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Not Unity

It's Gnome
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omfg you need to make that Markdown app available *o*. It would be sooooo coool! It looks really great, clean and simple. And it seems to have a great UI :o
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I will at one point but I'm not good enough at programming to develop it fast enough unfortunately. :( It's getting there slowly though.
what theme and color scheme are you using in atom?
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UI theme is Atom Material and syntax is Monokai Seti :)
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cool as usual, what app is it next to Atom?
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It's the one that's being programmed in Atom :P Really not usable in it's current state unfortunately
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Looks like a simplistic markdown editor. I'd love that, do you know where I can get something like that? :D
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What operating system are you on? On Linux, I know of… (Windows and Mac support too I think) (Windows and Linux)

And the one I'm programming, seen in the screenshot can be found here
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Awesome, thanks for the links! And yeah, I'm on Linux ^^

Yours doesn't run for me yet (something about NO OPEN FILES) but I'll keep an eye out. I'm also fairly new to python and I like snooping around in small-ish code bases. x)
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...But..But it works on my system! :P

Jk, did you do the stuff in the installation section? With the glib-compile-schemas commands? Because if that's not causing the issue then it's my bad coding and I'll have to implement some other stuff properly :D
ahh ... looks promising though 
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