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Sorry for being so inactive recently! Real life is kicking my butt at the moment -__-

I wanted to take a minute to feature a friend's adopts! She's amazing, and she made some SUPER cute adoptables you guys should snatch up!…

Please give her a look see and spread the love! :heart:

Sorry I've been so absent lately!

I'm putting together a to-do list of commissions and adopts that still need to be finished/sent.

Just to be sure I have everyone, if you're still expecting something from me, please comment or note me with the details :heart:
So, I have a bunch of sketches I really like but I'm not sure I want to completely finish them. If you're interested in seeing some of these (maybe if you're looking for something specific I can tell you what I've got) let me know, and I can show you a photo of the sketches. I might be able to finish these at a really good price for you. Feel free to note me about pre-adopts anytime. I feel like I've always got sketches I work on and then abandon that would make great adopts, I just lose interest. Which is sad.

Examples of PreAdopts:  PreAdopt for Mishigu by TheVenomStain Marco for jackofalltrades0097 by TheVenomStain Garden Goddess by awildchelseaappeared Oni Girl PreAdopt (CLOSED) by TheVenomStain Adventure Girl Lines (CLOSED) by TheVenomStain PreAdopt for Mishigu 2 by TheVenomStain
Since I had a solid journal entry about my commissions and rules, I figured it was about time I made one for my adopts.

They kind of vary based on the type of adoptable I'm selling.

1. On every adoptable, I will list the preferred method of payment.  Alternate methods of payment will not be accepted except in special circumstances.

2. Do not resell or trade.  You may give them away if you like.

3. Do not claim the original design.  While some might claim they're "just adoptables," I work long and hard on these.  Please give credit where it's due.

4. Do not repost without crediting me for the original design at least once.

5. Please have payment ready.  I will sometimes do a 24 hour hold, but if payment is not received by then, the design will go back up for adoption.

6. For auctions, once the auction is over, you will have 24 hours to at least contact me about payment. If I haven't heard from you 24 hours after the auction is over, the design will go back up for auction.

7. Customs will now be by inquiry only.  If I have too much on my plate, I won't accept any orders, but I might be open to hearing your ideas so I can begin brainstorming.  Feel free to ask.

These aren't technically "rules," but friendly reminders:

    - Sometimes if you offer to draw the adopt first and show it to me, I'll lower the price of the adoptable once I've seen it.

    - Yes, you are allowed to adopt multiple adoptables on a page.  Sometimes I'll even give a discount for it.

    - This list may change from time to time, so feel free to ask if you have any further questions.
So here's an idea it had for future adopts:

I'll upload sets of character design sketches (probably 2-3 per page) and number them off. If you're interested in one, you can make an offer on the finished piece, and I'll finish it based on your offer.

Higher offers will receive more detailed work with lots of effort on the color. Lower offers will receive less effort on coloring and possibly even pencil shading. This way you can pay what you want for an adopt, but I don't end up spending 10+ hours on a color adopt that doesn't sell because it's too expensive.

I've never seen anything like that here on DA, but I doubt I'm the first. Let me know what you think.

obviously I haven't been posting as many adoptables as I was for a while. sorry about that, I've been kinda busy.

but for the batches I'll have coming up after my last 2 customs, do you guys have any suggestions as to what the sheets should consist of? or did you like having the ability to bid on an "adoptable-in-progress" like this one was? questions and comments are appreciated :heart:
guys I feel like people are just buying my adoptables and then forgetting about them :(

when I sell them, it's in the hopes that they're going to good homes, and that they'll be used/drawn/loved, ect. if you have anything at all you've done with them, please let me know. I really want to know that these designs (many of them I worked very hard on, and loved enough to keep if they didn't sell) will not live pointless existences. Thanks for your consideration.
I posted on my other account about this, but forgot that I hadn't told anyone on this account! ^^;

tonight (in just under 2 hours, or 8 pm central time) I'll be hosting a stream session of the first episode of one of my favorite animes. I'd love it if you came and said hello, even if you just stayed for a little while (the episode is only half an hour long :XD: ) it's also kind of an experiment to make sure I can stream successfully, since I'm hoping to have a program to draw digitally soon (the tablet is on the way, now I just need the software). I hope to see you there!…

it was a pretty nice turnout for my first stream! thanks for coming, if you did, and if you didn't, I hope to see you next time!

sorry my lovelies, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to put this account on a short hiatus. I absolutely do NOT have time to draw adoptables right now, I've got too much school/work stuff going on, and I also have art I've owed people on my main account for quite some time ^^;

but don't worry, I'll churn plenty of em out, including more males ( Its-Sabeen and Ivive, I saw you guys chatting about how I don't draw enough guys, totally not comment stalking) :iconheheplz:

anywho, it's just for about a month until the semester's over and I have more drawing time. by that time maybe I will have decided whether or not to make this an adoptables/commissions/customs account (yes, I'm considering doing customs).

I'll still take buyers on the adoptables I still have available, and I'll still answer messages, so feel free to leave me one! :heart:

so I've been considering turning this into my Adoptables/Commissions account. it makes sense to have my "work" all in one place (to quote SylveraDrake ). if I did that, there might be some perks to adopting from me.

such as a discount on commissioning me to draw them. stuff like that ;P

let me know your thoughts?
So a couple of things:

1. Sorry I haven't been active lately. As I described on my main page, I had a lot of family issues interfering. But they're being resolved now, so I should be posting more :) (and finishing the tasks I promised to do ie. cleaning up lines and such)

2. I'm going to create a set of rules for my future adoptions. I'll probably put them on the donation bar, and include them in the comments of each new adoptable I post. Don't worry, it won't be anything complicated, I just want to make sure they're going to a good home ;)

That's pretty much it! Questions, comments, hugs, ect. are all very appreciated.


my regular account is here: :iconawildchelseaappeared: in case you happen to already watch me on my regular account, and are like "WHO IS DIS THEIF?" (yes i'm aware it's spelled incorrectly).

this is my new adoptable account! :dummy: thought i'd maybe get those extra adoptables sold, as well as some designs i liked, but didn't do anything with. other people can get more use out of em than i did. if the prices are too high (i realize a lot of the designs are older, and not as good as my current work) i may whittle them down over time, so keep checking in if you don't find the bargain you want.