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February 13, 2014
Iris Dark: Beta by TheVirtualDragon
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Iris Dark Gtk Theme: v1.10


NOTICE: This set of themes is currently not being updated to the latest version of GTK; this means that it will most likely not work on recent distributions.

Iris Dark is a flat theme that uses varying shades and tones to create distinction and a modern experience. It supports Gtk 3.18 and Gtk 2 (using the Murrine engine).
Also see the Iris Light theme:

Happy tweaking :)

License: GPL 3.0

2016.08.28: DeviantArt has issues with archives :( Hopefully fixed
2016.02.03: Fixed minor bug in which window controls did not align properly when placed on the left
2016.02.02: Updated to work with Gtk 3.18, now has a sick new design B-)
2015.04.25: Gtk 3.16 support, fixed Gtk 2 bugs.
2015.02.11: Fixed moar bugs! Gtk 3.14 now supported.
2014.09.04: Fixed many bugs in Gtk 2 treeview, add Nemo theming, fixed Popover issues and added Budgie Desktop theming. Slight changed in menu colours.
2014.08.04: Fixed bugs with Java app menus and distortion of insensitive menu items in Gtk2.
2014.06.23: Hacky support for new aura-based Chrome.
2014.05.10: Updated to Gtk 3.12 and added support for new Unity theming.
2014.03.16: Fixed bugs in Chrome as well as other tweaks.
2014.02.17: Tweaks and experimental Unity CSD support for Ubuntu 14.04
2014.02.02: Fixed bugs with Firefox and tweaked Terminal.
© 2014 - 2021 TheVirtualDragon
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Sckullbock's avatar
Is there Openbox support?
ThomasSissaoui's avatar
I can't unzip the file please help :/
TheVirtualDragon's avatar
Do you have an archive manager installed? If you use Nautilus or right click in your file manager you should have some option to "extract here" as well
cyber-doug's avatar
Rename the file's extension to ".tar.gz" (without quotes) instead of .targz (it's a typo, I believe). Then try again.
powerup1163's avatar
When does the 320 support coming?
TheVirtualDragon's avatar
I will start working on it in a few weeks, I have roughly 3 or 4 more weeks of exams after which I can start work and hopefully release it not soon after that :)
powerup1163's avatar
Yeah, sounds familiar to me :) We have a also a project, but all parts of our project are going to school.
work on ubuntu 16.04 ?
TheVirtualDragon's avatar
Yes, 16.04 comes with Gtk 3.18 which is the version the theme targets at the moment :)
Work on linux mint 17.3 cinnamon?
TheVirtualDragon's avatar
Afaik, Linux Mint 17.3 uses Gtk 3.10, which is very old by now. So unfortunately not this release :(
Esco140's avatar
Hi guys... Mmmm... What icon theme si that?
Esco140's avatar
Hi guys mmm... Nice theme man, i've got a question, what is the name of your icons? Thank you...
TheVirtualDragon's avatar
I'm experimenting with a bunch of ideas, they don't really exist right now :(
powerup1163's avatar
Sorry for lot of questions, but how have you made this little animation in Nautilus and Software? Which file have to modify, when i want to modify this animation? Screenshot
TheVirtualDragon's avatar
The animation is made by Gtk so you can't change it from the theme. If you scroll to the bottom of gtk-widgets.css then you can modify the bit that says "overshoot" to modify the colours to some extent.

Also, may I ask what Gtk version or distro you're running? Just because some things seem buggy in your picture so I need to know if there's a problem in the theme somewhere :)
powerup1163's avatar
And i am running Korora 22
powerup1163's avatar
I am using gtk 316 for now.
powerup1163's avatar
A nice GTK+ theme! By the way how can i change the roundness of the window title bar on the GTK theme? Thanks for help!
TheVirtualDragon's avatar
Go to the folder gtk-3.0 and then open the folder titled "widgets" inside. Look for a file called csd.css and open it in a text editor. Now go to where it first says ".titlebar" (on around line 30) and where it says "border-radius: 0 0 0 0;" Replace these zeros with your values, with the first value for top-left corner, the second for top-right, the third for bottom-right and the fourth for bottom-left. So if you wanted a roundness of 4px in the top left and right then you would replace this with "border-radius: 4px 4px 0 0;"

Now copy this line and paste it underneath where it says ".window-frame {" and you should have rounded titlebars :)
powerup1163's avatar
Thank you! It helped.
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