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By thevdm
Just like everybody else I am feeling the need for more time. After I have done a shift at work, come home and spent time with my family (kitten included), done some housework (grr), all of a sudden the light has gone.

As any photographer will know, light can be a fairly important part of our image making process, perhaps it's time for me to get my tripod out of its case and for the first time in a number of years have a go at night time photography. Lets face it, if I have no time in the day, night photography make sense. Perhaps in the coming weeks I will create a gallery of long exposures and grainy high speed film images or maybe even put the low noise ability of my 5D MKII to the test.

Either way, it's about time I add some more images to the Deviant Gallery.

Little moan: As some of you may know I have an ongoing interest in film photography and as such I can spend a fair amount of time browsing the traditional darkroom section of DeviantART. It amazes me how some people believe that a bad self portrait with a digital camera belongs in the traditional darkroom section, or a hand drawn animé image. Is the darkroom so outdated now that some younger people just think anything goes!

Thank you for reading.

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