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Cthulhuian Font v2 with link to TTF Font File

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You can purchase the font from or DrivethruRPG

Please note that this is for personal use only. If you wish to discuss a commercial license please send me a note or contact me at

Discovered in 1923 by Stapleton McTavish the famous explorer and collector of ancient occult artifacts, while searching for one of the lost cities of Nubia. Found in a temple buried under the sand 250 miles North of Khartoum. It has, so far defied translation.

The strange text appears on a number of recently discovered papyrus, thought to be the missing pages from the dreaded Necronomicon.

Create your own blasphemous RPG handouts with this custom made TTF font file. Use in Word, Excel, Photoshop, GIMP etc.... or check out the ready made ones in The Vaults of McTavish.

For more information about the life and discoveries of Stapleton McTavish, visit

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I wrote something in irl using this font just recently. Took about an hour to write 42 letters.
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Yes your fonts are absolutely beautiful!!
Our healing lodge over in Canada is looking to make some hats a shirts for a graduating class of ours, maybe more.
We were hoping to possibly commission you a design with a similar calligraphy? :)

Im new to Devianart (so I'm not sure If there is a way to contact you here, in fact I made an account just to speak with you here haha) but I'd love to talk to you more about this! 
it would be paid, yes.

If you're interested could you send me an email? 
Thank you!
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Great font! I've bought it for my book =)
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Something close to my handwriting!
Well, not really.
The Loremasters of Leng still hate my scrawlings.

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Now I hear and see something strange around me ^^
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Nothing a little midnight chanting won't fix. Repeat after me....

Ia! Ia!......
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Looking at this hurts my sanity. Still not as evil as comic sans.
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Very interesting and creatively done! I wonder, though: When writing with said language, are you using each glyph as a singular letter when you write out a word? I've seen something like that in the Artemis Fowl Books, and 'Atlantis The Lost Empire'. However, I wondered if when writing something out in this, would certain glyphs be combined to create a certain sound or term when writing? Much like Japanese, how certain characters are there as singular sounds but when saying or writing one word or name, sometimes several sounds are written and portrayed, though the actual character of what's being written or said will rarely show each section that corresponds to each singular sound...

Sorry for the questions! :forgiveme: I tend to get really curious about languages in general so I end up asking  one too many questions more often than not...
TheVaultsofMcTavish's avatar
I haven't assigned any sounds or alphabet to the symbols. They're just linked the the keyboard keys so they can be typed out randomly. Sorry no secret messages........ or is there!!!!! (lol there's not) ........ or is there!!!!! ;)
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Oi, oi, now you've REALLY got me curious! You know now I'm not even going to stop wondering or trying to figure it out at this point, right?
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Firstly: very cool work!

Secondly: Make up your mind - you can't both sell it and demand that is it for personal use only. I would love to have the font at make something with under creative commons license. But if I pay money for it, it is mine to use as I see fit
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It is not being sold to you as "your property" that you "own"; you are buying a license to use the font -- for personal purposes, as stated, in keeping with the very low price of $3.74 (as I write).

If you have "professional purposes" then you expect reimbursement, out of which which you can pay more toward a professional license. If you have some idea how much (or little) you expect to profit from your use of the font, use that figure when negotiating a fee with Stacey.
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Firstly: Thanks.

Secondly: I'm afraid it doesn't work like that, sorry. 
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If that is the case, I need to reeducate myself on this matter. Can you provide me with source material that backs your claim that you own a product after you sell it
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If you search for Intellectual Property and Copyright online there's plenty of sites that can explain it a lot better than me, but here is a good start.…
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Is there a way i can get it free?
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nevermind, i found another site holding the font 
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Really? Interesting. Where?
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y would the Yelow sign represent 2? and why would the eldersign respersent a 3 consideringn it wards away old ones
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This is a font file which you install onto your computer. The symbols are mapped to the keyboard. Hit the 2 key and the yellow sign appears.
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