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Iris Light Gtk Theme: v1.7.5

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NOTICE: This set of themes is currently not being updated to the latest version of GTK; this means that it will most likely not work on recent distributions.

Iris light version 1.7.5 is out!

Iris Light supports Gtk 3.14, Gtk 2 (using the Murrine engine).

Also see the Iris Dark theme:
The icons are not released, and the shell theme is

License: GPL 3.0

© 2014 - 2020 TheVirtualDragon
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Can you add better support for XFCE, I don't have a Windows manager theme option to completely use the theme
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Where can I get this wallpaper?
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This is a really cool theme. Would you mind if I setup a PPA for this?
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do you work on an update for gtk 3.20 ?
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I'm hopefully updating all my themes in June for Gtk 3.20, because my exams finish then. :)
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three months later.
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Please release the icons pack as well. Love this theme
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I don't even have the icons any more :/ There's been request for them a  lot but I've moved away from this sort of style
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I love this theme, could you make a cinnamon version?
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I'd love to, but I have both very little time and knowledge of Cinnamon theming so I won't be able to any time in the near future. Other themers are allowed make one if they wish to though, as long as there is some credit to the original :)
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Nice! I'm not a big fan of light themes, but you did very good here.:D
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What font are you using? Thanks.
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I believe it's Source Sans Pro and Open Sans.
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I've created a PPA for this theme. Run the following commands in a Terminal to install it on your system. Currently it only works on Trusty systems.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kestier19/gtk-themes
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install iris-gtk-light
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Your repo doesn't work:
W: Failed to fetch… 404  Not Found

W: Failed to fetch… 404  Not Found
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My comment clearly says that the PPA only works on Trusty systems. You are on Ubuntu Utopic.
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And is this actively updated, like numix?
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It is updated, but due to personal reasons, I can't update it as frequently as I'd like. I am working on updating it for the latest Gtk version, however.
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Can you make this theme a ppa
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Unfortunately I have no experience with setting up PPAs :(
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love this man :3
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