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Changing of the Seasons

Update: Now as a print! Picture is cropped slightly: hopefully this doesn't deter you from the product

Redo of my old version (on my old account)
Changing of the Seasons by TickTockTheBoomBunny

Not much to say. I've been ill, still am ill and this took forever because of this ;0; But I'm proud of it and so that makes up for it :3

Been told I should make a bunny calender in this style... Your thoughts?

Draw This Again Meme by TheVerdantHare

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Ah! I love this picture! I distinctly remember seeing it on the FAA all those years ago. I think it's my favourite picture of yours. :) I absolutely love the warm lighting; everything looks so beautiful. I always feel so close to nature looking at this. :)
TheVerdantHare's avatar
This is so late but thank you very much. It's rather old but I still love this picture and I'm glad people still do too ;-;
jamsketchbook's avatar
An absolutely delightful work. Congratulations!
TheVerdantHare's avatar
Thank you! Although this piece of art is over 4 years old |D
e-pona's avatar
I really like the colours on this. ^^
TheVerdantHare's avatar
Aww! Thanks so much! It was fun :D
e-pona's avatar
Good to hear ^^
DetectiveRJ's avatar
This is so adorable, love the little tracks in the snow. <33
TheVerdantHare's avatar
VickianneCaswell's avatar
You are very talented!
mazil's avatar
Gorgeous! Love the new lighting. Amazing how the extra warmth makes the rest of the snow look extra cold!
panna-cotta's avatar
Such an improvement! I love the details. The grass looks quite realistic and the leaves are so pretty! Especially the colours which you chose.
Speaking of colours, I like the way you shaded the bunny. The mix of warm and cold colours looks wonderful and really natural.
I also like the way you draw bunny eyes :)
TheVerdantHare's avatar
Thanks very much! Its nice to hear that people can see improvement in my art even if I don't always see it :3
panna-cotta's avatar
You should keep it up and you'll be a wonderful artist! ^^
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Miyeong's avatar
Such a cute bunny!:iconsleepybunnyplz:
I like the idea of rabbit and the changing of the seasons!
TheVerdantHare's avatar
Thanks! :D

Daaaw Bunny plz ;o;
SilkenWinds's avatar
Oh I love your bunnies!! :D
TheVerdantHare's avatar
Aww Thanks very much :heart:
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