"I know you're here to study, but if I win, we'll do something else tonight."

Jody studied for a moment. "Something else?"

"Sure.  Like, I don't know, something else."

"Uh, okay, and if I win, we study, okay?"

"Okay, deal."


They shook hands.

The first little ball appeared just as Max's paddle went up.  It sailed towareds Jody's paddle.  She turned the knob, knocking the ball down, where it bounced and headed to Max's side.  Max hit it by going up and the ball headed back to Jody.  It went high and Jody caught it at the last minute, feeling a rush of success.  The ball sailed back over to Max, whose paddle had to drop low to reach the ball and swat it back to Jody.

Jody was able to keep her paddle center and sent the ball back to Max.  Max tried to move to hit it, but missed.  Jody grinned when she had a point.

"Is that all?"

"No, let's keep it going," he said.

"All right . . ."

The ball reappeared.  Max hit it.  It went high.  Jody missed.

As soon as the ball shot off the edge of the screen, Jody felt a brief 'poking' sensation from her flat, trim stomach.  Brushing it off as nothing more than indigestion, she carried on with the game.  Max hit the ball again.  Jody deflected it, sending it back to Max.  He went down, popping it back over to Jody.

"Ugh," she grunted after missing the ball.  Another feeling of 'poking' came from her stomach.

"You okay?" Max asked, as soon as the ball reappeared.

"Yeah, fine," she replied, snapping her paddle up quickly to hit the ball back to Max.

Max missed it.

"Two, two," Max said, smiling.

Jody glanced over at him.  He was enjoying this.  And she was too, kinda, if not for the brief and unexplained indigestion.

Jody turned her knob just as another ball came over.  She went in the wrong direction.  This time, her stomach felt like there three or four pokes.  After missing another ball, the pokes went on for a few more seconds until becoming a soft fluttering.

She put her hand on her stomach just as another ball came at her.  She hit it and back to Max.  She went up and down to evade his next return.  It went back to Max.  Max drove upward to hit and Jody missed it.  The fluttering in her stomach increased.  This time it was joined by a dull ache in her breasts.  Her bra was suddenly a little comfortable.  Having missed again in struggling with this, she missed another ball.

"Two, five," Max said.

"Not for much longer."  The ball went sailing down, passed the dotted line and Max missed it.  She smiled a little, finally happy to have made some progress.

The happiness was gone as soon as the ball made its return.  Jody felt a huge poke in her stomach. Something was wrong, but she couldn't leave the game quite yet . . .

Her pants were suddenly very tight on her waist.  Biting her bottom lip and catching Max as he turned the dial, and focused on the game, Jody popped the button of her jeans.  She immediately missed the ball and she felt a strange 'stretching' sensation that pushed the flaps of her fly open.

She put her controller in her lap to cover this and hit the ball back.

"Three, seven," she said.  "How much longer?"

"Until one of us hits eleven."


She barely hit the ball back to Max.  Max hit it back.  Jody hit it back.  Max hit it back to her and she missed.   Again.  The fluttering increased.  Her bra felt tight on her breasts and shoulders.

Max hit the ball and it went back to Jody.  Jody hit it, it went back, and she missed it on the return.  The fluttering returned and her stomach felt tight and bloated.  Maybe it was just PMS.  Distracted, she missed back, bringing the score to 3-9.  Her stomach surged forward, almost knocking the controller out of her hands.  Max didn't even notice as his flicked the dial so that the paddle would hit the ball again.  Jody hit the ball back.

Max missed.  4-9.  Jody smiled, despite the strange bloating she felt from her tummy.

Max hit the ball and Jody missed it by a mile.  Her hips ached a little now and her stomach felt stretched and tight.  4-9.

Max missed the ball on the return.  5-9.  Max missed it again.  6-9.  Jody smiled, now on the upswing . . . until she missed it by going down instead of up.  Her belly seemed to surge forward.  She looked at it as it began to pull the bottom of her shirt tight.  The bloating, which began low in her abdomen, was spreading up to her belly button.


Max and Jody exchanged the ball several times before Jody felt a weird motion inside her budding belly.  Distracted once more, the ball sailed over her paddle and she lost.  With that, she felt her stomach bloat a little more, filling with . . . whatever . . . as it pushed harder against her shirt and pants.

"Bathroom?" she asked, her bra cutting into her.

He looked over at her, noticing the slightly full stomach on her.  He pointed to the door on the left wall and she rushed over.  Once inside and with the door shut, she pushed up her shirt.  Her pale tummy had a definite swell.  Touching it, she found it was most certainly not fat.  It was too firm.  It seemed more like a muscle; there was a tightness to her stomach that she had never felt before.

She checked herself out in the mirror.  Her breasts were bigger, on pace with her budding belly.  Jody looked around for a rubber band to try and keep her pants at least somewhat up.  Unable to find one, she took her hair out of its ponytail and used her ponytail holder to loop around the button and its hole of her jeans.  She also undid one of the hooks in her bra, hoping it might relieve some of the pressure.

Jody walked out of the bathroom.  It all seemed to be over.  The swelling, the discomfort.

"So, one more game?" he asked.

"Sure," she said before even realizing what she said.

"Okay."  He saw her stomach press against her shirt and the condition of her pants. "Are you all right?"

"Lady issues," she said.  She expected a mean comment – but got nothing but a sympathetic smile and nod.

She returned to her place next to him on the couch.  The game started again.  Jody immediately missed.  Her belly pushed out more, the poking and fluttering going north and now developing behind and above her belly button.  She started to feel a fullness.

Max hit the ball.  Jody returned.  Max missed.  The ball reappeared.  Jody hit it to Max.  Max returned it.  Jody went up and hit it back.  Max went down and sent it back to Jody.  Jody went up again and returned it to Max.  Max shot it back to Jody.  Jody missed.

Her belly surged out, tensing against the shirt even more.  She looked down, gasping a little at what she saw.  Jody realized, as her breasts ached and her belly expanded, that she was starting to look pregnant.

She missed, while studying this.  Max looked over at her, his mouth dropping.

"You . . . are you . . .?"

"I look pregnant!" she said.

Both distracted by the growing belly, now appearing four months pregnant, Max missed his ball.  The ball returned and Jody missed as well.  Both watched as dozens of pokes and flutters swirled beneath the tightening and stretching skin of Jody's belly.  It picked up a few more weeks, now looking more around early five months.

"The game!" she cried out, one hand dropping to her billowing belly. "Let's finish it first and then deal with this!"

"Okay," Max agreed, just in time to hit another ball at Jody.

2-5, Max.

Jody hit it.  Max hit it back.  Jody went down, hit the ball back and it went to Max.  Max deflected it again.  Jody missed.  She grunted as her belly filled even larger.  She looked around six months.  Her breasts hurt; they were swollen and tight against her bra.

"Um, Max, unhook my bra," she yelped, hitting the ball back at Max's side.

He fumbled the hooks, missing the ball twice.  Jody took some joy in the extra points, but was still uncomfortable.  As soon as the bra came unhooked, Max was back in the game and Jody took some relief from the tightness on her chest.

Jody went up instead of down.  Both looked down at her belly and as soon as the ball was off the screen, she swelled up again, looking closer and closer to seven months pregnant.  

"Whoa," Max said, his attention divided between the game and the belly.

"Pay attention to the game, Max," Jody yelped, trying to stretch her jersey over the bottom of her bloated belly.

"Right . . ." he said, striking the paddle against the ball with a 'BEEP.'  Jody bounced the ball back at him and he sent it back.  It missed.  Jody braced for the next stage in the belly's growth.  It billowed out from the bottom of her shirt.  Giving up on the hair-band, she allowed her pregnant belly to overcome the waist her pants.

She sent the ball back across the dotted line, where Max missed.

Jody's poked the taut skin of her belly when the ball reappeared.  She hit the ball and it went to Max.  Max hit it back.  She hit it him and he hit back.  For a good few minutes, it was simply like that, the two of them locked in this cycle.

Jody then missed.  Her belly surged, the weight within her round middle pushing out.  Her belly button popped.  Jody missed the next ball and the belly grew a few more centimeters.  She settled the controller on top of her belly and did her best.

Up, down, up, down, down, down, up, up, down, up, down, up.  She wanted the game over with.

There was movement from inside her stomach.  The baby (really?) kicked the controller and it slid off her belly.  She missed.  The game was over.

"ARGH!" she cried out.

Her belly pushed outward even further, gaining precious inches as it marched to what equated to the end of the eight month of pregnancy.  Her breasts, now full and firm, were clearly defined underneath her jersey.

"Are you okay?"

She struggled to get onto her feet.  Almost immediately, she felt the baby inside her pregnant belly squirm and move.  Jody ran her hands across the tight surface of her distended belly.  She flicked the newly-popped belly button and then rubbed her sore back.  With great disbelief, she understood that she was pregnant with a baby.  Her baby.

"I guess I'll need a new wardrobe," Jody said.

"How did this happen?"

"It's your game."

"I guess."

Max put his hands on her belly.  She blushed. "I suppose I look pretty fat, huh?"

He shook his head. "Honestly, I think it's cute kinda cute."  He looked up at her. "You look kinda cute."

She tilted her head, as if seeing him in a new light. "And so do you."

"Now what do you want to do?" he asked.

Drumming her fingers across the top of her big, bare, pregnant belly, she looked up thoughtfully.

"Even though you won, I kinda . . . ended like this somehow."


"So let's be fair.  How about we just study physics?"
As suggestioned for the "Five Prompts" challenge-thingy.

Mr. Gravidtron recommended an expansion story based on a pre-1990 video game. Seeing as how I know barely anything about video games, I felt I had one clear option:


I'm not sure if it meets his request to the 't', as I had to resort to using players. I'm also not sure what the hell happens to these characters after this. Or really over the course of this story. I wrote it in a rush, so it's meant to be kinda all over the place.

Finally, as a side-note: don't come at me with your facts and tell me that Pong came out before Star Wars. This story clearly exists outside the time/space continuum and the 70s all just kinda happened at once.
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Wicked-awesome story, dude!
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Well written and an enjoyable read. :)

I did notice you repeat the scores about half way through even though you mention them scoring... >.>
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It's really kind of astonishing that there's someone who doesn't know about video games. That's like... not knowing about books, dude.

All the same, a delightfully silly story with a lot of fun in-jokes. Considering it was written at speed and with little research, it's a great achievement-- I'd love to see more of these characters and setting, if the mood strikes you!

(One tidbit you missed, though; back in the seventies, it was spelled "Nurd")
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A bit light-hearted and weird, but very well written and the characters' reactions seem appropriate given the setting and story arc. Jody is adorable and her reactions are excellent. I normally like stories that are a little more serious but I really enjoyed this one.

Good job! I hope Mr. Gravidtron likes it as much as I did.