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Horror Shop: Faction Logos



I learned a terrible truth.

If you investigate deeply enough,

sometimes you become part of the conspiracy.

-Rev. Ivan Stang

One of the major aspects of the world of Horror Shop is the Secret War, a conflict between various secret societies, ancient conspiracies and other occult groups. Here we've got the emblems of 14 of the major factions in the 'verse. These emblems are presented in an abstract manner, as there can be countless variations on them to fit the needs of each of the specific factions.

The Summer Court uses a rose-and-dagger motif as their most common symbol, the rose symbolizing life, growth and the nurturing aspect of summer, and the dagger representing the fey's willingness to fight and defend those aspects.

The Orders of Atlantis use a septagram as their symbol. The unicursal hexagram was often used as the emblem of Atlantis, and thus the septagram is used to indicate the New Atlantis the orders want to build. Furthermore, the seven points represent the seven planes of existence (the five supernal planes, the Astral and the Material), all bounded by the circle into one creation.

The Order of Assassins use Zulfiqar, the sword of Ali, as their symbol. Originating as an order of Ismaili Muslim freedom fighters and terrorists, the Hashshashin use the twin bladed sword both to hearken to their past and to celebrate their mastery of the tools of death.

The Illuminati have used the Eye of Providence as their symbol for years. After all, the All-Seeing Eye really does sum up their order's goals.

The Knights Templar have used the sun-and-cross symbol since their exile to the New World. The symbol ties back to their origin as a Christian knightly order, while the sun represents their goal of bringing light to the darkness.

The Blood of the Dragon use a variation on the Ouroboros as their symbol--a dragon choking itself with its own tail. This symbol derives from the medieval Order of the Dragon, a knightly order of which the Draculesti's founding members--including Dracula--were part of.

The Parliament of Shadows uses the Night's Eye--a crescent moon within an eye--as their symbol. The Parliament views itself as the masters of the night and lords of shadow, and thus use the Night's Eye to indicate nothing that goes on the dark escapes their notice.

The Green Dragon Society uses a Tibetan Gankyil as their symbol, to symbolize the balance that can be formed from within Chaos. The Green Dragon Society originated in Tibet, and they have retained this symbol even in their exile from that former kingdom

The Byfrost Group of Companies uses four interlocking rings or cubic frames. They're supposed to represent the conglomerate's various aspects coming together to create a cohesive whole. The vaguely Nordic or runic vibe is just a bonus.

Majestic-12 uses the simple design of the American Eagle bearing a shield with the Roman numeral 12 embossed within. Variations on the XII symbol are used throughout Majestic-12's operations.

The Bilderberg Group uses the constellation of Orion the Hunter as their symbol. Orion is one of the most easily distinguished constellations in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere, and, figuratively, it serves to draw humanity's eyes towards the heavens and our future.

The Court of Wolves uses the Capitoline Wolf of Rome as their favoured symbol. In the mythology of the Lycan Nation, Romulus and Remus were both werewolves who united the packs of central Italy under their reign and formed the first nation of lycanthropes, a nation that would eventually become the Roman Republic.

The Veil Treaty uses a Hamsa, or the Hand of Fatima, as their symbol. The Hamsa has long served as a ward against evil and an amulet of protection in Mesopotamia and the Levant, and so when the Veil Treaty was founded in Baghdad, they took that ancient symbol of warding as their own to represent their role in protecting the worlds of mankind and magic from each other.

And the Horror Shop just uses a jack o'lantern as their symbol because, well, they're a store that sells Halloween- and horror-related paraphernalia. It's just apropos.

As per usual, the Horror Shop universe belong to yours truly, :iconthevizir:. If you've got any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know, and I will try my best to get back to you posthaste!

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