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"I leave authors and writers with arthritis"
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I have Arthritis in my hands and this shows exactly how I feel and it upsets me that my hands hurt every time I try to write leaving me not writing thank you for drawing this because it made me cry out of no where because I have Arthritis at a very VERY young age and no one else I know has it.
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Thank you very much for taking the time to write this. It must've been very painful for you, both physically and psychologicaly.
I have tinnitus: a constant ringing sound in my ear. It's enough to make me depressed and suicidal. So I kind of know how you feel.
keep your head up. Talk about it with people sometimes to get it off your chest, and try to pretend you don't have it the rest of the time.
MadamWonderland's avatar
yea, i'm trying really hard
I don't know what that line is taken from, but this is definitely how arthritis feels lol
OwlishWren's avatar
I like this drawing very much! For me it's osteoarthritis (at 42 y.o.) but my hands are still messed up--big knuckles, twisted fingers. I take comfort in the fact that my great-grandmother had the same kind of arthritis and kept quilting, canning, etc. well into her eighties, in spite of her gnarled hands. She's one of my heroes!
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Hi there! If you'd like, you could write messages to the other people who have arthritis that have commented on the piece. It's great to share your feelings with those that understand how it is =)
PunkyPutzSchmuckGirl's avatar
Thank you!! :D The essay will actually be completed on the 6th, not the 4th like I said before.
PunkyPutzSchmuckGirl's avatar
I am writing an essay on the elderly part of society for my college English class and this would make great visual rhetoric. May I use this in my essay? It will be written in MLA format, therefore you will be given proper credit. The essay will not be published.
thevilbrain's avatar
sure! go for it. glad you like the pic. feel free to modify whatever you like.
PunkyPutzSchmuckGirl's avatar
Great! Thank you so much! I will be sure to let you know how the final product turns out. :)
thevilbrain's avatar
I upgraded the sketch so you get an ever-so-slightly better grade :#1:
to answer your question, yes, I am awesome.
please show me the essay when it's done. Peace!
RosaGlorya's avatar
I see my future. Thank you.
thevilbrain's avatar
This sketch was actually about me having artist's block. But hey, I'm glad you RA people can relate
SamHircock's avatar
That is pretty damn cool. I couldn't have sketched it better myself.
clojio's avatar

stronger way to explain it with image rather than words.

I didn't imagine how it could be done - I am very impressed.
Fairytale-Heart's avatar
perfect. i wish people could understand how it feels. x
MistressxMannequin's avatar
man...thats exactly what it feels like.

you did a damn good job of projecting the pain.
greenpinky's avatar
amen, i wish more people could understand that young people have arthritis too.
MistressxMannequin's avatar
yeah, it's so frustrating sometimes...and then there are some who don't believe you, unless they can see you when your actually hurting...or in a wheel chair (in my case)....
greenpinky's avatar
i havent gotten that desperate 'cept at this one conference last year. but i try to just push through, or hang out at home, lol!
MistressxMannequin's avatar

yeah, i'm stuck at home all the time xD and even when i do want to go out, i'm hurting or i have a fever or somethign xD

Which do you have RA or JRA? and where do you get it?

all my pain is in my ankles,fingers,jaw, and knees. xP
greenpinky's avatar
i get out anyways, and no matter what try not to let it get me down. that makes life way to boring, and then you never learn anything, or how to get stronger along the way.

but to answer your question, jra, and hands (and all that goes with it), elbows, ankles feet, or whatever...its like, yes thats hurting and i know what hurts, can i get on with my life now? ok? ok...and then i do.
MistressxMannequin's avatar
That is the most beautiful thing i've ever heard - so very true.

though sometimes, i just feel so hopeless, and i don't want to go on. and then i feel like i'm whineing and not picking myself up. I even start feeling sorry for myself.

Other times i just don't care, i go off my meds adn i feel fine, until of course the weather changes, and then BAM, i flare.

so i guess, you ('you', in general) just have to live and get over it.
greenpinky's avatar
really? beautiful? wow, that was like the farthest thing from my mind when i said that. I don't know, its just what comes in my head every time I'm in alot of pain. Doesn't help my optimism all the time, but I like the think that it does, lol! Like there are time I positively hate my life for getting this, but I force myself to think positive anyways. I have lots of little battles with myself. It helps me from not getting depressed.
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